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Get on the dog rescue bus and enter to win

Want to help rescue animals but not sure what you, one person, could possibly do? Fidose of Reality knows.

The Mommy Bus is proud to announce a new initiative to encourage the rescue and adoption of animals in need. The “RESCUE ME” contest will run from May 15, 2012 until June 17, 2012 when the winners will be announced.

Heidi’s Helpers has donated original works of art (such as the ones pictured below) which will be awarded to each winner. In addition, The Mommy Bus will make a $1.00 donation (up to $,2500) to be split among four charities (Florida Yorkie Rescue, Eleventh Hour Rescue, Animal Miracle Foundation and Animal Haven) for each entry received.

Contestants can enter simply by “liking” the Mommy Bus Facebook page and posting an  Adoption/Rescue photo and story on the wall at Mommy Bus Facebook

According to Diane Dellefave, the Mommy Bus “Alpha Dog,” she partnered with artist-writer, Heidi Hansen, because her paintings depict the positive side of animal rescue and adoption. “Part of why I wanted to do something positive is that so many organizations/individuals for the cause publish graphic horror imagery of animals who are in need of rescue, and I am dedicated to donating time and money to organizations to advertise respectfully and responsibly and use positives to gain constituents,” said Hansen. “I wanted to paint pictures that would make the viewer curious about home, welcoming in a cat or dog who has had an unfortunate life,” she continued. When describing her painting, “We’re Home,” she added, “I wanted this to be warm and cozy, but also curious about building a home and new life with a rescue animal.”

“We hope this contest will act as a catalyst for adoptive pet parents to share their stories publicly and encourage animal lovers everywhere to rescue and adopt,” concluded Dellefave.

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