don draper dog

How Don Draper is Like a Dog

don draper dog

Don Draper is a dog…my dog to be exact, but a dog nonetheless. With the historic vintage-inspired step back in time show, Mad Men, coming to a close, Fidose of Reality can’t help but notice the similarities between Don Draper, ad man extraordinaire and Dexter Bryant, PR pooch magnate. Here then, we draw the eerie similarities between the cool, sophisticated Don and the oh-so-handsome, smile inducing Dexter Bryant. Coincidence? Fate? A bit of both…you be the judge:


Don Draper: Ad man, public relations at it’s finest who rocks a hat

Dexter Bryant: PR Manager, Puppy Relations guru, fashion trendsetter


Don Draper: “I love puppies.”

Dexter Bryant: “I was a puppy.”


Don Draper quotes


Don Draper: Loves the open road.

Dexter Bryant: Digs car rides.

Dogs of Mad Men

Don Draper: Sexy and charming

Dexter Bryant: Ditto that

Sexy Don Draper

Don Draper: Loves blondes.

Dexter Bryant: Love of his life is a blonde.

Don Draper women

Don Draper: Chicks dig Don.

Dexter Bryant: Chicks dig Dex.

don draper women

Don Draper: Rocks a tux.

Dexter Bryant: Rocks the tux even better.

Sharp Dressed Man

Don Draper: Sex appeal

Dexter Bryant: Animal instincts

Don Draper quotes

Don Draper: Founded his own ad agency.

Dexter Bryant: Founded his own dog rescue agency.

Sterling Cooper

Don Draper: Rocks the tie even without the sport coat

Dexter Bryant: Doesn’t need a sport coat to rock the tie

Don Draper tie

Don Draper: Thinks about campaigns in solitude

Dexter Bryant: Studies the product to develop the campaign

Don Draper ad agency

Don Draper: Knows how to hail a cab

Dexter Bryant: Knows how to catch a cab

dog cab

Don Draper: Rocks the aviator sunglasses

Dexter Bryant: Mysterious in his shades

Don Draper sunglasses

So now that the series is about to close, this is an Internet mystery worth exploring: Did show creator, Matthew Weiner, (who has 7 letters first name, 6 letters last name just like Dexter’s mom, Darlene Bryant, does) base Don Draper on Dexter Bryant? Dex was born close to the time the series premiered. Hmmmmm……

Don is sexy

So what do you think? Coincidence?

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  1. This is so flippin’ funny, I almost wet my pants. Hands down, Dexter, you win it all! No one rocks the suit, tie, glasses, etc. etc. etc like you!!!! What a fun article for a Wednesday!

  2. OMD this is hilarious!!!! I love it! Don was definitely based on Dexter!!! Dexter got a cuter blonde than Don though lol!!! This is the best!! I might have to watch the show now!! I never saw it!

  3. This is too funny! I don’t watch the show, but have always thought about picking it up. I can binge on Netflix soon I’m sure. Ha!

  4. Hi,
    I’m a copywriter and SEO Expert.
    I think this series was the best I have ever watched on marketing.
    Donald Draper probably is one best characters with these amazing lines.
    These are really life-changing and inspiring for a copywriter like me.

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