CONTEST CLOSED: Udder Tug Dog Toys

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Winners are:

Kimberly the Fur Mom
Gin and Bailey
Laurie Buchele-Schlossnagle

The Fidose of Reality Valentine’s Day dog toys contest is in full gear. We’ll be giving away four Helping Udders dog toys that are “moo-tastically” fun and “udderly” enjoyable for dogs who love to play tug of war.

Dogs go “udderly” bonkers for the smell of cows; this much I know is true. The Helping Udders company has a dog toy that has made my pooch over the moon happy with puppy glee. It is called the Udder Tug!

The Udder Tug is a dog toy made in the USA from recycled rubber liners used in machines to milk real cows. Contact with all those cows leaves an irresistible cow-smell that dogs seem to enjoy. According to their website, the scent is “Eau de Bovine.”

Puns aside, we put the product to the real test: Letting Cocker Spaniels give it a good workout. Did the Udder Tug survive? The video below will reveal that answer.

Durability note:  If used as an interactive toy (one you and your dog play with together), your tug will last many months. But, like any other toy, if you let your dog uses it as a chew toy, it will eventually be destroyed – but, he’ll have a blast doing it.

A variety of sizes are available and there is a percentage of profits that go to rescue. Check them out at

You can get yours now by visiting Helping Udders.


You can enter to win your choice of a $12 value reinforced unleashed Udder Tug for all sized dogs (made in USA) or a $15 value Pocket Tug for Small to Medium sized dogs. The whole line and size range of Udder Tugs can be viewed by visiting the Udder Tugs dog toys page.

udder tug


Easy!! Just reply in the comments below and tell us why your dog is your Valentine! That’s it. Be as short winded or as long winded as you like, but let the canine love flow through your words.

We will pick 4 random winners at the end of February, and each of you will receive one Udder Tug toy as specified. ! Contest starts right now and ends on February 28, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.  One entry per person, please.  U.S. residents only, and must be 18 years or over, please.

Complete Rules Here

Here’s the Udder Tug being tested by some Cocker pals, including our Puppy Relations Manager, Dexter:


  1. My dogs are my Valentines this year because they have been right beside me the last ten months as I went through a lot of emotional events in my life. They have never wavered in their support or their love or their presence. I know without Daisy, Elphie, and Dolly I would have never made it through all these things. All three of them have my heart.

  2. Guinness is my Valentine because she is the best pal you could ask for. She is always beside me, always willing to do things and is always ready for an adventure! She loves me as much as I love her! ❤❤❤

  3. Ridge is my special valentine who has worked hard to overcome his autoimmune disease that was diagnosed this past year. He never complained and he just kept on enjoying each day. He is on maintainence meds now that he will probably take for the rest of his life. While he hasn’t been able to return to agility he is a terrific World Cyanosport Rally partner. Go Ridge!

  4. My dogs (all three of them!) are my Valentines because they love me unconditionally, even after they’ve had a bath or had their nails trimmed. They never hold a grudge, they’re always happy to see me, and they enjoy the simple things, like just cuddling and spending time together. I really think my youngest dog would love the Helping Udders tug toy!

  5. Gizmo is my Valentine because he trusts me in all things, never questions me, and is my willing partner & companion wherever I lead. While many dogs of his size are reluctant to attempt the sometimes strenuous treks we’ve been on, he has always shown an unflagging spirit of fun and adventure. He is a joy to be around and can only hope we’ll be together for many more years.

  6. My dog Pickles is my valentine because she’s my best friend. She loves to play, barks at all the “bad guys” and is there for me when I’m feeling down.

  7. I’m lucky, because I have three valentines. I love our dogs and they’re my valentines, because they make every day better. The other day my transmission went out and I wanted to lose it, but I didn’t feel like it, because I was surrounded by wagging tails. Yeah, it’s expensive to fix, but at least we’ll be able to take those hiking trips I planned for the spring.

    Dogs Rule!

  8. My dogs are my Valentines because they are always beside me ready for Love and attention, they are my buddies and my protectors 🙂

  9. Bailey is my Valentine every day of the year. Whether he’s chasing a Frisbee or a ball for hours, or curled up next to me watching his favorite dog flick, his aim his to please and show unabashed love and devotion. And for all he does to show his love, he asks for so little in return, a bowl of food and water, tasty treats and just to love him back. I’m reminded of a quote I read sometime ago:

    A man may smile and bid you hail
    yet wish you to the devil;
    but when your dog wags his tail,
    you know he’s on the level. Author Unknown

    Happy, Yappy Valentine’s Day to all furry kids!

