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Help Dogs Rescued From Horror: Bonus Prize Giveaway

rescue dogs from OBG

Hell on earth is no place for any dog to call home. Yet, at least 46 dogs, mostly Cocker Spaniels, called a hot barn in the dreadful summer heat of rural Virginia, home for months and months: Maybe longer. We will not show you any graphic or upsetting photos in this post, but we are about to reveal some shocking, breaking news:

A nightmare 501(c3) U.S.-based rescue group is responsible for the horrific treatment of these innocent dogs. Ironically, the “About Us” section from Heart to Heart reads: “Heart to Heart Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit, we are an animal rescue with  the sole purpose of saving the lives of animals who would otherwise be killed. We specialize in animals that most rescues will never consider getting involved in such as, aggressive animals who have been abused. Other situations are cases of breeders who want to dump a large group of animals who have not been cared for and have been know to have serious health issues.”

What Happened?

Two of the board members of Heart to Heart Rescue lived on this property and were the caretakers of these dogs. Not everyone affiliated with H2H was involved with the situation at the Virginia property. Several officers and board members of Heart to Heart as well as many volunteers became very concerned after reading concerns online that dogs were being mistreated. A rescue group that IS near and to dear to our hearts, Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue (OBG), stepped up to help.

The President of OBG entered into negotiations with Heart to Heart Rescue officers and coordinated efforts with the county’s animal control officers and the Virginia Humane Society. Arrangements were made for the deplorable rescue to release the dogs on the Virginia property to OBG.

“When we arrived at the property, there were 46 dogs living in the hot barn, many coated with their own urine and feces and with empty water bowls. I know many people thought there were going to be more dogs at the property,” says Teresa Butler, President of Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue. “I do not know if there were more dogs there earlier in the month or if there were, what happened to those dogs. I can only speak to what we discovered when we arrived at the property.”

I will not share any deplorable and heartbreaking photos here. If you want to see what OBG witnessed, you can click here for details of the 46 rescued dogs.


Criminal Charges

Our first reaction is, “how can we help” and I am sure you feel the same way. Keep reading, that’s the easy part.

My second reaction to this is, “Are the scum bags responsible for this going to have criminal charges pressed against them?”

According to Butler, “That is up to the authorities, not OBG. At this point, I have to be careful how much information that I share. I can tell you some decisions were made based on what would be best for the dogs moving forward and I feel local authorities worked with us in the best possible way under the circumstances.”

Plan of Attack

OBG will need foster homes for these dogs and will need money to take care of these dogs.  The kennel fees are going to astronomical.  They are considering whether to do titer tests since they have reason to believe that many of these dogs have been vaccinated.  This is healthier for the dogs than receiving vaccinations that they do not need; however, it is also much more costly.  This is something that OBG volunteers will be discussing with their veterinarians.  At this point in time, they have no idea what other medical care will be needed for these dogs but will be receiving daily updates.

Freedom 46

The Freedom 46 is the collective name given to these innocent souls. The Freedom 46 already have a better life today than they had in the weeks leading up to their rescue.  They are no longer living in cages in a hot barn.  They are getting exercise every day, clean water, regular meals and medical care.  With YOUR help. their life will continue to get better and better every day.

dog teeth brush
Our dog Dexter is so very loved – please love a dog who needs your help.


We trust the folks at OBG and they were the benefactors of our Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof fundraiser last year. They are the group that is stepping up to save these lives, with your help.   Wigglebutt Warriors® is the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality. Please help us crusade to save dogs’ lives.

wigglebutt warriors

How to Help

And to celebrate the Freedom 46 49,  I am giving a prize pack away below for your dog. Would love if you donated: If every person reading this donated even a dollar or two, think of how many dogs we can help. These dogs didn’t deserve this.

prize pack for dogs

The prize pack includes a Calm Coat size Large for anxiety; a Tulane’s Closet Cover me by Tui sized Medium sleeping pajama/cover up; a Rubit tag holder; a Troff water dispenser; a gorgeous collar; My Heart Beats Dog® magnet, a mini movie photo frame, and a souvenir Dexter Wigglebutt collectible greeting card.
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  1. Random Felines says

    We have friends involved in cocker rescue here in central Ohio. We think it may actually be worse when this happens to a “rescue”….trust with the public gets broken and the second chance these dogs had wasn’t what it should have been. We are sharing…and are very glad these dogs are now safe.

