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Get Outdoors With Your Dog Fun and Giveaway

Cuddle with dog in tent
The P.L.A.Y. tent fits humans, too!

It’s dog fun time! Pitch a pup tent, get the outdoor toys ready, and head for greener pastures:  Say goodbye to cabin fever and get outside with your dog. Oh and don’t fret if it’s raining when you and Fido have outdoor plans. Fidose of Reality discovered a treasure trove of doggie goodness from one of our Wigglebutts Uncorked fundraising sponsors. Read on, get the scoop, and there are prizes in store for you and your dog to win, too!

Home is where the dog is. Some companies purely, magically, and without reservation get “it,” the it being a passion of the highest order for dogs. P.L.A.Y. is one of those rare gems who truly care and it shows in every facet of their company.

I first met Will Chen, P.L.A.Y.’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, many years ago. Like most pet parents, we take a backseat to the spotlight shone on our dogs. Chen is no different. His dog, Momo, Chief Pug Officer, is well known as a model and the “face” of P.L.A.Y., which stands for Pet Lifestyle and You.

dog bed
Photo courtesy P.L.A.Y.

P.L.A.Y. has a complete line of award-winning products for dogs, and today we are highlighting our new instant favorite, the Scout & About Outdoor Dog Tent, or as we call it, “the pup tent.”

There are 2 things of which I completely falter: Cooking and assembling things. So when the folks at P.L.A.Y. sent me the outdoor dog tent for my dog, Dexter, to try, I squirmed a bit. Okay, a lot. How would I assemble a tent? I am the girl who considers a 3-star hotel “roughing it.” I do, however, take picnics and outdoor day adventures with Dexter and my spouse. A doggie tent for Dexter to seek refuge from bugs, sun, and the elements would be perfect for our many excursions.

Outdoor dog fun

And So It Goes

Setting up the P.L.A.Y. doggie tent was as easy as 1-2-3-4. Unfold, pull out, pull string, insert stakes if desired and wha-la: Doggie nirvana. Or at least the element protection thereof, see?

Dog tent from PLAY
Uh mom, this looks so easy, even I can do it!


Dexter setting up dog tent
Let’s get started, Mom!


Setting up outdoor dog tent


Dog tent
How cute am I?


The tent retails for $119, and it is a super investment that you quite literally will have for years and years to come. It features:

  • Mesh sides for ventilation and visibility
  • Shelter from elements
  • Water-resistant roof to keep the dog dry
  • Cozy and I was even able to curl up in it for a cuddle with the dog
  • Carrying case for ease of transport
  • Fully enclosed floor that is well made (no cheap materials!)
  • Made of durable and high performance 600-Denier PE fabrics that are commonly found in outdoor and camping products, these tents are waterproof and Intertek-certified UV-resistant to prevent water seepage and discoloration
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Fun for indoor play, too! We plan to use it as a little den for the dog. We put his indoor bed in it, and he went inside for a nap!
  • Easy to clean: Just use a wet cloth or hose and let it dry.
  • Bonus points: Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children products
  • It measures 53.1″ x 53.1″ x 37 and comes in Vanilla or Mocha with a cute dog-themed print, see?

CLICK THIS: Get more information on ordering the P.L.A.Y. outdoor dog tent.

Outdoor dog fun

Warm Bellies Initiative

Being in a shelter can be extremely scary for pets – the unfamiliar smells, sounds and surroundings often cause anxiety and depression for a lot of animals. The fundraising arm of this blog is called Wigglebutt Warriors®, and we love when companies like P.L.A.Y. give back by paying it forward.

This is where YOU come in.

To help make the time spent in a shelter a little less scary, P.L.A.Y.  wants to give homeless pets a cozy mat they can feel safe and warm on. Just having a warm mat instead of a cold concrete floor makes a world of difference.

Help a homeless pet get a free bed

You can buy a P.L.A.Y. bed for your dog and give a bed to a homeless pet in need!

CLICK THIS: Warm Bellies Initiative to Help a Dog In A Shelter

How cool is that? Your dog get s a new oh-so-pawsome bed from P.L.A.Y. and a shelter dog gets a brand new bed, too. Win-win! Wag-wag!

enter to win

Outdoor Dog Toys Giveaway

P.L.A.Y. and Fidose of Reality want your dog to enjoy some of the new outdoor toys from the P.L.A.Y. line of products. Here’s what you can win:

Prize Pack #1: Winner is Sharon Gilbert

P.L.A.Y.’s Scout & About Flying Disc toy in Mocha color: This toy is designed to spin effortlessly through the air and float on water, making it the perfect toy for the active pup who likes to chase, fetch and swim. Ideal for training, agility or just plain fun! Comes with a hidden squeaker.

Measures 8.7” Diameter 0.8”; MSRP: $15.90


P.L.A.Y.’s  Scout & About Toss and Float Toy in Vanilla color: This toy is designed to be thrown easily through the air for fetch on land or sea. Ideal for training, splash games and just plain fun!

Measures 18.1″ X 2.6″ X 2.6″; MSRP: $35.40

Total MRSP for P.L.A.Y. prize pack #1: $35.40

Outdoor dog toy from PLAY

Prize Pack #2: Winner is Bryn Nowell

P.L.A.Y.’s Scout & About Flying Disc toy in Vanilla color:  As above.