  10. Holly was chosen for me and I chose Bruno. After losing my heart dog 5 years ago, I thought I would never love again. Both labs have taught me otherwise. It’s a different love, yet the same. Bruno sleeps snug against my body in my arms just like Little Bit did, and Holly drapes herself across my legs just like Pepper did. My former dogs have returned to me in a different form, yet the same.

  11. Jackson is my Valentine because he is always at my side and is happy no matter what is happening, probably because he knows that I will always take care of him. I think he knows that he is always safe and well loved.

  12. My dogs are my valentines because they are loving, loyal and are always ready to go walking and hiking with me. Kouga and Artie are rescue dogs and I love to spoil them.

  13. My dogs are my valentines because they are like a box of chocolates – I never know what I’m going to get. JK! I always get lots of love from them, even if they sometimes also do the unexpected… like dig a huge hole in the backyard and track lots of mud in the house. Just when I thought I had the digging issue under control, because it has been over six months since they dug their last hole, they rediscover this great pastime.

  14. Bentley is my Valentine this year because 365 days of the year he provides me undeniable love, spontatity, youth, and will to want better for the best of us! Bentley is truly my life. I love my son so very much and happy to be his mommy.

  15. Garth is my Valentine because he is the most loving, affectionate, wonderful dog I’ve ever known. (And I’ve known a lot of wonderful doggies.) If I’m sitting on the couch, he has to be either in my lap or right next to me. If I’m lying on the couch, he’ll lie with his head on my chest. If I’m sitting in a chair, he positions himself right underfoot — so he’ll know when I get up. He follows me everywhere – even into the bathroom. He makes me get out and enjoy the outdoors and is always up for a hike. Because of him I’ve tried new things and met a lot of wonderful people. In trying to make sure he has a stimulating, enriched life, I’ve enriched my own. All of my dogs have been special, but Garth and I have a bond I’ve never had with a dog before. I am so lucky he’s in my life.

  16. Coco is my Valentine because she is always there for me. She always puts a smile on my face no matter how bad a day I am having. I can come home from work in a really bad mood and my mood will totally change as soon as I see her by the door with her little wigglebutt going like crazy! She is always there to give me kisses! She puts a smile on my face every day! I can’t imagine life without her!

  17. My nieghbors dogs are my Valentines because right when I walk in thier house I am greeted by 6 lovable dogs of all sizes. The one time I got very sick with an extreme high blood pressure and the 3 Chorkies were right on me licking me trying to get me to become more alert. My nieghbor put them all in thier crates and they still cried until after the ambulance left with me in it. Also the Chorkies come over to play with BillieJean my cat(who thinks she is part dog). The pit bull Peanut always looks for BillieJean in the windows of our house since when they first moved in Billie would sit in the window and tease the dogs. It was me going over to appolgize to the new nieghbors about my cat that has sparked a great friendship. It took a cat and dog to make people meet and bond over animals that is why these kids are my nieces and nephews and my furry valentines.

  18. i have 3 valentines, all miniature schnauzer girls, evie, tressa and harley. they shower me w/ kisses and hugs several times a day. my girls are my valentines everyday of the year.

  19. My dogs are my Valentine’s every single day of the year. They love me unconditionally and support me in everything I do. What’s not to love?

  20. Oy Vey why is Layla my Valentine, she is my funny Valentine, making me smile when times are hard, makes me get moving when I feel like staying in bed, in a nutshell she is my life line in so many ways and although I miss my baby, Layla is the best happening in my life 🙂

  21. My boys Seppala, Riddick and Loki are my Valentine’s because they make me smile on even the worst of days and constantly inspire me to be a better pet parent.

  22. My 16 paws are my valentine’s because of the unconditional love and happiness they bring to my life. I work ungodly hours and retired husband would be lost without these fur babies to talk to during my absence. I can’t imagine life without a dog or in my case dogs.

  23. Ellie is the first Border Collie I have owned and I love her to pieces. She is a snuggler, hugger, great kisser and loves to play. We are training in obedience and agility and would love to get this for her as she just loves to tug.

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