    • Carol Bryant says

      Yes and that is the problem. I plan to educate on how to tell if a rescue is a good one or a bad one.

      • Chelsea Price says

        Carol, I think that is a GREAT idea for a post. We think “rescue”, we automatically assume the people involved are kindhearted and selfless individuals who would never think of mistreating an animal. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. And I think it’s a hard pill for everyone to swallow. Rescue organizations and shelters often have to fight to make people understand that they aren’t meant to be sad, miserable places and that visiting such an organization should not be a depressing experience. It’s things like this that make that effort much more difficult. My heart breaks for the Freedom 46, but I am so glad they are safe. (Thank you, by the way, for not showing graphic images.)

        I am happy to donate and enter this wonderful giveaway. When I win giveaways like this, I usually donate what I can of the prize to our local shelter – they loved looking through our swag bag from BlogPaws! – but I would definitely be keeping the magnet and collectible card for myself 😉

    • Carol Bryant says

      Hmmm try again – it’s at the bottom of the post and you just click on the various options. Ty so much!

  2. The Daily Pip says

    We will donate. Ruby came from a hoarding situation here in Chicago. Her emotional scars have still not healed. I hope the best for all of these beautiful and deserving dogs.

  3. Heather lawrence says

    What an awful thing for any animal to have to go through… makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Praying they all get a wonderful forever home with people who will love them and treat them the way they are supposed to be treated!

  4. Joan Christy says

    Carol, This was beautifully written. Thanks so much for sharing the Freedom 46 story. I can’t believe that a rescue would do this because I’ve only been involved with good ones. OBG means alot to me because they introduced me to my love of Cocker’s. I wish I could be there to help at this time. Thanks again

  5. Jane Glen says

    Great article Carol… this was long overdue but thankfully most of the dogs are safe now. We are still trying to figure out what happened to about 24 more…they just “disappeared”. Nice gift prize.. will send in donation after the first of the month… with OBG taking in these babies a lot of other rescues are stepping up to help take dogs from shelters that OBG just can’t manage right now… this is how it is supposed to be in rescue.. all working together for the benefit of the dogs…. not money, not fame, not glory…. but getting dogs healthy and into homes to be loved forever. Thanks for all your help in bringing awareness to so many people.

  6. Talent Hounds says

    How awful. We will share. Sometimes brand might donate for likes or subscribers etc , or you can make a YouTube Video and donate any ad revenue if you are set up (I can help- I have done that for Bocker, NSD and Kilo’s rescue).

  7. Sandy Weinstein says

    i have 3 little girls that i would share this prize with, i cant give preferential treatment to one over the other, so the girls are Evie, Tressa and Harley.

  8. Sandy Weinstein says

    this bothers me abt h2h, b/c i am friends with a person in my area that works with them and pulls dogs from kill shelters, i have donated food and toys thru her as well. i have seen their work first hand and seen many of the dogs they have rescued. the group in my area rescues mainly little dogs, this is very upsetting to me. i know in nc another lady that is a rescue, just had over 200 animals taken from her, dogs, cats, horses, etc. i dont know whether these people get over whelmed or what happens, but it has happened several times in nc in the past yr. of course, our animal laws are very lax compared to other states and they are not enforced as much even if the laws are on the books, which is upsetting.

    • Carol Bryant says

      Sandy, They really dropped the ball on this one. The dogs were neglected, kept in a hot barn, no air conditioning, in deplorable condition, many with no water, and stuck in kennels and without vet care and grooming. 46 of them are in vet care now.

  9. Debbie Denny says

    I have a hard time with the mistreatment of animals and children. I am glad they were there to rescue them.

  10. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    It’s hard to believe that anyone could treat animals like that. I especially find it horrifying that people associated with a rescue unit could be responsible for such horrible treatment of these dogs.

  11. Aunesty Janssen says

    How horrible anyone would treat an animal this way. So glad these dogs have loving foster homes to take care of them while they are waiting for their permanent homes.

