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Dog Treat Recipe for Howloween Boo Bash Franken Fingers


The Domestic Dogdess is back! In honor of Halloween, Zoe has created a dog treat recipe that is yummy and easy to make. This dog treat recipe for Howloween Boo Bash Franken Fingers is sure to turn up the fright and delight. As many of you know, our  Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, is a lucky man because his dog wife, Zoe, has whipped up this new dog treat recipe just in time for Halloween parties, snacking, and healthy eating!


Howloween Boo Bash Franken Fingers


1/4 pound of cooked chicken breast

1/4 cup firmly packed kale leaves

1/2 tablespoon cream cheese

Follow along in this fun video with Domestic Dogdess, Zoe, and her dog mom, Val Sorensen, CEO and Founder of Kiss the Chef Catering

Bone appetit! Check out her blog for more recipes for dog treats!

Meet Zoe in person at the Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof Event!


  1. Ha! I was just posting that I was going to try turning finger cookies into a dog treat. Valerie beat me too it! May I “borrow”, watermark that image, and share the link on a Kol’s Notes post next week??

      • Yes, Shelly, you can use beef. The color will be darker. You can always add green food coloring, if the beef overshadows the green in the kale. I try to stay away from using food coloring in Zoe’s recipes, but occasional use is OK. Hope Layla likes them!

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