Five Must Have Items for Dogs and Dog Lovers

The holidays are here and Fidose of Reality has uncovered five items for dogs and dog lovers that are off the beaten path and things you might miss on your local pet supply store shelves. Looking for some really unique and treasured gifts to give the dogs and dog lovers in your life? Check these out:

Collars with Flair: From Fidose fan and dog mom, Karen Meyering, comes a review of Classy-Critter collars. Karen writes, “Beautiful and well made, you can find a collar for your dog that will fit any occasion.  Want something elegant for your little diva?  How about a collar with your favorite sports team colors?  Or a collar that reflects your favorite hobby?  Classy-Critter has all of these plus more.  With original designs for every season and holiday, your dog can look spooky for Halloween, be a Valentine sweetheart or Santa’s little helper. Custom designs and orders are not a problem; they will work with you to create the exact style that reflects you and your dog’s personality.”
Our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter, has two of these collars that we adore for special occasions. Karen shares, “Classy-Critter collars are durable and will hold up to most any dog’s daily activities, whether it’s walking, romping, training or napping.  Each one is custom made to fit your dog perfectly so you know your dog is comfortable and safe.  No need to worry about special requests – each order is shipped promptly to your home.” Check them out at Priced between $14 and $24. Rumor has it, these collars are like chips and you cannot possibly have just one.
classy critter collar

Toys:  Unique Dog Toy (and great for rough chewers): You know those rubber liners that dairy farmers use on the inside of cow milking machines? Well if you never heard of them, check out this ingenious idea. From comes the Udder Tug, a rugged and durable dog toys designed for dogs from recycled rubber liners used on dairy farms in the USA for milking real cows. So intrigued by this product, Fidose of Reality plans a video review to see if they really are as cool as we believe they are! The parts have a “moo-tastic” cow smell that only dogs can sense and get excited about. The OTIS tug comes with a grip handle for fun and exercise. Available in three sizes and buy one and a rescue gets 25%!!

Large Dogs – Border Colies & Larger
Small to Medium Dogs – Terriers
Xtra Small – Toy Dogs

helping udder


Water Bowls: This is one product we see a lot of here at the Fidose of Reality offices. Imagine our glee when one of them stopped us in our tracks. We thought we had seen every style and type of water bowl until the Thirsty Milo crossed our office doorstep. The Thirsty Milo is a 1.5 liter fun and unique Travel/Portable Dog Water Bowl. I like to carry my dog’s water with me on walks and at the park, but it is often inconvenient to carry a bottle, try and keep it cold, plus a bowl, and try to balance it with walking my pooch. I also like fashionable pet products, it’s just part of my DNA, and perhaps yours, too.The Thirsty Milo is made of UV resistant dye so it will not discolor, is impact resistant with the body made of HDPE (High-density polyethylene ), dishwasher safe, and recyclable plastic. You put 1.5 Liters of water in it and the carrier also acts as a bowl. We totally heart this product! We found out they ship to the U.S. and it won’t take too long either. Double wags. We plan a video review on this one, too. Nice colors for both the male and female variety!

thirsty milo

thirsty milo

Dog Food: Seriously, this one is awesome. A company that allows you to feed your dog a 4-star rated dog food from and then feed the same to a shelter dog in YOUR area. Too cool, but oh so true. Sara Henderson and Susan Holler are the founders of BOGO Bowl. You order a bag, they ship it to you and a bag to a shelter/rescue in your area for FREE with no shipping charge. Not too good to be true, but the real deal. Bonus: This is a copy that gives back. Warm fuzzies evoked.

bogo bowl


Dog-Inspired Apparel: Ever see an adorable tote or shirt with a dog on it and have to stop that person wearing in his or her tracks? Dexter and I were at an event and I saw a gal wearing the cutest ever embroidered dog shirt. I had to find out who made them. Fun stuff, many unique designs and I had to admire the lady walking her Cocker design the most. Embellish! by Jennie Barr

cocker lady


Bonus 6th item: Dog biscuit business cards: From RGM Connect, check out these nifty dog treat business cards. The client is a dog trainer, so the thought is the business card/treat can be used during training and eaten, but the contact info can be ascertained prior to feeding the snack. Clever, but quick marketing.

dog business card


What’s on your dog’s shopping list for the holidays?




  1. Nice article and just intime as folks are trying to figure out what to get for their four legged companiions. I love love love the doggie toy. My boys are so into that tugging stage and socks are just not doing it anymore. Also that traveling bowl an absolute must have for those long drives and quick fixes when away from home longer than planned. Nice work Carol Bryant

    • Why thanks, Anthony. I adore this tugging toy and the smell drives my dog crrrrazy in a good way. The bowl transports so well, too.

  2. Thanks again Carol for great ideas. I am going to get the tug toy for my guys. Jagger loves to play to tug, Maybe Patches and Maxl will like to play tug with this toy. Going to also check out the water bowl and the embellished shirts for myself. Thanks again for all the great ideas you post. Also I love the Get a Grip dog Leash you gave me for my dogs. This is another good idea for Christmas.

    • So happy to help, Nancy. I am going to invest in the embellished shirt, too. And Dexter rolls and cries to the tug toy… he must smell cow in it or something. I would love to see your gang in action with photos, too.

  3. I think my favorites are the “dog treat business cards”…..Dakota would eat the collar…he wouldn’t really love the toy , and I don’t dress him up (too much fur)…..

    These are great for most dogs though! Dakota is strange 🙂

  4. Hahaha! I love the dog biscuit business card. Will truly never forget where to buy foods and treat.
    Mewith my dog, our bonding time is with the toy I bought from biteem

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