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Dog News Headlines You Might Have Missed

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Dog news makes headlines all week long, and there are “off the beaten path” stories that Fidose of Reality sniffs out that you might have missed. Each week we’re highlighting some of the things going on with dogs you might have overlooked…until now. Here are some of this week’s Fidose of Reality dog news headlines:

Police Dogs Will Be Featured in New Reality Show on National Geographic: According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the series is called “Alpha Dogs” and started filming four months ago, with a month to go. The series shows how dogs are trained to find weapons, drugs, and improvised explosive devices.

Should Charlie the AmStaff Be Put Down for Injuring a Horse? Dogster writer covers the story of an off-leash Staffordshire Terrier attacked a police horse and is sentenced to die. His owner intends to fight on.

What Really Goes On When a Pet Product Entrepreneur Tries Out for Shark Tank on ABC: While she never got on the show, the pet-product entrepreneur did muscle through two auditions. Here’s her story of swimming with the sharks.

 Pet Funeral Homes On the Rise: How some are cashing in by assisting grieving dog moms and dads.

 ASPCA and Team Up for Pet Protection Trust: If something happens to you, what happens to Fido? Here’s what you need to know.


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