Exclusive Details Emerge: Beverly Hills Dog Show Group Winners #BHDOGSHOW

The 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show sponsored by Purina aired on Easter Sunday, April 1st. If you missed it, NBC will re-air the dog show, this Sunday, 04/08, 10am PT, 1pm ET. Fidose of Reality had VIP all access to the show. Now, exclusive details emerge as we are peeking behind the canine velvet ropes for a tell about about the seven Beverly Hills Dog Show group winners.

Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina

What is a Group Winner?

Each of the 204 registered breeds and varieties are assigned to one of the seven groups representing its characteristics and function for which the breeds were originally bred. So, for example, the American Cocker Spaniel is defined by this breed standard, per the American Kennel Club: The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. He has a sturdy, compact body and a cleanly chiseled and refined head, with the overall dog in complete balance and of ideal size. He stands well up at the shoulder on straight forelegs with a topline sloping slightly toward strong, moderately bent, muscular quarters.  Read the entire breed standard for the American Cocker Spaniel.

The seven group winners for the first portion of the dog show then move on to compete for the coveted title of Best in Show. Only one dog can be best in show.

SPOILER ALERT: If you did not see the 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show yet and plan to watch it or you taped it, be warned that the following information reveals the seven group winners along with the winner of Best in Show.

Here I am on television (the brunette on the right)! What am I looking at? Dogs, of course!!!! That’s co-host of American Ninja Warrior Nation in front of me,Akbar Gbajabiamila:

Beverly Hills Dog Show

Sporting Group

What sporting dogs do: Point, mark game, flush game, and recover dead and wounded game. Think of those traits when you see your own sporting group dog going about his ball hunting, pointing his nose to a scent of pot roast cooking, and wanting to roll in not-so-fun things at the park.

Representing our favorite group, the Sporting Group winner was Remy the Viszla. Here are some fun facts about Remy:

  • His handler, Conor McFadden, hails from the famous McFadden family. A familiar face to dog shows, Bill McFadden, took to the Garden Green earlier in 2018 when Bichon Frise, Flynn, took Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Conor’s mom, Taffe McFadden, was part of the Beverly Hills Dog Show lineup, with the Havanese, representing the Toy Group.
  • Remy the Viszla enjoys pheasant hunting with his human dad, Rob Johnson. When not competing or hunting, he loves snuggling on the couch.
  • No stranger to titles, Remy has two trick dog titles, junior hunter title, and is competing for more in the future.

Hound Group

Hounds were developed to hunt a bit independently from people; within the group are scent hounds, who track by scent, and sight hounds, spot game and run it down.

The Hound Group winner was Piper the Bloodhound. Some fun facts about Piper:

  • Piper’s handler, Bruce Schultz, reports that Piper hails from outstanding blood lines. She already won multiple groups in limited showing.
  • Owner/breeder, Susan Hamil, has bred multiple group winners and placing Bloodhounds at other shows like Westminster and Nationals.
  • Piper’s registered name is GCH (grand champion) Quiet Creek’s Dance With Me

Working Group

Most dogs in the working group are powerful, smart, and perform an array of tasks for their handlers. They work as military dogs, guarding and drafting animals, and are often in police dog roles and service dogs/hunters.

Working group winner at the Beverly Hills Dog Show 2018 was Xander the Newfoundland.  Xander has quite the resume, including:

  • He is the #1 Newfoundland in the United States for both Breed and All Breed.
  • This Newfie was also awarded Reserve Best in Show, or the runner-up.
  • His handler, Kim Griffith, says Xander loves to show and “knows” when the weekend arrives. She says he has the perfect Newfie temperament.
  • Xander is currently training for rally, obedience, and drafting (pulling a cart or wagon).

Terrier Group

All hail the king of the Terrier Group. The Wire Fox Terrier, King, is the winner of the group AND Best in Show. The role of the terrier usually involves hunting vermin and varmints like rats, badgers, otters, and more.

Fun facts about King, this very handsome and winning Wire Fox Terrier include:

  • King won the Terrier group at the 2017 Beverly Hills Dog Show with handler, Gabriel Rangel.
  • Handler, Gabriel Rangel, is a familiar face to the dog show ring.  In 2010, Rangel was the handler for Sadie, a Scottish terrier that won Best of Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show.

We were there to see this cutie take best in show. Here is he winning the Terrier Group:

Toy Group

Toy breeds are bred with one purpose: To be companions for their humans. Many of these pint sized dynamos resemble their larger canine counterparts because they were bred down from them.

The winner of the Toy Group this year was Bono the Havanese, with a registered call name CH Oeste’s In the Name of Love. (U2 fans, unite). Fun facts about Bono:

  • Handler, Taffe McFadden, hails from the famous dog show handler family of McFaddens. Her son, Conor, handled the Viszla, noted above.
  • Bono is 18 months old.
  • He completed his championship at this dog show in 2017.
  • He hails from the “rock star” litter.

NBC did not have a video of the Havanese winner on their website, but he can be seen in Best in Show here:

Non-Sporting Group

According to the official Beverly Hills Dog Show 2018 program, “The Non-Sporting Group is every breed left behind, resulting in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, coat, function, and history.” When the AKC first started grouping registered dogs, the only two groups were Sporting or Non-Sporting. The Hounds and Terriers were split off from the Sporting Group while the Toys and Working dogs were split from the non-sporting group.

The winner of the 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show in the Non-Sporting Group is Jango the Keeshond. Fun facts about Jango include:

  • Though this is Jango’s first year at this show, his handler, Jean Gauchat Hargis, has been breeding and exhibiting Keeshonds for 34 years!
  • Jango also competes in herding and agility.

Herding Group

As the name indicates, herding is a natural instinct in dogs seen in the wild. Humans have bred this group to their advantage; for example, ranchers on farms who utilize herding breeds to gather and move livestock from point A to point B.

The winner of the Herding Group was Conrad the Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie). Some fun facts about Conrad and his team:

  • He is currently the #1 Herding dog, Best in Show winner, AKC National Breed Winner, previous Westminster winner, and more.
  • Conrad is shown in AKC Pee Wee Competition by handler, Tyler Crady’s, twin girls!

Don’t Stop Now If You Love Dogs

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Watch all the Group Winners

If you go online to BeverlyHillsDogShow.com, you can watch every breed winner in our “Best of Breed” online video special that includes the expert commentary of Wayne Ferguson.



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