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Gift Guide Under $10 For Dogs

Check out this gift guide for bargain hounds! These are deals at under $10 for dogs. Happy shopping!

I love a deal and get the warm fuzzies if I can find a bargain for a quality product my dog will like and use. It’s a win-win.

Easy to use gift guides are my favorites, so that is the goal of this guide and the others that can be found below. There are 20 gift ideas in this guide, broken out into five categories with four items in each category. All items below are priced at $10 or less. Have a ball!

Gifts for dogs at a bargain

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Dog Balls

If your dog loves to play with a ball, you are in good company: Mine does, too. He won’t play with any old ball, he loves a squeaky ball. Here are some tried and true favorites in the Fidose household:

Dog Toys

Beyond the ball, there are a ton of stuffed toys for dogs to choose from that will make tails wag. Check out these fun dog toys:

Dog Bowls

It’s always important to change a dog’s food and water bowl and make sure they are kept clean. You can fill a dog bowl with treats and some cello, top with a bow, and it makes a nice presentation. Here a a few affordable dog bowl options:

Dog Treats

Healthy treats need not break the bank. We are stuffing stockings with noms from our pals at Einstein Pets this year.  They are simply made, for what matters most. The Low Calorie Dog Treat. Natural Organic Dog Treats infused with Chia Seed. Real Ingredients.Made in the USA. Oh and did we mention five calories? These are 99 cents over the 10 dollar mark and so worth it:

Dog Dental Care

This is a topic near and dear to my heart and we know that regular dental care prevents a boatload of problems in dogs. Please learn to brush your dog’s teeth and do regular maintenance. Santa’s reindeer keep their teeth clean, and that means your dog should, too:

Have you already checked out my other Gift Guides for dogs and dog lovers? These gift guides make great gifts for the holidays and beyond (birthdays, just because, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, dog birthday, etc.)

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