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Dog Moms Fess Up About Dog Dental Care #DogDentalHealth

dog dental
What do you think is harder on a dog? Teeth brushing or this?



Brushing a dog’s teeth might just be one of the most important life-saving routines you can establish. No matter what a dog’s age, breed, or health issues, there is always time, room, and a routine that can be established for teeth brushing. We have some dog moms who are fessing up about dog dental care.

If you missed our step-by-step blog post on how to brush a difficult dog’s teeth, be sure to catch up here. Dog mom Nancy Brisebois read the article and shared this note with us:

brush dog teeth

Nancy has a dog named Mayor who is a Cocker Spaniel, rescued by OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue group. He never had his teeth brushed. Since his professional dental cleaning, Nancy has decided to slowly acclimate Mayor to having his teeth brushed. Nancy is very smart for taking this initiative. Consider this:

“Periodontal disease is the most common health problem that veterinarians find in pets,” explains Dr. René Carlson, president of the AVMA. “It’s estimated that by the age of two, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have some form of periodontal disease.”

We recently attended a fundraiser for sick Pugs in New York City. While there, we randomly polled four dog moms and asked if they perform any sort of dental care on their dog’s teeth. Here’s what they told us (see if you can relate to any of the dog parents in this video):

In addition to brushing a dog’s teeth, there are some fun and effective dental chews to check out. These chews are not meant as a substitute for brushing but in addition to brushing for complete oral care. At least twice a week, we provide a dental chew like Whimzees or DentaStix to our dog, Dexter.

We head to our local PetSmart store weekly for some fun, mommy and son bonding, and to do some in-store retail therapy. Here’s Dexter doing some shopping:

whimzees treats

Do you have a dental care plan in place for your dog? Can you relate to any of the dog moms in the video above? Stay tuned also because Nancy will be sharing pictures and progress of her dog, Mayor, and how he likes his new dental care routine. Here’s Mayor shopping at PetSmart for dental goodies and oral care products:

dog dental

Here are some more pet parents who, no doubt, care about their pet teeth. Do you care for your dog’s teeth and if so, how?

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  1. I’m the “Nancy” referred in the article and I’m happy to report that I started the teeth brushing process last Sunday and have brushed Mayor’s teeth every other day since then. He has had no problem what so ever with my brushing his teeth. We are using wipes so he can used to it and plan on “graduating” to toothbrush soon. I have to say that Carol’s last article is what helped me feel more comfortable to start brushing Mayor’s teeth. I had been thinking about it for a long time but felt a little lost at how to do it, what product to use, being concerned to do it wrong but Carol’s article truly help me start and I will be forever grateful for that. I’m so proud that we are taking the step towards keeping my baby healthy!

    1. Cathy, it really is best for them and to keep their teeth clean but also their organs from being affected. Good news about the dental cleanings and treats.

  2. I brush my dog’s teeth every day to avoid bad breath, disease, and the risks of anesthesia. This is my third dog, and I have never had to have their teeth professionally cleaned. We brush our teeth everyday, so why wouldn’t you brush your furkid’s teeth, too!!!!

  3. I have to be honest here … I have never brushed a dog’s teeth. However, with this new hound I took into heart and home from the local shelter, I really want to do right by him and add proper dental care to our routine. Guess I better read up on the best tooth brush to buy him and how to go about this. Oh my!

    1. It is really a good thing to do to improve life span and overall quality of health. Follow my steps in the 10 tips link and you will be a pro in no time. Keep us posted, please.

  4. This campaign has made me so much more aware and regular with the boys’ dental care. It takes only a few minutes, I have just started to make sure when I brush they brush, at night it easiest for us.

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