Holiday Warning to Dog Parents and Prize Time


With the holidays upon us, it is very alarming that we just found out a very sad statistic: over a third of Americans purchase holiday gifts for their pet. Yikes! We have a holiday warning to all dog parents and responsible pet moms and dads: Let folks know that this isn’t the time to bring a pet into the family in most circumstances. A pet is a long commitment and not one to be taken lightly. Many pets end up in shelters in January and beyond because their welcome has worn itself out. Well, Fidose of Reality is here to encourage our readers to spread the word thanks to our friends at the ASPCA.

You know those puppies in pet stores? Sadly, they more than likely came from a puppy mill where their breeders really could care less about them: cramped in small cages and so many other horrible conditions. If you want to give a gift to someone who IS a pet lover, we’ve got a video of suggestions along with a prize pack to give away! You can even give this as a New Year’s gift to a special someone if you win. Meantime, everyone wins when they don’t “surprise” someone with a pet for the holidays.

As fun gift ideas for DIY enthusiasts or just those trying to cut back on costs, ASPCA behavior experts have put together the following suggestions:

  • To make a tasty chew toy, soak a rope toy in chicken broth and then freeze. Once frozen, give the toy to your dog for hours of savory chewing.
  • For cats, fill plastic Easter eggs with wet cat food as a fun food puzzle.
  • Rinse out an empty, cardboard milk carton, fill it with dry pet food and poke holes for a food-dispensing puzzle toy.

Okay now get ready to win. Simply tell us the name of the pet you are sharing the holidays with or the one you will be visiting or seeing over the holidays. Feel free to name more than one pet. One entry per person and we will select one person at random for the goodie basket of items on Tuesday, December 17th. You might not have the package for Christmas Day, but we will let our sponsor know you won and get it to you as soon as they can!




How to enter:  Simply tell us the name of the pet you are sharing the holidays with or the one you will be visiting or seeing over the holidays. Feel free to name more than one pet

When does the contest end? Monday, 12/16 at 11:59 pm est

Who can enter? Fidose of Reality staff and their families are not eligible to win but anyone in the United States or Canada ages 18 or over is eligible.

What are we judged on? One random winner will be selected.

Can my friends and family play? Sure! The more the merrier. We love to see tails wagging here at Fidose of Reality, so spread the word and make your voice heard.

What if I win? Winners will be notified and announced on the Fidose of Reality blog in this thread and via email no later than 12/17/13. Winners must provide name and mailing address so we can ship the prize.  If winner does not reply within 5 days, a new winner will be selected.

Official Rules Here

We are also sharing this with many of our pet blogging buddies, like the ones below:


  1. Wilhelm, Brychwyn, Huxley, Amelia, Leo, Lucie, Morgan, Zorro, Sakari, Sessi, Seneca & Shilah (now say their names five times fast and we will send YOU a prize!)

  2. I will be sharing the holidays this year with our 10 month old Cocker,Beauregard.He is such a little sweetheart.

  3. No puppies at pet stores! Great message!!! My husband and I will be making an 11 hour driving trip with our two dogs Maya & Pierson to visit my family this Christmas.

  4. Love the message Adopt Don’t Shop. Much as we are hoping lots of Rescues will be home for the holidays and are sharing the message “Rescues Rock”, people need to know what to consider when adopting and not give puppies or dogs as impulsive gifts – dogs are a big commitment as we all know. And thanks as always for great gift ideas. I shared a link to your other gift post today. X TH

  5. I am spending the holidays with my dog Toby! We don’t usually get him a present but I might have to try that rope-in-broth idea for a Christmas treat (he also gets the turkey giblets cooked just for him)

  6. I’ll be spending the Christmas with my 3 dogs – and maybe my parent’s dog and my aunt/uncle have 4 and my cousin’s have 2…so, a lot ? Mine are Karma, Cleo & Autumn 🙂

  7. I would hate it for someone just gifted me a pet. I take so much time to research my future pets that I wouldn’t like someone else making that big decision for me. Especially if it was just based on looks 🙁

  8. Since there are a total of 13 of us Mom has her hands full… 9 dogs & 5 cats… wait that is 14!!! Ohh and we have a new visitor to our house, Rachel the Raccoon!! It’s sad to think of a pet being discarded in January… 🙁

  9. this is so important, thank you for sharing!

    I will be spending the holidays with lots of furry children! Fern Louise (dog), Olivia (of course), Harley (cat), and five horses! We would like to be entered in the contest!

  10. I’ll be spending Christmas with my five dogs (Patch, Mona, Wheatie, Winnie, and Calin) and my cat (Bowie). I’ll also be dog-sitting two dogs. A full house! 🙂

  11. I will be spending Christmas with my dogs, Avery, Max, Vaca, Bella and Osito. Plus we will be visiting my sister’s dogs, Mason and Shakira.

  12. A very important message and love those tips for homemade treats/toys!

    That looks like a lovely package. I will be sharing the holidays with none other than my pig of a pig Coccolino and my kitties Lacci and Pizzico.

    Thank you!

  13. i share the holidays with my 3 girls, Evie, Tressa and Harley.

    great info as pets should not be given or purchased at pet stores either. bad time of yr. for pets b/c puppies/kittens are always so cute and then when they grow….people change their minds and the get dumped..people dont realize having a pet is a big responsibility.

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