Five Dog Toys We Fell For at Global Pet Expo

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Toys, toys, and more toys: What every dog dreams of: dog toys galore. We saw plenty of them at Global Pet Expo recently in Orlando, Florida. For those unfamiliar, Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show. Global takes place every year in Orlando, Florida, and is held at the Orange County Convention Center. Basically, if it has to do with pets and pet products, you are likely to see it debut or launch at Global. I’ve attended the past two years, and I walk away in a dizzied, frenzied but very satisfied state. There are literally thousands of products to see, and if you blink you might miss some. The expo center spans the size of 14 football fields!

Dog toys, of course, are one of the coolest things to see and get hands-on experience with at Global. With my trusty PR (Puppy Relations) Manager by my side, we checked out the rows and rows of dog toys lining the Global Pet Expo aisles, and here are some of the fun picks you can expect to see roll out this year:


I have a Cocker Spaniel, so my eye immediately looks for the latest and greatest dog balls to hit the marketplace. Enter the Caitec Amazing Knobble Ball, Amazing Molecule Ball, and Amazing Squeaker Ball. The Amazing Knobble Ball is soft, chewy, and floats for water fun. What we found amazing is that depending on where you squeeze it, the sound changes. Not for serious chewers, but robust enough to take a beating during play time.

dog ball


Science Meets Fido

Not a typical “dog toy,” this is a gadget and I wanted to include it in this roundup of Global items. The Premier Bark and Activity Counter, developed in collaboration with famed animal behavior consultant, Ian Dunbar, is an innovative product that can be used by dog owners, trainers and vets to help distinguish between separation anxiety and general owner-absent behavior. It does this by recording the frequency and duration of barking and movement which can help you determine trigger points for your dog’s barking and activity while you are away. The data is then downloaded to your computer. It is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems.

premier toy


Personalized Play Things

I love toys that seem to be built with my dog’s needs and desires in mind. For some it might be a personalized frisbee, and there were many discs to be seen at Global. Flying discs  (park, Frisbee golf, ultimate Frisbee) are a lot of fun for many of Dexter’s doggie friends when we have play dates. If your dog likes a sit down and chew into it type toy, we found the Simply Fido Rubb ‘n’ Roll to be a fun option. According to the toy maker, this toy is a fun rubbery option for dogs who like to play fetch and toss, but if the rubber happens to come off and Fido swallows it, it is made of a material that will not cause any damage. I was privy to be given one of the first samples available. Dexter and I have had a lot of fun playing with this toy from Simply Fido, and I feel good knowing he is safe in doing so. Coming soon to store shelves.

Simply Fido


Fidose loves the Kong toys, particularly the Kong Genius line, as they keep our pooch busy and curious while mom works. The new Kong Bounzer is made of lightweight, flexible material in the classic KONG silhouette. The  Bounzer compresses when grabbed by your dog, releasing air from the toy which encourages self play. And, it bounces right back to its original shape. The top handle makes tossing even easier. This is a toy that bounces and rolls for playtime fun. Available in a variety of sizes. Nicely priced, too.

Kong Bounzer



Seriously, when the world’s cutest dog is licensed for a line of toys, and I just so happened to have interviewed that dog’s mom, this has to go on our dog toys of Global hit list. Oh so cute, oh so sweet, and oh so Boo. What more can I say? Coming soon – right now, the stuffed animals are available.

boo dog


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fidose of realityWhat’s your dog’s favorite toy? If it’s any of these, you’re in good company. Also, stay tuned because we’re giving Global Pet Expo swag away this Friday!!!




  1. With my 82 lb. Baylie Dog, we are always looking for sturdy toys that last longer than five minutes. Kong makes some very durable toys. I hear Global is amazing. Must put it on my calendar for next year. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the latest and greatest pet products.

  2. I too thought that Bark and Activity Counter was unique and interesting and see it being quite useful for those with stressed out dogs…As for toys, honestly how could you choose…The selection really is overwhelming but I kind of liked the indoor Chuckit toy the best…Hadn’t seen that one before

    • Dex was freaked out by the Chuck It toy but I know a lot of dogs love it. I personally have to say Gizmo was my favorite cutie pie (next to Dex) at Global!

  3. Schooner and Skipper would love all of the toys. The dog Boo would be defaced in a matter of minutes. I don’t know why they tear into the face and pull out all of the stuffing, It looks like they have murdered the toy. They would love the Simply Fido Rubb ‘n’ Roll and the Kong Bounzer. These would be their favorite Caitec Amazing Knobble Ball, Amazing Molecule Ball, and Amazing Squeaker Ball. I will be checking to see when the new toys come out. Thank you Carol for telling us about the new toys for our furry children. This is why I work to buy Schooner and Skipper new toys.

  4. That new Kong toy looks like fun! I’m typically happy with Kong products, and so is Elka. The Caltec balls look really great, too, especially with somebody’s newfound love of squeaky toys.

  5. Hate to say this but Dakota’s favorite toy cost $1……….yes…ONE DOLLAR……he has baskets and baskets of toys, many of them expensive….but his “go to?”

    A ONE DOLLAR red, white and blue ball that I picked up at a Dollar Store nearly 3 years ago. The fact that a Dollar Store toy has LASTED 3 years with DAILY use is beyond me!

    Other than that toy, we are a KONG family all the way!

    • Well at night, if we are being honest, Dex plays hide the bone with me for an hour. We get his old ratty bone and I hide under a cover and he tries to find me and the bone — he loves it.

      However, there are some toys that I buy that I know engage him and keep him active. I love the Aliens Squeaker-Free ones – he really does hear what I can’t.

  6. So much fun. Our favorite toys are by Kong and JW. I’m going to pick up a few balls by these two companies today – it’s hilarious watching how excited our dogs get when these arrive in the house!

    • That is the truth, Kimberly. 😉 My dog’s middle name is Ball LOL (not really, but it should be)

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