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#DogsWithCarts Contest and Internet Phenomenon

dog contest

#DogsWithCarts is here! Imagine being able to take your dog everywhere and anywhere thanks to the convenient transportation of a cart! The cart is an all-purpose vehicle used for decades for a variety of reasons: From hauling groceries to carrying supplies from the home and garden center.

Now carts are all the rage because we want to see your dog(s) in them!

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We’re celebrating by giving swag away and all you have to do is show us your #DogsWithCarts.

What kind of cart? Shopping cart, stroller, bike basket, even a mobility assistance device. As long as it looks like some form of a cart and your dog is either in it or next to it, it counts for #DogsWithCarts!!!

Here are some examples:

stroller dogs cocker cart

NEVER put a dog in danger or place a fearful dog into a situation where he or she may become upset. Any photos depicting this sort of behavior will immediately be disqualified.

Complete rules and further details with prize listings can be found by visiting and and clicking on the #DogsWithCarts badge.

Every month, a new prize, an updated theme, and the carts will be tricked out with swag galore for you and your dogs! All you need to do is get rolling and get snapping.

Tip:  Place a blanket or soft cover in a cart before putting your dog in it. This helps prevent paws and nails from getting stuck in the cart. Many stores allow well-behaved dogs in, so ask ahead and have fun.

How Many Photos Can You Enter: As many as you like.

Where Do I Post Photos? Photos must be posted to your Instagram account with the hashtag #DogsWithCarts and tag @FidoseofReality and @StylishCanine in all entries. You must follow both @FidoseofReality and @StylishCanine in order for pictures to be eligible. Any photos submitted that do not follow these rules will not be eligible to win.

Can People Be in the Cart with the Dogs? No. Dogs only.

Is Anyone Eligible? Anyone can enter but prizes will only be shipped to U.S. only. Must be 18 years of age or older. Fidose of Reality and Stylish Canine staff and their families are not eligible to win.

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. This contest starts 08/01/14 and ends 08/31/14 at 11:59 pm est. Anyone can post photos but winners will be drawn from entries in USA. However, #DogsWithCarts will go on and on with something new offered each month. Stay tuned, the cart journey has just begun!

How Are We Judged?  Three winners will be chosen by the judges based on adherence to theme and overall clarity of photo. Entries must adhere to the rules or will be disqualified.

Rules: In addition to the rules at this link, you agree to ownership of the photo(s) submitted. You agree to allow @FidoseofReality and @StylishCanine to use the image(s) for future usage of the contest promotion across social media.

Where Can I See the Entries:  On Instagram page:

Can my friends and family play? Sure! The more the merrier.

What are the Prizes:

1st Prize: A $100 Amazon Gift Card 

2nd Prize: Make your dog into a super hero with this custom Super Dog Cape from Stylish Canine. You could win a shiny, red super hero cape that is handmade just for your dog. Will your dog fly? You’ll find out! 

3rd Prize: A Fidose of Reality Prize Pack featuring limited edition Dexter the Cocker memorabilia!

What if I win? Winners will be notified and announced on the Fidose of Reality blog and Stylish Canine website no later than September 3, 2014. Winners must provide full name and shipping address within 5 days of being selected or another winner will be selected.

Official Rules Here

Visit our Instagram pages: 

Stylish Canine Instagram page

Fidose of Reality Instagram page

And here are some pet bloggers who, no doubt, would love to show us their dogs in carts:


  1. Ellen Morrissey says

    DOGS WITH CARTS, what an awesome contest. OMG, I’m going to your instagram account now. I love this idea. My dog and I go shopping lots of places in Portland because it’s so pet friendly. I have so many pics of my pooch in carts. GREAT contest.

  2. Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady says

    This sounds like so much fun! I will be entering!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. piranha Banana says

    Very cool contest! Too bad I don’t have an instagram account because I do have a bunch of stroller photos! Good luck to all!


  4. Terry Cramer says

    What a terrific idea. When I return home, maybe little Twinkie will pose in the stroller that the little RB Poodles used to use!

    Terry from

  5. Amanda says

    Oh too bad I didn’t see this before I went to Petsmart yesterday! Who am I kidding?! I’m sure I’ll be back there sometime later this month.

    • Carol Bryant says

      Hi @Doggenes if you go to the hashtag #DogswithCarts on Instagram, all entries are there. Our contest is done at the present done but please do enter our Halloween photo contest. 😉

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