Fidose Attends Most Expensive Dog Wedding in History

Has your pet ever been in a wedding? Has your dog ever attended a wedding? We now can cross “attending the world’s most expensive dog wedding” off our bucket list, as Dexter and I had a front row (and paw) seat for the gal event.

Knowing that the event’s donations and dollars earned will be donated to The Humane Society of New York is icing on the cake, “paw-don” the pun. My wish would be for all our dog fur-ends and readers to be able to experience the true joy we experienced being in the company of fellow dog lovers. The entire dog wedding event from vows to dessert was dog-welcoming and very canine friendly.

Wendy Lucky DiamondI had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Diamond, who runs her own animal media empire, at the Betty White Friars Club Roast earlier this year. It was there that the dog who inspired her lifetime work of giving back, crossed my path. Lucky Diamond was to be the bride at this stellar event, but she succumbed to cancer in June of 2012. In the true spirit of giving, Wendy’s foster dog became her adopted dog, and Baby Hope Diamond walked the aisles for Lucky. Of course, Lucky’s presence was there, as a video tribute to kick off the event brought the crowd to tears.

Here in full review is what we experienced at Fidose of Reality. Very special thanks to social media company and conference experts, BlogPaws, for sending me, and to Wendy Diamond for the invitation. As one of my favorite characters in literature once said, “I wish you all a long and happy life.” (Susie Salmon, by the way, of The Lovely Bones).



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