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Healthy Dog Contest To Win A Monthly Box From Dr. Harvey’s

Welcome to the Fidose of Reality Healthy Dog Contest To Win A Monthly Box From Dr. Harvey’s. It’s easy, fun, and your dog reaps the benefits. 

My heart beats dog® and if yours does, too, then we invite you to celebrate healthy dogs. 

We want to hear about your healthy dogs and reward one lucky winner in the USA each month with a $35 box of goodies from our sponsor and amazing friends at Dr. Harvey’s!!!

And if you shop with Dr. Harvey’s, be sure to use our code at checkout to get 10 percent off your order: FDLUV9271

Dr Harveys

healthy dog contest

Here’s How The Healthy Dog Contest Works

  1. The form is below to enter the contest. You simply follow the instructions on the contest. 
  2. You must reply to with the blog comment as listed.
  3. To gain more entries, do the bonus entries listed. Come back often to gain more entries. Once you win for one month, you cannot win repeat months. USA only. 
  4. Fidose of Reality will randomly select one USA-based winner on the 1st of each month. One winner will be selected at random to win a $35 box of goodies from our fur-ends at Dr. Harvey’s. Easy peasy! Contest ends 06/30/19. 

keep fleas off dogs

Tell Me About the Prizes and Dr. Harvey’s

Fidose of Reality has had a long-time love affair with the products of Dr. Harvey’s. Well, 30 years ago — and long before most people had even heard of “all natural” feeding for animals (and the very few who did often made a funny face and then said things like: are you kidding? Or: are we talking about animals here?) — Dr. Harvey Cohen, a successful nutritionist and lifelong animal lover, grasped that something about the pet industry was flat out broken. And even more shockingly was the realization nobody was trying to fix it!

The day we stumbled upon the Dr. Harvey’s line of products, our lives changed. Our first Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, was a Dr. Harvey’s dog and she lived to one week shy of her 15th birthday. Our second Cocker, Dexter, is a 10-years-young pooch who thrives as a result of including the Dr. Harvey’s line of products in his life. From food to treats, supplements to grooming essentials, this company has been a part of our dogs’ lives for at least 20 years! We can honestly put our Fidose of Reality pawprint of approval on Dr. Harvey’s products.

healthy dog food

Dr. Harvey’s Healthy Formulations makes fine health food & safe all-natural care products for companion animals. Their products include all natural foods, chemical-free grooming essentials, nutritious treats and chews, and essential vitamins and supplements to keep your animal companions healthy and happy. All of their products are made in the USA!

Good luck and have fun! 



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  1. My dogs have recently started eating Dr. Harvey’s food & it has been life changing for them both. My one Frenchie has ulcerative colitis and chronic pancreatitis & refused to eat prescription food after years. She loves this and barks for more! Plus, her stools have greatly improved. My other Frenchie has cancer and it’s been a struggle to get him to eat anything, especially anything healthy. He goes wild for it too!! Great giveaway!

  2. We switched to Dr Harvey’s I feel so much more “in control” of what my dogs are eating!

  3. I would like to know more about weight management for my dog. He has gotten older and his eyesight is not good so he doesn’t get as much exercise as he used to and he has put on a few pounds.

  4. I will definitely be switching Parker to Dr Harvey’s .. Parker is a healthy puppy but always looking toward keeping him that way..With ALL the positive results from you all it has made me make the switch .. Thank you ♥???

  5. I just received a free sample of Dr Harvey’s food – both dogs love it and I believe it is a healthier option than the best kibble!

  6. I have recently tried 2 trials of dr Harvey’s food. While my dog has thrown up once since on the food, I am hopeful once my pup is fully transitioned this will decrease. My dog loves both kinds that we tried and his energy levels have definitely increased. He truly is acting like a puppy again. It’s kind of like seeing is believing. Everyone should try. Looking forward to ordering more of the products and treats

  7. I am trying to do right by my fur babies. Scooby was put on a diet so the others also eat the same amount as he does. I have thought about changing food since we don’t need a 30 pound bag of food but I need something that isn’t pricey. Scooby can’t have pork, lamb, dairy, rice, wheat or peanuts. Would love to be able to try some thing they all would enjoy and keep them with me longer.

  8. I found Dr. Harvey’s about a year ago when I was desperately trying to find a food that would help w my 14 yr old dogs chronic colitis. I got a sample of canine health and the changes in her were amazing! So we have basically switched all her food and treats to Dr. Harvey’s! The changes in not only her stools but her whole demeanor have been remarkable! Thank you Dr. Harvey!!!

  9. Got to switch my boy over he has some autoimmune problems but vet can’t pinpoint problems so good diet next

  10. I was blindsided a few years ago when my sweet deaf girl, Ran, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She passed less than four months after the diagnosis, despite the best efforts of my vet and me. I lost my Kyoko about 1-1/2 years ago – she had many of the same symptoms, but tests for autoimmune came back negative. I would really like to know more about diseases like this and how to spot symptoms early.

  11. i would like to learn more about ways diet can help with my dog’s developing cancer. i would like to know how to “cure” the liver disease my oldest has now from getting venison that had e-coli in it and cause hepatitis. she is now on a specific diet, taking meds, which has a 50% of causing lymphoma but it was either that or steroids. she has to have her bloodwork checked every 12 wks.

  12. Thank you for turning me on to Dr Harvey’s products!! There are certain items that I will never travel without Runs Be Gone and Healing Cream.. Truly they are the first thing that is packed. As for the Veg to Bowl great product.

  13. I am hoping to learn more about how to decreasing ailments through nutrition. For example when Blarney got a bladder infection, his vet at the time said this is normally a vitamin c deficiency. He then suggested giving a few orange segments every week or so. Blarney never had an infection again.

  14. Tell us one topic you wish you knew more about when it comes to your dog’s health.
    Hmm.. I try to really keep on top of my dogs health and only feed him raw, unprocessed good and treats. He loves raw vibrance mixed into his food as a super supplement.

  15. I would like to know how Schooner & Skipper are getting some many fatty tumors. What causes pancreatitis? Skipper had tit twice what can I do so it does not happen again. Both dog are on Raw Vibrance and adding raw meat plus oil. I just got a sample of the Paradigm was reading it was good for dogs that have fatty tumors. They love the Raw Vibrance and Paradigm. I purchase the Omega 3 too.

  16. I really want to try Dr. Harveys products. I have a puppy coming in two weeks and another puppy coming in August.

  17. Weight control is our biggest issue.I feed him 1/2 cup of Dr Harvey’s twice a day.I believe that others keep giving him treats…lol.We love Dr. Harvey’s in this house…great giveaway!Thank you.

  18. I would like to know more about arthritis in older dogs. I have a 13 year old who is showing signs of it and it is affecting his mobility. What can I do to help him out?

  19. I’d like to know more about canine conditioning. We do some exercises periodically but he could use some new ones!

  20. Dogs are LOVING Raw Vibrance and so is Mom!! It smells delish, very easy and actually fun to prepare. I add raw meat of the day, squish it around and they scarf it down. Had some questions and Dr, Harveys personally called me!! Thank you Dr. Harvey

  21. My dog seems to have seasonal allergies due to the pollen in the and I would love to know more about helping with him sneezing fits.

  22. Kibble makes my Boston Terrier poop too much. I like making him homemade food but that can lack nutrients, so we should give this a try. Dr. Harveys comes highly recommend.

    1. Would love to know more about old age cataracts and how successful is surgery to correct them.

  23. We switched to Dr Harvey’s in January. With having a dog with food “allergies” Dr Harvey’s has been a godsend! I would love to try more of their products!

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