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Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience: Book Review

cocker spaniels agility
By Karen Meyering, Cocker Mom
Book Review: It’s a Dog Not a Toaster:  Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience by Diana Kerew-Shaw
“Wow.  Your dogs are beautiful.  Do you show them?” 
This is a question I often hear when out and about with my two Cocker Spaniels.  What follows usually goes something like this: To the Kind Person who has noticed my dogs I reply “Yes, I do show them in AKC Obedience”.  Kind Person then asks, “Do you think you’ll go to the big dog show in New York some day?” to which I reply, “No, that’s conformation.  I do obedience”.  Kind Person:  Oh, like an obstacle course with tunnels?”  Me:  “No, I do obedience”.  Kind Person walks away with a confused look on their face. 
So it is for those of us who compete in a dog sport that is relatively unseen and most certainly misunderstood.  Recently I read a book that explains it all.  It’s a Dog Not a Toaster:  Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience written by Diana Kerew-Shaw.  This informative book explains the sport of obedience for the newcomer while reminding those of us who love the sport to delight in time spent training and competing with our beloved dogs.  You will find yourself smiling as you see yourself in the experiences she describes with a humor and familiarity that is quickly recognized. dog obedience
This is not a “how-to” book that will teach you how to get Buster to stop chewing your shoes or Princess to stop jumping on your house guests. It is also not a book for competitors to increase their dog’s focus or fix problems in the ring.  Instead, the author draws from her years of experience competing and observing and has written a primer on the sport itself.  Included are tips for beginners, what happens at a show and a brief history of the sport that are invaluable to the novice handler.
This book will engage all dog lovers no matter what their experience in the obedience world.  Whether you have wondered about the sport of obedience and if it’s for you or if you are a lifelong enthusiast; you will be inspired by the author’s passion for the wonderful sport of Competitive Dog Obedience. 
It’s a Dog Not a Toaster” is available on Amazon.
Review is the sole opinion of the reviewer and Fidose of Reality was not compensated for this review. We just like to share great information from great real life dog parents.

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