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Five things to do with your dog on Thanksgiving

Happy Holiday and that includes the family dog, our beloved canines, our furry friends. Got that turkey roasting and need to give Fido something to do and/or need a fix of Fido while you celebrate and gather together? Here are some fun things to do with, for and about our favorite topic at Fidose of Reality: DOGS! (on Thanksgiving)

Watch Mishka “The I Love You” talking dog in her television commercial debut: Yes, the YouTube cutie pie of a Husky has her own commercial, being aired during the National Dog Show on NBC right after the Macy’s Parade. Not sure who Mishka is? What a hoot:

Watch the National Dog Show: It’s fun, it’s 2 hours, it’s David Frei and John O’Hurley. It’s all things dog, what fun. And you can cheer for your favorite, and for a ton of us, that includes mutts, too! National Dog Show on NBC.

Make fun pictures of your dog impersonating a turkey.


Refrain from giving your dog anything that resembles fat, food they are not accustomed, and/or bones or items they’ve never had before. You know, the list of “no no’s” for Fido is out there. Instead, bring Fido’s fave treats along and if you must sneak morsels, make it something their tummies can handle. Last thing needed on a “to do” list is a visit to the vet.

Have Kong or mind puzzle game, will travel. If you’ve got more than one dog, use close supervision where treat games are involved; we don’t want any Thanksgiving Day brawls. I have first-paw experience with Kong Genius toys and S-W-E-A-R by them. Dexter gets his favorite treats broken into pieces inside them and he entertains himself for a half hour solid. There are also products on the market from Premier and Nina Ottosson where you can fill empty games or containers with treats or even food kibble and let Fido think while he sniffs the treats out.

Whatever you do, and wherever the Thanksgiving roads take you and your pack, enjoy the holiday, give your dogs a big wag from us, and most of all, be thankful for their presence in your lives. Their only fault, the short life span they lead. Wishbone happiness to all.




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