Measures 8.7” Diameter 0.8”; MSRP: $15.90


P.L.A.Y.’s  Scout & About Toss and Float Toy small in Mocha color, as above.

Small dimensions: 16.5″ X 2″ X 2″; MSRP: $17.00

Total MRSP for P.L.A.Y. prize pack #2: $32.90

dog float toy

Must be 18 or older; Prizes ship to U.S. residents in the 48 contiguous states only. No exchanges or substitutions please. USA residents only. Complete rules here.

Can’t wait to win? To view P.L.A.Y.’s complete line of award-winning products, visit www.PetPLAY.com. Check out the beds, dog tent, and toys there!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary P.L.A.Y. dog tent. P.L.A.Y. is a sponsor of recent Wigglebutts Uncorked fundraiser to benefit homeless dogs. All opinions of the above are our own. Fidose of Reality only shares products we use, believe in, and we feel would be of interest to our readers.

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  1. I have two things I absolutely love doing with my dogs outside. First of all, taking them for walks – they can’t get enough of taking walks and it makes them so happy. After that, I love just sitting with my dogs (especially my girl, Kyoko) on the stairs of our deck and cuddle. We have a section of deck that goes up to a small platform. It used to be for our above-ground pool, which we no longer have. However, Kyoko just loves goes up in that little “tower” and when I’m on the ground,below her, she loves just sticking her head through for cuddles. Then I go and sit on the landing by her and she just wants to cuddle. We don’t have a place like that in the house, so we can only do our little “princess in the tower” outside.

  2. my girls love to run and play ball. my oldest loved to play catch, soccer and kick ball. anything with a ball. i run with the 2 younger girls. the oldest gal just watches now and wanders.

  3. I’m just like you. I’m hopeless when it comes to setting things up, it’s why I’ve never gone camping. I’ve never heard of PLAY and will check it out.

  4. I bet my dog would like that tent. It looks like a great place to take a break from the sun!

  5. My favorite outdoor activities with my dog are dog tricks, hiking, and agility! I have a P.L.A.Y toy for my dog too, it’s very good!

  6. My favorite outdoor activity with Max and Star is taking long, exploratory walks. We range all over Pittsburgh and discover new places every week.

  7. Our very favorite outdoor activity for the summer is walking on the beach, playing ball and swimming in Lake Michigan . Our favorite daily activity is taking walks and checking out the new pee mail that was left for them to smell. Looking for smashed toads that people run over in the street that Schooner and Skipper try and roll on it! YUCK!

  8. I love the doggie tent. I have two dogs and a foster dog; we are planning on taking everyone camping so this would be a perfect:)

  9. We live up in the hills so going out into the woods and walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather is what we llike to do.

  10. My dog is happy just to be outside. He enjoys walking, and if we walk by a lake, he will jump in. Walking is our favorite outdoor activity.

  11. My favorite activity is to hike my dogs(4) on the mountain where we live and to allow them to swim and retrieve in the pond. They all love being outside!

  12. Love the cute little doggie tent!
    This would be perfect for those who have to leave their fur babies outside while they go to work.
    Here in Alberta the weather gets fickle so it’s important to make sure they can get some much needed shade.

  13. HIking – all kinds…. Though mostly now I’ve been doing a lot of urban hikes exploring areas around my city. Gorgeous views and I live exploring with my dogs.

  14. Hiking and backpacking and even doing overnights together. The spring and fall are especially nice.

  15. My favorite outdoor activity with my dogs is when we take trips up to Mt, Hood and they play in the snow 🙂

  16. I love to visit the many parks here that are along the Hudson River. A walk with a beautiful view first, then a dip in the river for the dogs!

  17. What a super cute idea!! And I wonder if lack of assembly and lack of cooking skills go hand-in-hand? I have small challenges with both too. 😉

  18. Our Lab loves to play ball at the park or at the beach. He is a great swimmer also. Our chihuahua loves to go to the park and be carried around the beach inside our jackets.

  19. How cute is that tent! My son and our dog are like BFF’s and I can so see them both in there chilling! LOL

  20. Our dog is a rescue that we adopted 2 years ago yesterday! 🙂 I love this idea for the dogs. We had a beautiful day today and I sat on our deck working and my dog would have loved to be in this tent

  21. Basil LOVES to go to the woods!! She likes to think that she is on the hunt! We like to joke that she wouldn’t know what to do with a bird or a squirrel if she got one!

  22. Our favorite outdoor activity is to go on long treks down by the bayou. There’s so much to see there – turtles and birds and gators, Oh my!

  23. We go the park and walk, and sometimes the doggie park to run free for a little bit. The pup tent is so cute!

  24. Gavan isn’t huge on being outside. We have issues with bees in my area and he’s allergic. Plus, he just doesn’t do well with heat. When it’s cooler temps, like fall time, he loves sitting outside and watching the birds. Lol.

  25. I love walking my dogs in the evenings and they do too! One of mine has arthritis, so I am now reducing the amount of walks for him, still walking, juts not overdoing it. Poor thing cries when I leave with his sister for a walk 🙁 .

  26. Taking them on adventures in the local state park. They love it. They get to splash in the creek, find new sticks and generally just chill with me and my hubby.

  27. This would be perfect for my pups for our trips to visit friends at camp, as well as days at the beach! Great Give away 🙂

  28. The pups love going for long walks on all the nature trails near our house and on the local college campuses. They also like going to the beach with us!

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