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How Dogs Can Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely

How dogs can celebrate Thanksgiving is all up to you, the loving pet parent. Thanksgiving and dogs are not always the best combination. If you are a fan of this blog, you probably know yours truly is not a good cook. My dog doesn’t really judge me for my lack of culinary skills, but I am also aware that any change in diet can upset a dog’s tummy or worse.

Of course, we all want our dogs to join in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, so our mascot, Dexter, has mustered up a few ways your dogs can celebrate this turkey-based holiday. Get those forks, knives, bibs, and appetites ready: This Thanksgiving recipe is sure to please a dog’s palate without the stomach upset!

How dogs can celebrate Thanksgiving is all up to you

Just Say No to Turkey Bones

The pleading eyes say yes, but you should absolutely not give a dog a turkey bone upon which to chew. Turkey bones splinter easily and can block the intestines or perforate a dog’s bowel.

Pumpkin: Yes or No? Well, Maybe…

Pumpkin is a seasonal treat and a year-round staple for many folks, but there are both powers and dangers of pumpkin for dogs. There are some myths about pumpkin despite its many positive qualities.

Learn More Here: Dogs and Pumpkin Consumption

Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Treats

You want your dog to enjoy a taste of Thanksgiving, so consider The Honest Kitchen Embark rehydrated dog food as part of this delicious treat recipe.

Honest Kitchen Turkey Embark is a staple in our dog’s diet, and it makes for a great addition to this ingredient in turkey dog treats. Special thanks to our pal, Amy Tokic of PetGuide, for penning this recipe.

Get the Recipe Here: Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Treats

Can my dog eat turkey

Roasted Turkey Medallions

From our friends at PetPlan comes this nom-tastic recipe that includes a small amount of white meat from the oven!

They say to slice a few slivers when the turkey comes out of the oven to create these mouth-watering morsels. Baking them is so quick and easy, they’ll be done by the time the turkey hits the table. In other words, watch for prying paws with these goodies around:

Snag the Recipe Here: Roasted Turkey Medallions Recipe for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Most dogs can eat turkey in general. However, you should never give a dog too much of anything that can suddenly cause gastrointestinal upset. One thing that puts a damper on a holiday is a visit to the emergency veterinarian.  Keep dogs away from turkey skin, bones, and turkey fat. If your turkey recipe includes onions, refrain from giving it to your dog. Onions are toxic to dogs.

Green Beans

Many a Spaniel parent has told me how much their dogs love green beans. Our friends at petMD say that green beans are not harmful alone, but proceed with caution if mixing green beans with other ingredients, such as in a green bean casserole. Offer your dog only fresh beans or canned ones with no added salt. Green beans, are suitable in moderation — no more than 5 percent to 10 percent of his or her daily food intake.  Most folks we know steam the green beans for their dogs and serve as an occasional treat.

Here is a recipe for a fun and flavorful beef glazed green bean treat for dogs.

Refrain To Avoid the Emergency Room

Refrain from giving your dog anything that resembles fat, food they are not accustomed, and/or bones or items they’ve never had before. You know, the list of “no no’s” for Fido is out there. Instead, bring Fido’s fave treats along and if you must sneak morsels, make it something their tummies can handle. Last thing needed on a “to do” list is a visit to the vet.

Decor and Plant Safety Alert

With the holidays just around the corner, you may want to check that all of that decor is safe for your pets. Did you know that mistletoe and holly are poisonous for both cats and dogs? To help you pick pet-safe plants, ProFlowers compiled a list of 199 poisonous plants ranked by toxicity and explained which part of the plant is dangerous to your pups. Some of your favorite blooms may have toxic properties.

Learn More Here: 199 Poisonous Plants to Watch Out For

How are you and your dogs celebrating Thanksgiving? Do they get special treats/dinner?


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  1. Good Turkey Day tips! I’ll give my dogs some boiled chicken w/ a bit of liver. Possibly a homemade pumpkin & sweet potato treats if I’m feeling ambitious & I have the time. My turkey will have too much seasoning, especially garlic & butter for them.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. Thanks for this post! I love feeding my GSD table scraps, I tend to avoid anything with a high sugar content. I’m glad this posting addresses the popular thanksgiving items, now I know what I can and can’t sneak to my Shep when my fiancee isn’t looking.

    And I just might pick up a few cans of the turkey dinner in a can so she can have special meals throughout the year!


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