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Four Practical Dog Presents to Sniff Out

Tis the season to be howling, fa la la la la and all that fleas navidog stuff, right? Practical dog presents are ready to be wrapped! Our desks are bombarded with gifts galore for the dogs and dog lovers in our lives, so when we find some cool ideas, Fidose of Reality shares them with our readers. Here are four with which to score (big) this holiday gift giving season:

Scary Santa: Solve this dilemma with the Thundershirt: Ba-boom and crack make our PR (Puppy Relations) Director, Dexter shake and cower to a safe corner of the office. Here’s one of those “aha” gifts that solves the panic, dread, and fear that come with travel fearful, thunderstorm wary, and fireworks scared dogs. The Thundershirt provides a gentle doggie hug for scared pooches. Thanks to its calming but safe pressure points dispersed throughout the shirt, anxiety is more easily relieved. When our dogs are scared, pet parents (like me) tend to feel upset and transfer our fears as well. I know my dog reads my body language and facial expressions, so knowing the Thundershirt is handy when storms are in the air puts me at ease. Makes a thoughtful gift for dog moms and dads, plus it comes in XXS to XXL for little elves and big reindeer-sized dogs. Visit


Shedding Santa: I’ve been a fan of Furminator products for years, so telling you they are great for hairy dogs is probably old news, right? I recently discovered the small finishing comb from Furminator, designed to remove debris, loose hair, and break up tangles. I have a Cocker Spaniel, so I pretty much live by the Furminator deShedding tool? We also use the Furminator Slicker Brush, which helps Dexter’s hair feels velvety after we use the slicker brush. The new Furminator comb is icing on the Cocker cake. Remember, never use it a matted dog. Check the whole line out at


Safe Santa: One of a pet parent’s worst fears is having their dog go missing. Allay those fears by giving the PetHub tag from PetHub this holiday season. Fidose of Reality highly recommends all pets have a tag *and microchip* to keep them safe and identifiable. PetHub tags allow you to give (and receive) peace of mind since Fido will be protected with a QR scannable code pet tag. Anyone with a smart phone can scan your dog’s tag and view your pooch’s profile instantly so that you can be contacted. Fits nicely in a stocking and this is the gift that keeps on giving. Visit


Snacking Santa: Got a chewer and/or looking for a treat to pop in a stocking and keep your pooch wagging while knowing a USA all-natural beef stuffed treat awaits? Jones Natural Chews boast an edible collage casing with USA all-natural pigskin ribbon style curl for extra chewing pleasure. No artificial ingredients added and oven baked. Wondering if Santa gives an extra Jones Natural Chew to Rudolph? Check them out at


More gifts to follow, so make those lists and check them twice, we all know dogs are never naughty and always nice.

Fidose of Reality is a participating blogger in the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and though compensated for promoting products in their gift guide, we like to share products we ourselves have or would use. Woof!

Oooh and it’s also Wordless Wednesday, so we’re jingling all the way through to the holidays!


  1. Dawn says

    Thundershirt – I just got one on Monday but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I can’t wait to see if it works for Maya’s over-excitement or Pierson’s anxiousness when I leave the house.
    Furminator – I have a long-haired dog and a Lab that sheds continuously. I’d be a fool to not already have this product in my arsenal. 🙂
    PetHub – I have never heard of this and will go check it out right away!
    Jones Natural Chews – Delicious!

  2. snoopy@snoopysdogblog says

    Great gift ideas for us Doggies!! I hope my Mum’s paying attention! 🙂 Maybe I should get a Thunder shirt for fireworks, as I’ve started to get scared of them?

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  3. Kirby the Dorkie says

    Hey Miss Carol! Did you know that first picture of the snow dog is ME! Mama took it when I was like only two months old and I saw my very first snow which I liked very much. I was so little she could hold me in one hand! I gonna share this post with my friends on Facebook! Wags!

    • Carol Bryant says

      Kirby – we were soooo hoping you noticed. You entered a contest with that awww-dorable photo AND it will be on Dogster next week, too. Wags – we adore you!

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