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Five Swoon Worthy Made in America Dog Products

Last updated on August 1, 2014

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Made in America has a particularly extra emotion-inducing element to it these days. Buying products made in the United States means jobs are stimulated, we reinvest our money into the American dollar, and perhaps more companies would want to bring jobs back to the United States.

Pet-centric companies that make their products here in the United States are a growing breed. Companies listen to the sound of dollar bills stacking and blowing in the wind, so perhaps the more we purchase American made, the stronger the likelihood manufacturing will come back to the states.

I am also of the firm belief that chicken jerky made in China contributed to my previous Cocker Spaniel’s death. I want companies to mark their paw prints here in this country and ensure that products are sourced and made here in the United States. I want to feel safe again about what my dog eats and uses.

I am not alone in my American-made fiercely territorial pursuits. Here are five companies who keep it real in America. These are dog products we swoon for:

Jones Natural Chews:  The product line from Jones Natural Chews consists of 100 percent USA meat products. Light and fluffy, these chews are a perfect snack to break up and train with or just for a rewarding treat for dogs. Our pooch is hooked on them to the point he tears into the box when the postal carrier delivers them. Double bonus because I feel good and reassured feeding them, see?

SMARTCOOKEE: SMARTCOOKEE Company treats come in four varieties: PB’N Jelly Time; The Great Pumpkin, I Yam What I Yam; and Peas and Carrots. Whether or not a fussy dog will like this treats is the question, so I went straight to one of the fussiest treat eaters I know: My dog. He gobbles them up, especially the PB’N Jelly Time. For dogs counting calories, they are low in calories and chock full of chia seeds. The seeds are flavorless and odorless but are oh so good for dogs (and their people).


Sweet Paws Bakery Nom Noms: Sweet Paws Bakery is a shop that includes a dog bakery, boutique, and small dog doggie daycare in Gainesville, Florida, but they ship the tastiest, cutest treats fresh to your doorstep: And no preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Highly recommended are the carob chip delights, kooky cocker carrot cookies, and Parker’s pizza treats. Tell them Fidose of Reality sent you. Personal fave: The bow wow brownies, which are our Dexter’s most favorite Sweet Paws Bakery nom nom snack.


Scout and Zoe’s Sweet Potato Treats: My dog is a fusspot when it comes to treats and he absolutely refuses to eat vegetables. Time and again, I read stories of dog moms and dads who give their dogs green beans or raw carrots as a snack. Meanwhile, my anti-vegite dog turns his cute little Cocker nose up at the mere sight of a vegetable. So do yams really trump dog jerky? Like all of their goodies, Scout and Zoe’s sweet potato treats are made in Indiana of USA sourced ingredients. Dehydrated into crispy goodness, this is a snack attack that tricks even the most anti-vegite canines.


Doodie Pack: No made in the USA with pride list would be complete without mentioning one of my all-time favorite and highly recommended pet products: The Doodie Pack. Doodie Pack is a lightweight, durable, saddle bag-like back pack for dogs to carry organized essentials while out on a walk. In 3 sizes and 8 available colors, Doodie Pack fits dogs 8-180 pounds. Each pack features a perimeter of reflective safety tape and can be customized with a monogram or logo. Dexter surprised me with one of his famous “not planned” maneuvers while filming the strength and efficacy of the Doodie Pack. Have a peek:

Do you have a favorite made in the USA pet product? Let us know about it in the comments below. 

Note: We were not paid for any of the above and our opinions are our own. We like to share products we feel would benefit Fidose readers because we like them, too.


  1. I suppose it’s rude to promote your own product, but out Animal Stuff pet stairs are made in the USA.

  2. Of course, we would love some of JNC’s treats. I am a firm believer in buying only made in the USA products whenever possible. All of our treats are made here without exception. We haven’t heard of the Sweet Paws Bakery, but wow! Those look amazing! All five products are definitely swoon worthy.

  3. Cody would love some Jones’ treats and the Sweet Paws are so cute. We always look for made in the USA on our labels. We have bought True chews because they are made in america. Now we have more choices.

  4. Oh I am most definitely sure that Shiloh-Lord of the Manor and Diva Shasta would love to try the Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews – something that would definitely be different for them. I really read labels and watch for where things are made – not even dog toys of any kind enter the house if they were made in China and most definitely no dog food or treats from China. So far, the Beaglebratz have tried several treats made in the US – like Zuke’s and Natural Balance. Their dog food (that they think I scrimp on the amount I give them) is Castor and Pollox Ultramix – I like seeing the little bits of dried fruit and veggies beside being made in the US (and I can’t find any info about any of their foods ever being recalled).

  5. Schooner and Skipper would LOVE LOVE to try the Jones Natural Chews Lamb Puffs because we can only get 2 products from out Tractor Supply store and Lamb Puffs is not one. Our tractor Supply will only carry the 2 products 🙁 Schooner and SKipper said they think the Lamb Puffs sounds so YUMMY! I only buy USA products for my dogs.

  6. I want to win some JNC lamb lung puffs!! Shiloh *loves* these treats- they are his jackpot reward!
    I do love JNC products. Some other made in the US brands I love are FreshPet, Cloud Star, and Zuke’s (though I’m watching the latter closely since they’re now involved with Purina).

  7. Poppy would LOVE some lamb puffs. We are all about American and Canadian made and sourced products. I especially love giving Poppy treats without a bunch of additives that she really doesn’t need in her diet (like sugar, flour, salt etc.) Lamb puffs sound just up our alley!

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