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Dog Snack Derived From Yak

…yak milk that is! Looking for a natural treat that your dog can chew on, lasts more than 10 minutes, doesn’t stain carpeting, and isn’t very expensive?

In the latest segment of Animal Cafe, Mary Haight and Fidose of Reality talk Himalayan Dog Chews. Made of yak and cow milk, salt and a bit of lime. Not from China, these treats are sun-cured in the Himalayan mountains.

Note: As with any treat, monitor your dog’s chewing behavior so that he/she doesn’t swallow it nor get anything lodged in their throat.

Listen in for 2:35 as Animal Cafe dishes Himalayan Dog Chews with us. Four paws up on this one:


Note: No payment was made for this product review.


  1. Jessica Sala says

    Hmmmmm…May have to try this! My pups love deer antlers, so I have a feeling this might end up being another favorite treat for them!

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