How Many People Travel With Pets

Knock knock, tap tap, hello to all the hotels and bed and breakfasts out there that are not welcoming to pets. We’re traveling with dogs no matter what and if you extend the welcome mat to our pets, we’ll spend our money there. Really. So just how many people travel with pets?

One of the biggest travel sites online, TripAdvisor, revealed results of their pet survey of over 1,000 animal owners in the United States. Forty-nine percent of pet owners in the survey said they plan to travel with their pets within the next 12 months. Almost 500 people traveling with their pets, in an economically stagnant economy. There are millions of us doing it; this is just one survey. pug in blanket

Where are these fellow pet travelers staying? About 56 percent will stay in hotels, which is up from the 51 percent of last year, while another 35 percent plan to stay in vacation rentals, again up from 24 percent last year.  As someone who has traveled with dogs for the past 20 years (I’ve only been on a few business trips without a dog, and that was by plane. I refuse to ever fly my dog as cargo).

There are a few truths to be learned about pet friendly travel, and we talked about those recently. In the meantime, TripAdvisor revealed that pet moms and dads are taking “creature comforts” on the road with us to make Fido or Fluffy more comfortable. Do you take something along to make your dog (or cat or ferret) feel comfy on life’s roads? You aren’t alone.

no dogs allowedA total of 73 percent of us pack pet bedding, with 79 percent stuffing some toys into the mix. We want our pets to look good, so TripAdvisor says seven percent pack pet wear and outfits. Bark is the new black, after all. And we are very responsible dog moms and dad: 45 percent travel with health records and rabies certification.

I know that some accommodations are not pet friendly because they don’t want pets to “ruin” their décor. I’ve stayed in rooms where people have ruined the décor; so now what’s the reason? Dogs mean dollars, let us in.

What’s one of your favorite places to stay that is welcoming to dogs?? Woof it out to us!


    • OOH good one, Clarissa. We have stayed at several over the years. Our favorite was one in Nebraska that was so clean, loved the dog, and see, I remembered that. It stood out to me. Happy Travels!

  1. A subject close to both my heart and my favorite canine travel partner’s heart , Travelin’ Jack! While we certainly appreciate the chain hotels that welcome pets (and there are many), we like to focus on those boutique hotels, B&Bs or lodges and cabins that welcome Fido! In New Mexico you will strike the Mother Lode of pet-friendly options. Travelin’ Jack and I have found pet-friendly lodging in everything from historic log cabins (Pye Cabin circa 1878 in the historic mining town of Chloride) to posh resorts like the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe. Cozy mountain cabins like the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama NM and a charming Victorian B&B in Albuquerque add character to our stays on our travels. Where ever we travel we like to do our research in advance for the most/best pet friendly accommodations…as well as their surroundings. Once we find that we are always assured that the chosen pet-friendly hotel will be equally people-friendly! It is a joy to travel with my travelin’ pooch! He makes a trip so much more fun!

  2. OOOH great response, Jill. Very much looking forward to sharing your guest post with our readers. Travelin’ Jack has so many things he has experienced and we want the world to know about them… rock on, dog traveler!

  3. We heart the French Quarter, NOLA! So very dog friendly! Everything we did was dog friendly – eating, carriage rides, the ferry, ghost tour, the French Market, many boutiques. We stayed at a lovely B&B smack in the middle. Kirby lavished all the attention from the other guests who were missing their dogs left at home.

  4. we(hubby and 2 sight hounds) stayed at the silverland inn in virginia city nevada this summer,lots of old antique looking furniture, u would expect them to be kinda snooty about the dogs amongst all the fancy rugs and furniture,but they were very friendly as was every shop in virgina city,it is a tourist trap but it makes for a fun day when you can bring your buddys along to be petted and appriciated(something my two love)sit in the bars and listen to the ghost storys and play tourist.i would say so far this is one of my favorite places.

  5. It’s true and it is so good hear when new hotels join in welcoming our furry friends! We just now need to get the airlines onboard and have them allow our travelling buddies in the cabin.

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