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How to Clean a Stinky Dog With Ease #WoofPouf #sponsored

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Some dogs just have a tendency to get dirty and stinky faster than others: I happen to have one of them. The primary color in my dog’s coat is white. It’s as if dirt finds itself and throws itself onto his coat. Couple the dirt factor with the fact that my dog loves to roll in the stinkiest of scents when at the park. Having a stinky dog is no fun. I like bunnies but my dog rolling in bunny doo doo is no treat for me. Enter the Woof Pouf™.

woof poufs

I love having a Mommy and Me spa day, but when I am in a hurry and just want to give my dog a bath, this product delivers big time. Here’s the scoop.

The folks at Absorbine® have invented an innovative bath product for dogs that deals with:

  • Skunk odor elimination
  • Dirty dogs
  • Muddy dogs
  • Fleas and ticks

I am very discriminatory about what I allow my dog to use on his coat and skin. The Woof Poof breaks down and eliminates bad smells instead of just covering them up with perfumes that can often make a dog itchy.Absorbine Logo

We decided to try the ShowSheen® Woof Pouf with Ordenone® soap beads after Dexter came home looking like the above muddy photo. Fun times, right?

dog getting bath
Ahh that’s the spot, Mom.

I have one of those dogs who actually enjoys a bath, but I know this is not the norm. Instead of struggling to keep your dog in the tub and reaching for a bottle of shampoo, the Woof Pouf is easy to hang and keep at arm’s length for easy access. If you prefer going to a dog washing station, the Woof Pouf is good for up to 15 uses, so take it with you over and over. Oh, and the beads break down and will not clog into water systems. They are not plastic: YAY! Pretty wagging cool, right?

So how does it really work? For me, actions speak louder than words, so here’s Dexter putting the ShowSheen Woof Pouf to the test:


After the dog dries or is blown dry, I always worry that my dog will smell, well, “fru fru” or not exactly clean: Some shampoos just cover up a scent. Woof Pouf hit a grand slam with this product.

If you are dealing with fleas or ticks, there is a pouf for you, too. Long-time readers of this blog know I will not use harsh chemicals on my dog. The UltraShield® Green Woof Pouf™ contains soap beads made from natural herbal extracts that are known to effectively repel fleas and ticks.

The flea and tick pouf contains:

  • Oils of thyme
  • Cedar
  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Citronella
  • Clove
  • Geraniol in a vegetable-based soap to leave your dog’s skin and coat clean and soft.

The flea and tick pouf does not contain sulfates or paraben!

Woof Pouf dog bath
Um mom, can I have a treat for this?

Where Can You Get a Woof Pouf

Click here to buy a Flea and Tick Woof Pouf

Click here to buy a ShowSheen Woof Pouf like we used

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woof poufs

Bottom Line

Splish splash, your dog needs a bath and Woof Poof is one of those inexpensive, handy, environmentally responsible products that is lightweight, fun to use, hip and trendy to say, and lasts. What’s not to love?

Does your dog mind a bath? Would you try the Woof Pouf?

Dexter in his pj’s

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This giveaway is for 10 Prize packs, winner’s choice of ShowSheen Woof Pouf or the UltraShield Woof Pouf. The packages will include the Woof Pouf of choice plus other products from that line.

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  1. I would definitely try this product. I know you only use the best of the best products, Fidose, so I would not hesitate trying this. I like the fact there are no harsh chemicals in this, too. It looks soft, so I know my dogs would like this. I also like the way it lathers up, and you can’t be getting 15 washes from this, too. Thanks for the info.

  2. We rarely wash our dog ourselves because he’s such a spaz, but I think I might get one of these to keep on hand just in case we try to give hime one.

    1. I know a lot of dogs are like that, and having the Woof Pouf is a great way to ease dogs into the process of bathing 😉

  3. Haha, that first captioned photo and the second to last one with Dexter are killing me. 🙂 But, to your question, NO, they do not like a bath. (Which is why they go to a groomer for most of them.) But still, they have to get them sometimes and we waste half the shampoo, I think, trying to get it on the dog rather than dripping down the drain. Jon Farleigh’s fur is incredibly thick, so I’d be curious to know whether the poof ‘s soap could get all the way in, and if so, would it take two baths’ worth of action. VERY interesting product. Will keep my eyes open for it in stores.

  4. That reminds me of my in-laws’ dog! She starts to smell the second she dries off from a bath, I swear. And she rolls in mud a lot!
    Meanwhile, my dog smells like a stuffed animal.
    I’ll have to send this to them. And the dog is adorable in his jammies!

  5. my ellie is the girliest dog ever but for some reason she always finds the stinkiest spot in the grass and rolls around in it. omg it is horrendous.

  6. Zoey likes to roll in anything stinky, I can’t mention the worst, but the 2nd worse was chicken poop and had is caked in her fur

  7. Holly jumps right in Bruno hides under a chair or tries to blend in with my comforter. As both dogs sleep with me, I would be interested in the Woof Poof!!

  8. never heard of showsheen for dogs, have used on horse b4. my 3 gals hate baths, they run and hide when they see me getting their bath supplies and grooming box out. i like the flea and tick sponge, nice to have it infused in the sponge and easy to use this way. i like that they UltraShield Green Woof has natural ingredients and it is eco friendly- contains oils of thyme, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, clove, and geraniol , these products do work to repel fleas and ticks.

  9. the smelliest mess was when my oldest, when she was young when down to the creek, lost her sweater which i later found in the mud, can back caked in mud, all in her feathers and beard, with dead leaves, etc. did not ever think she would have white feathers and a white beard again.

  10. We haven’ yet attempted to bathe our huge Cane Corso 1 year old dog yet, but this definitely looks like it would be great to use. Your dog is super cute by the way.

  11. The smelliest mess the boys have gotten into was a big stagnant mud puddle at the back of a dog park. It was RANK. I got one boy out fine, but the other wallowed like a little piglet. He’s as slick as snail snot on a good day anyway, so there was no getting him out until he was ready. And they’re lucky they didn’t catch anything from the puddle.

    Absorbine has human products, too (Absorbine, Jr.). The pain relieving liquid is amazing!

  12. The smelliest mess my dog has gotten into? The shrubs in the backyard that had recently been sprayed by a skunk! It wasn’t a direct hit, so it could have been a lot worse, but she really reeked!

  13. Sounds like the formulation (oils of thyme, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, clove, and geraniol in a vegetable-based soap) of the UltraShield Green Flea & Tick Woof Pouf might help with a certain problem that Mike occasionally has, that is the problem of just smelling terrible.

  14. There is no way to describe this without being indelicate (gross), but aside from Mike’s own occasional geriatric canine malodorousness he likes to get into stuff; a dead bird, rotting leaves and grossest of all (the winner) rolling in cat poop.

  15. I also have white dog disorder….she gets bathes almost every week because she looks so dirty otherwise.

    I am impressed that the sponge lasts for 15 washes.

  16. Coco is a little diva so she really hasn’t gotten herself into any smelly messes! She doesn’t like to dig or roll around in dirt. She said never really got herself into a mess!

  17. One of my poor rescue babies had horrific diarrhea in her kennel one night. She never made a sound or I would have gotten up to let her out. I had to scrub her kennel out and then give my poor baby a good bath. I felt so horrible for her!

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