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Fido’s First Fall Hike: Back to the Woods

The last week of October is finally here and at long last the cooler snap I was waiting for.”It’s time to go hiking, Tanner! Let’s get ready quickly and get going.” Fido’s first fall hike began~

With our gear ready and our peppermint and cedar oil spray applied for flea and tick protection, we had just one concern—our tummies. I grabbed a bag of trail mix form my snack shelf and looked guiltily at Tanner who appeared to wish there were snacks in his backpack instead of water for us.

I removed his backpack and told him to give me a few minutes to whip up a trail mix for him too. After all, he needs the power of quick energy snacks on the hike as well. Here’s our recipe:

Tanner’s Trail Mix:

  • Fresh Julienne carrots, organic
  • Dried all-natural yams by Canyon Creek, chopped
  • Dried cranberries, organic
  • Peanuts (unsalted), organic
  • Carob chips (all-natural), if weather is cool enough not to melt them
  • Dried all-natural Turkey Chips from Dog Pack Snacks, chopped
  • Organix kibble by Castor and Pollux Pet


Tanner was drooling after watching me prepare his snack and I could tell he was ready to devour it momentarily. I reminded him he would be happy to have it after a long walk. I tossed him a few leftover pieces of the ingredients and off we went, fortunately with a friend tagging along who snapped a few shots for this posting.

Special thanks to Tanner for carrying my water and to Lauren for taking photos. What a beautiful day and a wonderful way to enjoy time with my dog.

What’s your recipe for Doggie Trail Mix? I’d love to hear it. I’m compiling a recipe book and will share yours if you like. Send it to me at And don’t forget the photos of your pup and the recipe. Happy trails!

Carrie Boyko’s two high-spirited dogs teach her every day how to be a better dog mom. Together they live and write about their natural lifestyle with lots of pet problem-solving at All Things Dog Blog.

Guest post by Carrie Boyko


  1. Anita Niki Maas says

    we add a few dried bananas and peanutbutter drops ( homemade with peanutbutter , powder milk and honey : you mix 1/2 c peanutbutter and 2 tbsp honey.. then add powdered milk until becomes playdough like.. roll into little balls ) leaving out the kibble.

  2. Carol Bryant says

    I am planning on taking this mix for day trips with Dexter, too, and having this as a healthy filling snack.

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