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Dex The Halls 2020 Holiday Dog Photo Contest

It’s time for the annual Fidose of Reality Holiday Dog Photo Contest with ten prize packs to be awarded to ten winners. All dogs are welcome to participate in the holiday dog photo contest and each entrant is allowed to send four photos per person! The contest is now officially closed and winners will be announced in a separate post on 12/23/20.

Our annual Dex the Halls Holiday Dog Photo Contest is designed to get you and your dogs into the spirit of the season. By holiday we mean images that exemplify the spirit of the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. That includes dog photos for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Thanksgiving, snow days, Santa and me, New Year’s Eve photos, and anything that says “holiday” in your household.

Entering is easy, prizes are plentiful, and all dogs are welcomed: past and present. Four entries per person are allowed. This means no more than four pictures per person. You must own the photo(s) and please do not have any text on the photo at all. No humans are allowed in the photos, so please don’t be a part of the image. Santa is allowed, and so is Mrs. Claus, of course. Watermarks on photos are okay. Photos with humans or text on them will be disqualified.

The deadline to submit entries through the form below is Tuesday, December 22, 2020, at 11:59 AM ET. All photos will be sent to our judges for consideration and will be narrowed to the 10 top entries. Here’s how to enter your dog in our 2020 Dex the Halls holiday dog photo contest:

holiday dog photo contest

Holiday Dog Photo Contest Details

The annual Fidose of Reality holiday dog photo contest is open now, November 30, 2020, and all entries must be submitted using the form below. If you follow along by liking our Facebook page, you can see all the entries as they are submitted each day.

When Does The Holiday Dog Photo Contest End?

The 2020 holiday dog photo contest officially closes on Tuesday, December 22, 2020, at 11:59 AM ET.

How Are Dog Photos Judged?

Fidose of Reality’s panel of three judges will pick TEN winners who exemplify the holiday spirit, as discussed above. No categories, just a holiday theme. The dog(s) in the photos must belong to you. Do not put a dog in harm’s way. This is always one of our biggest contests. We don’t ask for LIKES or votes and this is a good old-fashioned judges pick the winners contest.

Judges look at the following: 50% adhering to contest theme, 25% clarity and following rules, 25% originality/catching the judges eye.

Can I Alter Or Photoshop My Photos In Any Way?

No photoshopping, please. Any photoshopped photos will be disqualified. We want originality! You can watermark but that’s it. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS WITH TEXT ON THEM NOR PHOTOS WITH PEOPLE IN THEM. A WATERMARK IS OKAY, BUT ANY PHOTOS WITH TEXT ON THEM WILL BE OTHERWISE DISQUALIFIED.

Can Humans Be In the Photo?

No, there can be NO humans in the photo. Any photos that include people, whether or adults or kids, will be disqualified. Santa and Mrs. Claus are allowed.

Can My Dog’s Friends And Family Enter?

Sure! The more the merrier. We love to see tails wagging here at Fidose of Reality, so spread the word and make your voice heard. FOUR entries per person, please. Additional entries beyond the first four will be disqualified.

How Do I Know If I Won?

Winners will be notified via email and have 24 hours to respond. Winners will be revealed on Wednesday, 12/23/20. Winners must provide name and mailing address for prize fulfillment. Winners who fail to respond within 24 hours of winning will be disqualified and runner up will be selected. USA only please and must be 18 or older to win.

Hint: Don’t submit photos you entered in previous years.

All winning images will appear across our social media channels and you provide us with permission to share your entries on social media.

Where Can I See The Other Holiday Dog Photo Contest Entries?

Visit Fidose of Reality on Facebook for the official album of entries and stay tuned as the photos are posted every 1-2 days.

Can I Enter Photos I’ve Submitted In Years Past?

It is not recommended that you send photos from the past. If they didn’t win the first time, try again with a new image!

Is This Open To Dogs Worldwide?

USA only please.

Is There Human Age Requirement To Enter?

Must be 18 or older to enter.

Where Are The Official Rules?

 Official Rules Here

Want To See Previous Holiday Dog Photo Contest Winners?

Dex the Halls 2019 Dog Holiday Photo Contest Winners

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What Are The Prizes?

FIRST PLACE: A big box of goodness from Dr. Harvey’s valued at $160:

  • One bag Canine Health 20 oz bag of whole food for dogs
  • One bag of Raw Vibrance 3 pounds whole food for dogs
  • One jar multivitamin supplement for dogs
  • One jar Runs Be Done supplement for dogs
  • One bottle Health & Shine Omega-3 oil for dogs
  • One bottle Dr. Harvey’s ear wash for dogs
  • One bag Le Dogue Bites beef treats for dogs

 Dr. Harvey’s is the most transparent company we’ve ever encountered, and they genuinely treat their clients’ pets as they do their own. Their products include all-natural foods, chemical-free grooming essentials, nutritious treats and chews, and essential vitamins and supplements to keep your animal companions healthy and happy.

Dr Harveys first prize Halloween photo contest

SECOND PLACE: A big box of goodness from Dr. Harvey’s valued at $75:

  • One bag Canine Health 20 oz bag of whole food for dogs
  • One bottle Health & Shine Omega-3 oil for dogs
  • One jar multivitamin supplement for dogs
  • One bottle Dr. Harvey’s ear wash for dogs
Dr Harveys prizes for dog Halloween photo contest

THIRD PLACE: A set of awesome goodies from Dr. Harvey’s valued at $43:

  • One bag Canine Health 20 oz bag of whole food for dogs
  • One bottle Health & Shine Omega-3 oil for dogs
Dr Harveys prize box for Halloween photo contest

FOURTH PLACE: Abby & Parker’s Treat Box from Sweet Paws Bakery.

The winner receives the January 2021 treat box, which contains 2 packages of different flavored dog treats containing half a dozen treats each along with 2 decorated cookies to go along with the theme of each month. Also included is an activity card on how to use the treats to strengthen the bond with your dog and add a little canine enrichment. Plus a coupon discount for their most popular products.

Dog Halloween photo contest prize box
Dexter modeling with the September box!

FIFTH PLACE: A signed copy of Iris The Architect by Debra Lampert-Rudman.

This hardcover 40-page Iris the Architect book will be autographed and personalized with a paw print. Iris was born to be a champion show dog but all she wants to do is draw.

prize for dog photo contest

SIXTH PLACE: Beautiful Harper and Hound necklace for dog moms.

SEVENTH PLACE: A copy of my new book, the DogMinder: A Canine Health and Wellness Journal. Available on Amazon now!

prize holiday dog photo contest prize

EIGHTH PLACE: My Heart Beats Dog(r) holiday ornament, comes gift boxed.

ornament for dog Halloween photo contest

NINTH AND TENTH PLACE: Dog lovers pin and sticker set.

My Heart Beats dog photo contest prizes

Enter the Holiday Dog Photo Contest Below

You may enter up to four photos per person following the rules above. Enter via the entry form here: THE CONTEST IS CLOSED. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN A SEPARATE POST ON 12/23/20.

Disclosure: Note: One of the sponsors provided the prizes with payment to be included in the contest. We only use and share products we love and believe in here at Fidose of Reality. 

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