  12. Lorane says

    There are some cruel people in this world. Look how sweet and lovable Dogs are compared to how they were treated. I hope they find great homes for these 46 Dogs

  13. Rosey says

    Aw it’s so awful that anyone could pose as helpers but be the worst offenders. It stinks but hurrah that it came to light.

  14. Melissa Vaught says

    Our dog Reb would love the prize pack! He is also going to see about making a donation to help his 46 buddies out! Thank goodness they were rescued!

  15. Chelle OJSA says

    That’s absolutely terrible. My heart aches for those wonderful pups. I really hope after this, that this organization is if not shut down they are closely monitored with strict rules to follow.

  16. Courtney says

    I’m so glad that the dogs were rescued. Its unthinkable that people allow that kind of thing to go on, especially people who are supposed to be helping the animals!

  17. Jessica Harlow says

    It is so sad to hear of yet another animal cruelty case in the news. And, especially, considering this was done under the guise of helping those very same animals. I will definitely be visiting the donation site (with at least something of a donation) and sharing their site.

  18. Beth | Daily Dog Tag says

    I am glad to hear that the Freedom 46 are rescued. It is just so sad that the people who were trusted to make their lives better, made them such a nightmare. The poor babies! I look forward to reading your future article about determining a good rescue from a bad one!

  19. Christine Aiello says

    I am sick to my stomach reading about what happened to those poor pups. I will definitely be donating what I can to the Freedom 46. May the rest of their lives be full of love, hugs and kisses! I am sending them my love, prayers, hugs and kisses!

    Coco will keep what she needs from the prize pack and donate what she doesn’t need. She loves to help donate to shelters. We bring toys and treats and beds/blankets to the pups in shelters on Long Island all the time.

  20. Theresa Spaid says

    I just lost my old dog the other night and his daughter Shunta has been feeling lonely. I would really like to brighten her day up if I win a prize for her.

  21. mitzi frank says

    So glad these dogs are safe now – donated and I hope they all do well and get wonderful homes… girl Sweet Pea is the one who will use the giveaway items – she will share with her friend Baby!

  22. Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady says

    Aw how awful 🙁
    I have one rescue in my family, she lived 4 months of her life at a backyard breeders, in a cage, poor thing. So glad I have her now.
    Is your giveaway open to Canada as well?
    If so, I am definitely entering! My dogs names are Koda, Mika and Lexus.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  23. Stephanie says

    I have fostered for OBG for the past year and a half, and adopted one of my two cockers from them. They are a wonderful organization, and I’m so glad these dogs are now safe!

  24. Linda Szymoniak says

    Three of my Treeing Walker Coonhounds – Kenji, Kyoko, and Seiji – would use these. My senior girl, Suki, has never been interested in dog toys and with her age and health, likely wouldn’t play with them, even if she used to like them.

  25. Kerri says

    It is so horrible to think of what some dogs go through. I think it is so great that you are promoting awareness and spreading this information.

  26. Shannon says

    I will be donating when my check comes in and I’m sharing this as well. My dog could use the calming coat, he’s a springer spaniel named Pax. Having a springer and knowing how closely related the cocker is, this story pulls at my heartstrings. I can’t imagine how I would feel if Pax was left under those conditions. 🙁 I hope plenty of foster families apply. Thank you for this giveaway and for helping the poor babies.

  27. Lynne Deckelbaum says

    Just want to share my thoughts on OBG. They are a great organization. I have adopted 3 dogs from them and donate to them as often as possible. Rest assured these dogs will know only love and tender care.

  28. Sandra Thornberry says

    Molly and Clemmie would love this package! But if we win, they voted 4 paws up to donate these items to one of the 46!

  29. Cheryl Haralson says

    On behalf of Oldies but Goodies Cocker Rescue, I’m sending a big thank you to Carol for spreading the word about the Freedom 46 who are now the Freedom 52! Yes, we have 6 more of the “missing” dogs in our care! Everyone has been so generous with donations, stepping up to foster, running fundraisers on behalf of OBG, and much more, that it takes our breath away!

    Also, as Jane Glen noted, other rescues are stepping up and taking dogs that OBG would ordinarily have taken but just can’t handle right now, for which we are most grateful. Isn’t this what “good” rescue is all about? The dogs come first! It’s a shame some folks lost sight of that in this horrible situation.

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