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Four Easy Ways to Keep Dog Teeth Clean

dog teeth care

What’s really the big deal about keeping a dog’s teeth clean? I mean, as long as they have treats, hard food, a bone to chew on, and the occasional dental cleaning at the vet, they are fine, right?

Absolutely not.

It is NEVER too late to start a healthy dog dental health routine. No sermons, no “hey get to it,” here’s your Fi-DOSE of reality for dog dental care with four easy ways to keep dog teeth clean:

PROBLEM ONE: My Dog Hates When I Brush His Teeth

This is probably the number one reason most dog parents do not have a proper dental care routine in place. Sadly, 80 percent of dogs show signs of periodontal disease by age three. Think about this: Is your dog a member of the family? Then realize a dog’s teeth are no different than your own: They have enamel, roots, pulp, can get cavities, and even break, rot, and infect the bloodstream that filters into and through the organs.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Try a water additive like that from TropiClean. Simply add one tablespoonful (one cap full) to your pet’s water bowl (approximately 16oz) every time you refill it. Result: Twelve hours of fresh breath.

TropiClean water additive
PROBLEM TWO: I want to learn how to brush my dog’s teeth, but I am confused.

Start slow. Simply dip a bit of chicken soup broth (sodium free) on your finger and let the dog lick. At least then the whole finger near the mouth thing has been addressed. Do this for a day or two. Advance to finger toothbrush. Put water on it only and follow this video for how to do it: just for a few seconds, building up each day. Reward your dog as you go along and like he just won Westminster when he is done. Praise rocks, as pet parents know. It takes a bit of practice. After the sodium free chicken broth, I worked up to teeth cleaning pads. Then I let Dexter lick the toothpaste for a week. Then the front teeth only. We also use the TropiClean Clean Teeth Gel in addition to mix things up in routine. Then we  added toothpaste to a finger brush.  We graduated to a baby toothbrush. It takes time but as you can see, he is a pro now. If it takes months to acclimate your dog, so be it: A little bit of prevention can go a very long way. Trust me, I really know.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Patience. Make it fun. Make it a rewarding and fun time. Do not stress out.

cute dog
Zola is pleasant and eager to have her teeth done.

PROBLEM THREE: My Dog Isn’t Happy About Toothpaste 

My dog’s BFF, Zola, has this problem. For several years now, Zola has been on the receiving end of the TropiClean Instant Fresh Foam. Her mom simply sprays one squirt onto the teeth and gums of Zola once a day, generally at bedtime. She does this to both sides of Zola’s mouth. Coupled with one professional dental cleaning in Zola’s ten years since adoption, this is her mouth today:

dog dental care
Zola is proud to say cheese with these pearly whites at age 10! Thanks, TropiClean!

PROBLEM SOLVED: TropiClean Instant Fresh Foam or Clean Teeth Gel (note: Dexter uses the clean teeth gel in addition to regular brushing with a dog-friendly toothpaste and has never needed a professional dental cleaning. He just turned six years young.)

dog teeth
Dexter’s oh so cute and oh so clean teeth

PROBLEM FOUR: My dog won’t allow anything near his mouth!

Bones and hard food do not magically keep tartar away just like chomping on spare ribs and eating crunchy pretzels gets tartar of human teeth.Some dogs, however, will not allow a toothbrush or any sort of dentrifice, foam, or paste near their mouths. Zola is also the recipient of TropiClean dental chews. The design of the chews helps stimulate brushing and therefore reduces plaque and tartar. They also include whole flaxseed to work as an abrasive on teeth coupled with parsley and baking soda. As an added boost, TropiClean adds Jinsei green tea extract for dental wellness, too, and makes these treats in the United States.

PROBLEM SOLVED: TropiClean Dental Chews

dental chews

If you could extend your dog’s life by a number of years so that they can live longer (and happier) with you, isn’t a few minutes a day worth it? No matter what level of acceptance (or not) your dog is at with dental care, one of the above four solutions is geared for you.  Fidose of Reality is a long-time fan and consumer of TropiClean products because we see the results, we like the ease of use, and TropiClean is passionate about creating natural, healthy products.


QUESTION: What is your current dental care routine? 

Note: This post is sponsored by TropiClean and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about TropiClean Dental Products, but Fidose of Reality only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  We also use the products so we like sharing our successes with dog parents. TropiClean is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. Those sound great! Thanks for sharing a very impawtant post about teeth!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. I’ve never done the teeth brushing thing, my dogs hate when I go near their mouth, but blog posts & blog chats w/ Tropiclean and others have convinced me I really need to try. I like the method you describe, easing my dog into it step by step, so I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for these great tips!

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