Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Blogging and Editorial Guidelines: Fidose of Reality

Guest blogging and editorial submissions for Fidose of Reality are welcomed if your pitch is relevant to our theme (dogs) and audience (dog lovers, dog moms and dads).

How Do I Know If My Pitch Is Relevant To Fidose of Reality? Read through my blog’s posts and get to know the voice of the Fidose audience.

What Topics Do You Cover? Take a peek at the homepage of Fidose of Reality. We cover dog health and wellness, dog travel, dog news, dog products, dog adoption, and most anything that pertains to dogs (with a unique voice).

Is There a Specific Length for a Post? Anywhere between 300 and 500 words is generally accepted but we are willing to accept more if the topic is approved and something Fidose readers would enjoy.  

Do You Accept Blog Topics Not Pertaining to Dogs? Generally, no, unless in some way, shape or form the post is unique and ultimately can be applied to dogs.

Should I Write the Post Before Pitching You the Idea? No, this is not necessary. Previously written posts that appear in other places on the Internet are not accepted. A fresh spin on a tired topic is welcomed if pertaining to dogs. A new approach to a dated issue is encouraged.

Will You Link Back to Me? If your post is approved, absolutely! Fidose of Reality believes in credit where credit is due, especially as it pertains to good writing for and about dogs. Approved guest posts will have incoming links allowed (2-3) within the post itself.

Can I Share A Short Bio About Myself If Approved? Definitely – we provide full credit to good writers who spread the word of dog.

Should I Interact With Readers After I Post? Yes, this is fair to Fidose of Reality readers. We encourage engagement of fellow dog lovers.

How Do I Pitch You a Dog-Related Topic? Send your post idea to me in the body of the email to

When Will My Approved Post Be Published? Once I see the final product, the post will go live within 2-4 weeks in most cases, sooner sometimes. I will let you know when it will publish. Images will be required for all posts and they must be sized properly – I will provide guidelines. You must own all images and posts must be original.

Will My Post Be Edited? I will screen all posts for typos, spelling errors, and have the right to make editorial changes as needed, but I will provide you with any changes made prior to publishing.

Can I Republish My Post Elsewhere? No, and Fidose of Reality will remove your post if this occurs.