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Eva seeks her "fur-eva" home: Can you help rescue this dog?

We’ve got a wigglebutt who is loving, needs her forever home, and is ready for life to give her a fair shake.

Eva was the saddest looking girl when my friends at Camp Cocker Rescue first met her . . . she had been used up for breeding and found herself dumped in a high kill shelter. We came along and began the process of her medical rehab. She had two surgeries to remove lumps from embedded foxtails and then a full mastectomy.

Now that Eva is all fixed up and feeling so much better, she is wondering what is next? She may have never known a loving home where she was someone’s much loved pet, but we sure want to change that for her. She is quiet, gentle, trusting . . . we really can’t believe it, after all she has been through. This is one doll of a dog and she is going to make someone very happy. Are you that one true love that Eva has been looking for? Someone to cherish her and pamper her like she has never known?

Click here to check out EVA’S PICTURES to see why everyone thinks she is such a stunning beauty!

If you are interested in meeting EVA, please begin by reading ABOUT OUR ADOPTION PROCESS from Camp Cocker, which will take you to the first step of submitting an adoption application. Thank you so much for supporting Camp Cocker!

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Anything you can do and to help spread the word is much appreciated. Tweet it, Facebook it, and toss a bone to Eva – who so very much wants what we all do… love and some place to call home.

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