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Enter the Deck The Howls Holiday Giveaway

Winners picked and they are:

Deck the Howls


There is one thing I am certain that Santa Claus loves doing: And that is giving things away! Today, I along with a bunch of my pet blogging pals, are taking the reins as Santa Claus…or is that Santa Paws: It’s time for the Deck the Howls Holiday Giveaway!!!

Look at those paw-tastic prizes you can win above: Who wouldn’t want an Amazon gift card to do some holiday shopping or just treat yourself???

Joining in this year’s big holiday giveaway, along with me, are these rockin’ blogs:

Winning is easy, prizes are plentiful, and when you get done here, hop to each of the blogs listed above and enter the giveaway on their blogs, too. And bonus: You can do this daily to increase your chances of winning! On Dasher, we go!

Here’s what to do: Easy Peasy Howl-iday Fun!

There are 3 paw-some prizes up for grabs:

  • 1st Prize: a $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Prize: a $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd Prize: a Pet-Centric Gift Basket filled with goodies from Stella & Chewy’s, FullBucket, and Bonnie & Clyde Premium Pet Goods

To enter, simply scroll to the prize entry form below: You click on each option: There is one mandatory entry and then 5 bonus entries.

Remember, once you enter on this blog, Fidose of Reality, hop on over to each of the paw-ticipating bloggers listed above. The more times you visit each blog and enter, the more you increase your chances of winning.

This starts NOW and ends on Thursday night, December 3rd at 11:59pm EST.

One “finalist” will be randomly selected from each of the 10 participating blogs. All of the finalists’ names will go into a drawing, and 3 winners will be randomly selected to receive the prizes listed above. The winners will be announced on The Lazy Pit Bull Facebook page next Friday, December 4th. We will also announce that winner here on Fidose of in this post.

Best of luck!!!

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Legal Schtuff About the Giveaway:

Complete rules here

Each participating blogger paid an entry fee which will be used to fund the gift card prizes. The items in the 3rd place prize package were donated by the participating brands.

For entering, you allow us to send you 1-2 emails from Fidose of Reality per month.


  1. Taylor Tromp says

    My favorite part of the season is definitely the amount of time we get to spend with extended family. I love getting to see my grandparents and cousins!

  2. Jan Todd says

    I so hope to be a winner. My pooches are very lucky that they have every thing they need so I would donate to my local shelter and rescues to help some homeless pets maybe have a little something extra. Paws crossed for the homeless!

  3. Tammy Woodall says

    My favorite part of the holiday season is to watch the Holidays through the eyes of a child. When you watch a child from birth to approximately 10 years old experience the Holidays – their eyes show their souls with their excitement and wonderment of everything that is going on around them. It is truly a joy to watch.

  4. Sharon Gilbert says

    Spending time with family and having all of my grand dogs to come and play with Schooner & Skipper. They love having their cousins come to all of our holiday gathering.

  5. Daniel Scott says

    My family participates in the Jingle Bell Dog walk each year. On Thanksgiving, our whole family makes our dog’s costume for the walk, This event raises money for our local shelter and we are blessed to be able to help each year.

  6. Betsy Barnes says

    One of favorite parts of the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree. I love all the ornaments from the past, plus adding new ones 🙂

  7. Linda Szymoniak says

    My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with family. One daughter lives at home and my oldest lives close enough to see her often. My youngest lives out of the area and can only afford to come home once a year. She’ll be home for Christmas.

  8. ellen beck says

    My favorite part of the hoiday season is giving. We have done Toys for Tots for many yeaars. To box and take the toys over is the very best. I cant see the smiles but can imagine them.

  9. Amy A says

    I love seeing family and seeing the kids in the family opening gifts because they get so excited and of course open the gifts with my dog Nala even though she thinks everything under the tree is for her.

  10. Cindy A. says

    I love picking the perfect tree, decorating, wrapping gifts, spending time with loved ones, watching my favorite Christmas movies, and pigging out on holiday treats.

  11. Jan Roberts says

    My favorite part is watching a new foster dog enjoy what might be the first ever fun and INDOOR Christmas in a loving family

  12. Rachael Sutton says

    My favorite part of Christmas is when my grandma reads the Christmas story from the Bible on Christmas morning. It is such a special and meaningful tradition. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Christine says

    My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends, watching Coco open her presents and taking pictures of her and her boyfriend Dexter with Santa. I also love seeing all the decorations everywhere.

