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How to Help a Dog Have the Best Day Ever

Help a Dog Have the Best Day Ever

In November of this year, we got wind of a puppy dubbed , “Baby Joey,” a peanut of a dog whose life began with near tragic circumstances. We promise, as always, not to show you graphic images nor details, but this can and should be told: Baby Joey was found with nearly both of his rear paws chopped off: By an unspeakable monster. We knew we wanted to help this dog have his best day ever.

There is but one thing that will trump the horror of monsters: And that is love. Our friends at NYC Second Chance Rescue are fostering Baby Joey and incurring all of his medical costs, and his journey to some sense of a “normal life” has begun.  His foster mom, Regina Mendoza, is herself an unspoken hero, fostering over 100 dogs in her just over a year’s time. That’s a whole lotta love and a really big heart.

Dog without rear limbs needs helpFrom Whence He Came

Upon being discovered in such terrible condition, Baby Joey was taken to a shelter in the south. The shelter reached out to NYC Second Chance Rescue, and they agreed to pull him. Joey is believed to be a terrier mix.

At the tender age of 7 weeks, Joey had endured so much pain at the hands of people. Joey received immediate medical treatment, and the rescue team posted his photos and backstory online. This little guy will require either a complete amputation or will require single or bilateral prosthetics — along with rehabilitation. Because Joey is a but a pup, his bones are still growing, so doctors must closely monitor his progress.

Joey is allowed to be outside, but very limited and with caution. You see, the one digit on Joey’s leg is callused and he has a partial pad. That pad is callusing, which is what doctors feel have given this dynamo pup some quality of life.


Dog without rear legs needs help

Baby Steps

Like any toddler learning to walk, putting one foot in front of the other is key. This is not the case with Baby Joey, as each step is uncomfortable and he does not enjoy walking in general. He often looks for a soft place to lie down. Can you blame him?

Joey is forming and developing at this time in a way that is posturally incorrect: He will not form and align properly, so a dedicated plan is needed. With a mighty plan for this little spitfire comes a hefty price tag. Anyone who questions the magic and power of the season need not look any further than the life force that lives within Joey and those who care so much about him and the dozens of other dogs in the care of NYC Second Chance Rescue.

Second Chance Rescue Baby Joey

Rumor has it that Baby Joey whispers into his foster mom’s ear. The hope and resilience she, in turn, sees in his eyes, fuels her to help him have the best life possible.

Apparently losing his 2 rear limbs won’t stop his spirit to move forward and stay strong:

Best Day Ever

After reading about this miracle puppy who needs prosthetics and rehab on our blog, the folks at Merrick® reached out to help get Baby Joey work towards his best day ever.

Baby Joey is going to require glucosamine and chondroitin in his food in order to help his growing joints. Merrick has generously provided Joey with their Puppy Plate canned food and Classic Puppy Recipe (which is made with chicken and brown rice) and a plan to help him work towards success. In a dog like Baby Joey, glucosamine and chondroitin become very beneficial for his back legs and ultimately for ease of mobility and comfort.

Since puppy foods are a bit higher in fat content than a normal adult dog food (after all puppies are on the go and high energy), Joey’s foster mom will monitor Joey’s weight and activity levels in accordance with his veterinarian and rehab plan. As Merrick says on their dog foods, “Every dog is a little different, so optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, size and activity level.”

Merrick Puppy Food

Pool Time

Joey recently underwent his first physical therapy session in a pool and is a little champ, see?

Dog in therapy pool


How You Can Help a Dog Have the Best Day Ever

Ask any shelter worker who watches the faces of dogs in need day after day what it takes to get them homes. You might wonder how you can help a dog who has basic needs until he or she finds their forever home. Unfortunately, with the holidays upon us, rescues and shelters need you now more than ever. There are millions of dogs like Baby Joey just waiting for their opportunity to be loved, cared for, and shown that people are genuinely good at heart.

NYC Second Chance Rescue

If you are unable to foster or adopt, there are many ways you can help a dog have the best day ever. Here is the one thing that Second Chance Rescue needs more than anything: 

One dollarIf everyone reading this visited the NYC Second Chance Rescue donation page and donated at least one dollar, imagine how many dogs might be affected.

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Second Chance is a 501c3 animal rescue organization that specializes in helping the Pit Bull Terrier dog. They focus on medical cases as well as abused and neglected animals. They believe all animals deserve a Second Chance.

wigglebutts uncorked

The fundraising arm of this blog is called Wigglebutt Warriors®. Second Chance Rescue is the benefactor of all funds raised for the Wigglebutts Uncorked event, taking place April 16, 2016, at America’s Oldest Winery, Brotherhood, in Washingtonville, New York. We are over half sold out: Join us and bring your dog for a weekend of celebration and giving back in true gala style.

wigglebutts uncorked
Here is the building on the grounds of Brotherhood where our gala will take place!


Would you help out with some of these very hard cases and give a dog a second chance at life? Click here to donate.

Wigglebutt Warriors help dogs


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  1. Wow, what a survivor and brave and inspiring little soul he is …thank goodness he is safe now. I will definitely donate to help with his care and watch for updates on his progress.

  2. Wow, what a cutie! And such a strong little guy! I would love to get my dog in the water to swim but I am always so scared that she will drown :O I have no idea if all dogs are born with the ability to swim or not. Mine is a chihuahua

  3. Thanks for providing an update on Baby Joey, he’s coming along! I will donate & share to help this beautiful, brave little boy.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. What a story about a fighting spirit! This little guy needs all the help he can get, and I’m so glad you brought his plight to your reader’s attention. I’ve donated and hope others will, too. He deserves his best day ever!!! Thank you for al you do, Carol.

  5. There seems to be no limit to the cruelties man can come up with, to inflict on such helpless creatures. This is a beautiful post you wrote, not choosing to focus on the horrors, but on the incredible journey this lucky puppy has been on. You highlight the hope and joy of this dog’s life and future, and that’s a beautiful thing to read. Thank goodness for the rescue groups who work tirelessly to help the homeless and abandoned get their much deserved chance at a happy life with a family of their own. Cheers, Hindy

  6. How is Joey doing?! What a sweet little boy! How people can do such cruelty to an innocent cute. Eing is beyond my comprehension. We need to end animal cruelty and enforce better laws to protect them. Does little Joey have a Facebook page? Has he been adopted? All the best to this cutiepie!! Thank you to the good people who helped him.

    1. Joey is doing well and started rehab with an end goal of prosthetics. He will be appearing at the Wigglebutts Uncorked event in Washingtonville, NY on April 16, 2016. Feel free to join us, as tickets are available, Celine. He has a foster mom right now. No page but if you visit the NYC Second Chance Rescue Facebook page, you can get updates there, too. We will be sharing more of his progress, too.

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