Five Dog Products Under $25 for National Dog Day

National Dog Day is Sunday, August 26. Of course, around here in the Fidose of Reality world, EVERY day is dog day. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the neatest dog products we’ve uncovered this week. And as always, we’re keeping the price tag under $25 so these are products we like and are affordable.

My Best Friends Fork: I know many dog moms and dads who feed their dog using a utensil. In fact, both my last Cocker Spaniel and my current little boy both know how to open their mouths for a spoon. If you are so inclined, dog forkVal Arnold invented a dog fork that is designed with safety in mind. Her Rottweiler was taking a pill in a bite of food that Val had on a fork; with one swipe, her dog engulfed the fork and it was lodged inside him, requiring urgent vet care. Check out this invention, which comes packaged in a gorgeous box and then ensconced in a black gift bag for giving to fellow dog friends. Each fork has a Swarovski crystal on it! You can choose from a Pink one or a blue one a clear crystal that looks like a diamond. Under $25.

furminatorFurminator Two-Part Grooming Tools: I’ve been a fan of Furminator products for years, so telling you they are great for hairy dogs is probably old news, right? I recently discovered the small finishing comb from Furminator, designed to remove debris, loose hair, and break up tangles. I have a Cocker Spaniel, need I say more why this product rocks? LOVE that the rounded stainless steel teeth rotate 360 degrees and gently turn to remove small mats and tangles. The handle was very comfy in my grip, too. We also use the Furminator Slicker Brush, and I cannot recommend that enough: Dexter’s hair feels velvety after we use the slicker brush. The new Furminator comb is icing on the Cocker cake. Never use on a matted dog.

Lab Lovers, Unite: When veterinarian Lorie Huston writes something, my ears perk up and I listen. She is a trusted source of both veterinary and social media news and Labrador Retrieversinformation. Her latest prose, Labrador Retrievers: How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend has hit the e-book market. Designed for folks who are interested in the breed, this book also proved to have a ton of info on dog training, behavior, house training, and advice from a vet for dog parents in general. Nicely priced at $2.99 for the Kindle Edition, this is a great resource to have for novices and experts.

Cruncher’z Gluten and Grain Free Treats for Dogs: It’s hard to review a dog treat around here because one of the two dogs in this house will devour just about anything. However, both are fussy when Cruncherz Dog treatsit comes to fish, so when we found out about this product from Clear Conscience Pet, we wondered how they’d react.  Made from organic ingredients, the Ocean Dreams variety contains cold-ocean kelp (from the North Atlantic Ocean). According to the company, this contains dozens of micro-nutrients that land-living beings need to thrive. We wag for that: good for the dog and both Dexter and his buddy Zola devoured them. $9.95 for 11.5 ounces.

Paw Trax 8-Piece Puppy Training Kit: Where was this product when I had a puppy? Paired with the Best Friend Fork, above, this is a nice “new dog mom or dad” gift set idea. Newspaper and piddle pads tend to get bunched up and tossed around when training a new puppy, especially if mom or dad are out working or running errands and Fido is left alone. The Paw Trax kit comes with one tray and 7 pads. With a snap-in frame it is designed to hold doggy pads firmly in place. We tried, and it does. As a dog-friendly traveler who travels often with her pooch, this is great for taking on road trips and is leak proof. We found it on Amazon under $20:

paw trax

 So there you have it, five for Friday. Celebrate National Dog Day and indulge your dog!


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