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Easy Ways to Save Dogs Lives

If you want to help rescue a pet or do something to help a homeless animal in need but aren’t sure how, Fidose of Reality has ways you can help! Did we mention you don’t even have to leave your home? Ever see those photos of dogs and cats in need of homes on Facebook and feel helpless (as I do)? Break free from that feeling with these ways to help a pet in need, hardly any time required, never leave your home, and make a HUGE difference. Oh and it doesn’t cost a fortune, either. Win, win right??? We think so, too.

In honor of National Dog Day on Sunday, August 26th, we celebrate the love of our dogs. Fidose of Reality lives the mantra “our hearts beat dog,” so we celebrate dogs every day, 24/7. So do Robbin and Joe Everett.“Animal lovers with a message drive our stories,” is how Joe and Robbin Everett describe their website, blog, and weekly radio show, Everett and dogs

Fidose of Reality is a proud sponsor of and we appear on the radio show, too. The Pet Podcast Channel, ( started as a web based TV show, website and blog found at, for pet and animal lovers and has grown to include a weekly radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much. The radio show is then available on podcast via the website or iTunes.  The show airs live on Thursdays at 6:30 PM EST. The TV Show is currently on hiatus.

Here’s this week’s episode featuring Fidose of Reality and how you can change the life of an animal. You can listen to the whole fun and informative broadcast or scroll up to position 0:30 for our feature spot.Warning: No tissues need, no sad stories, all uplifting and actionable plans!


Fidose of Reality Talks How to Help Dogs in Need on



  1. caren gittleman says

    I am so happy that you included this on your blog, didn’t have a chance to listen Thursday night and I am so happy I was able to listen now. Just shared! You gave some fabulous suggestions!

    • Carol Bryant says

      Why thanks, Caren. TPPC TV is really a wonderful resource of all sorts of pet info; I am honored to be included! And for the nice words, too!

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