  14. Ali Celestino says

    My favorite part of the Holiday season is decorating, I always try new colors ornaments for the tree and it is a lot of fun decorating anything and everything! Even the ceilings!

  15. Barbara Montag says

    I love having the grand kids over for the holidays.
    Make a light lunch and it’s so much fun watching them open their gifts!
    thank you

  16. Christine Topley says

    My favorite part of the holiday season, other than seeing friends and family, is to be able to help those who are less fortunate. I help all year round, however, this time of year it seems to have more “meaning” if you know what I mean.

  17. Janet W. says

    My favorite part of the holiday season and spending quality time with my family! I love being able to see family members that live out of state.

  18. Sandy Weinstein says

    watching The National Dog Show on tv with my 3 gals and poining out their breed to them…and getting some good deals. hopefully

  19. Patti says

    The best part about the holidays is the warm fuzzy feeling I get from doing for others and making others happy.

    whether it means a gift, or sharing a meal, or just a smile and a “Happy Holiday’s” it doesn’t take much to make some people’s day.

  20. Amber Y says

    My favourite part of the season is all the “seasonal” flavours that pop up in food and cooking and especially hot drinks. everything is always so indulgent and delicious.

  21. Kelly Seals says

    My favorite part of the Holidays is spending more time with my Family . I also love the extra cooking that I get to do . And I enjoy entering all the neat contest . Thank-you.

  22. Carly D. says

    My favorite part is my husband and I have a special steak and lobster dinner tradition for Christmas. We look forward to it every year!

  23. Tammy Horn says

    My favorite part of the season is seeing so much kindness spread around, and visiting with friends from out of state.

  24. Cathy Armato says

    Fantastic giveaway!! My favorite things about the holidays are spending time w/ my zany family, baking goodies and sharing with those I love, buying presents for my dogs, and volunteering!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  25. Tasha Bella says

    My favorite part of the Holidays is seeing all the decorations in NYC and feeling the Christmas Spirit!! I like getting extra treats and going Christmas Caroling with the PupScouts, too!!

  26. Robin says

    This is such a pawsome giveaway! My favorite part of the Christmas season is all of the old movies and traditions. It is so much fun to add a little bit of magic to life. 🙂

  27. Annamarie V says

    My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends and of course all the Christmas lights.

  28. Laura J says

    Oh I love all the decorating! So fun putting up Christmas lights! We love to drive around at night and see all the beautiful lights!

  29. Malia says

    My favorite part of the Holiday Season is spending time with family and friends and watching the kids experience and enjoy the magic of the holidays.

  30. Jessica Harlow says

    My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with my family! I love the kid’s (and grown-ups) excitement!

  31. Rosey says

    My favorite part of the holiday is that family makes a point to get together, no matter what. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  32. Heather lawrence says

    There is just so much to love with the Holiday season!
    I love the baking and the company, the snow and the break in the holiday season.
    I break in routine this year is something that I am looking forward too and getting away for a play in the sand is always nice too!

  33. Karen Tyrrell says

    Favorite thing about the holidays is spending it with my fur kids. Extra special treats and new toys from Santa makes a happy household.

  34. Ally Huhn says

    I love the time spent with family. Especially, once your children go away to college. It is only a few times a year they come home again.

  35. Lisa Roach says

    My favorite part of Christmas is actually preparing for Christmas. I love the crafts, the decorating and the cooking smells.

  36. FiveSibesMom says

    I have so many favorite parts of Christmas…I love sitting around the tree with my family; taking holiday pics of my Huskies and cat; baking for us and the furkids; setting up my Christmas village (complete with Musher’s station and Huskies, of course!); creating our Husky howliday cards; picking out the perfect gift for loved ones; and receiving all the festive cards (my dogs get waaaay more that we do, lol!)

  37. Carrie Conrad says

    My favorite part of the Holiday season is when we get a bunch of friends and family together and take all the kids Christmas Caroling.

  38. Pamela says

    I love finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list.

    But with us spending thousands of dollars on boat repairs right now, I’ll have to be more creative than ever. 😉

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