Five Dog Books You Should Be Reading

Dog books, books related to dogs, books for and about dogs, of the fiction and non-fiction variety: These are a few of my favorite things. How about you? I still love walking in a bookstore (remember those?) and perusing the aisles of prose, thumbing through magazines, and walking out with armfuls of swag. The challenge of today’s modern world is this: so many awesome dog books are overlooked or never discovered because the bookstore (if you have one in your area, that is) doesn’t carry them. To that end, here are five dog books I’ve read thus far this summer:

Peggy Frezon bookHeart to Heart, Hand in in Paw:  A tale well told about a dog who has severe separation issues, a goose afraid of water, a homesick donkey that whines all night, and a whole lot more that made this a pageturner I read while going cross country this summer. Inspiring and true, this is one of those “if those people have faith and can overcome all that, I can do the same” sort of feel-good stories. Peggy Frezon is an award-winning writer and columnist, so I knew I was in for a treat. Frezon delivers and then some.

Educating Humans on Life From a Dog’s Point of View: Written by wonderdog, Bugsy, with a little help from his brother, Murphy, this book is filled with “human training techniques” from the perspective of a dog. Funny and educational, Bugsy’s mom is Janice Elenbaas, a multi-talented woman who is the owner of Lucky Dogs educating humansDog Cuisine, Inc. I had the pleasure of reading this tale en route from Utah to Pennsylvania this summer. My family member asked me what I was giggling at several times. “This dog is a riot,” I told her. One of those light but enjoyable reads for sure.

Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry: One of the best “how to’s” for anyone in the pet industry books I’ve ever read. Period. For those who are looking to increase their blog traffic, design a website that involves something with pets, or just wants some insider info and advice about how to market pet product marketingonline, offline, social media-wise, and more: grab this book. Pam Foster is a CEO copywriter (amongst other talents) and co-author  CS Wurzberger is a marketing consultant and trainer. The section on SEO is worth the price of the book alone. You can grab a sneak peek at Pam’s website, too.

It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide To Four-Legged Living: Wendy Diamond had me roaring, seriously. I had the pleasure of meeting the pet expert this year, and on three separate occasions her vibrant personality and warm style came through. She is the same way in this dog-lovers must-have book. Wendy Diamond bookFrom dog travel to vet visits, how to marry your dog (and Wendy knows all about that, with the world’s most expensive dog wedding in history under her belt, er leash), this book is full of advice, witticisms, and hands-on how to’s for dog moms and dads.

What the Dog Ate: Run, do not walk, to get this book: It’s THAT good. How refreshing to have a dog tale come along that doesn’t involve me not sleeping for nights on end because we all know where many dog fiction stories wind up, right?? Jackie Bouchard is incredibly funny, a crafty storyteller, and I What the dog atehave about 50 pages left to read in this book but HAD to recommend it. It is that good. Accountant Maggie Baxter finds out her husband of 17 years is cheating on her. Maggie and her Labrador Retriever, Kona, are left to fend for themselves after the husband decides to leave Maggie. Armed with her dog and a plan B, this book is heartwarming, inspirational, NOT sappy, and the source of several nights of staying up to 3 am last week for me. Oh and if Jackie is reading this, you’ve inspired me to up my deadline on my book.

READER QUESTION: What dog book have you read that you’d recommend?






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  1. Hi Ms. Bryant,
    I highly recommend “The Dog who Danced” by NY Times best selling author Susan Wilson, about a woman’s cross country journey to find her dog and herself. It’s heart-wrenching but not in the way one might think, and wonderfully written.

    Also, If I may be so bold, I’d like to recommend my book “LUCCI- The No Smoochie Poochie” as a nice bedtime story for young children. It’s about an adopted dachshund and the lengths his family goes to make him fit in. One reviewer said, “LUCCI-The No Smoochie Poochie is just right for your young children who are learning the values of patience and understanding the concept of love. ”

    LUCCI is available in print and is a Children’s eBook on Amazon:

    Thank you for this post; I can’t wait to get started reading the ‘Dog’ books you’ve mentioned here. they’re my favorite reads!

  2. I added these to my reading list. I am never without a book to read. I have read “One Good Dog” and “A Dog’s Purpose” I enjoyed both books.


  3. The best dog book of late is Kim Kavin’s Little Boy Blue. Everyone in rescue should be reading this book. It is about rescue transports from the south to the north, and it is so beautifully written.
    I also like everything written by Andrea Arden.

  4. I have “What The Dog Ate” on my reading/reviewing list for Dakota’s blog….thank you for sharing some that I hadn’t heard of!

    OMG my list is sooo long of dog books but let me give you just a few

    1) FOLLOWING ATTICUS by Tom Ryan—trust me you will ADORE this book!
    2) THE DOG THAT TALKED TO GOD, by Jim Kraus
    3) RAISING MY FURRY CHILDREN by Tracy Ahrens
    4) FINAL JOURNEY ; BUDDY’S BOOK by Elizabeth Parker (who has become a friend of mine!)
    5) FINALLY HOME: Lessons on Life from a free-spirited dog” by Elizabeth Parker

    1. Ooooh I cannot wait to get my paws on these, Caren. I need 26 hours in my day to get to them all. TY!

    1. Hey thanks for letting me know, Tracy. And I def. plan to read up on your site! I appreciate this and you letting me know. Wags!

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