Dog Mom Gets Dog Tattoos Inked in Flesh

dog tattoo

Ever consider dog tattoos? A Fidose fan gets inked in the name of dog. Here’s Devri King’s story of getting more than one dog tattoo and why: First paw experience, as she recently sat down to permanently etch her dogs in flesh: Her own.

There are so many true and perfect sayings in the dog world. One of my favorites is “Dogs leave a permanent mark on your heart.” Having said that, my friend and I decided to have our dogs leave a permanent mark on our bodies, as well.

little dogs

I have several tattoos. They are all significant in their own ways, with special meanings that fill me with joy.  I know that they will be in my heart forever, but I wanted to be able to see them forever, too. So, I decided to tattoo their paw prints on the places on my body that they sleep. My Thurman sleeps on my left side rib cage, and my Brian sleeps in between my legs, with his head on my right inner thigh. I told my best friend about it, and she wanted to do the same thing, just not as big as I was going to do. But, with just as much love.
Off to the tattoo artist we go. I was okay until we arrived at the tattoo shop. That’s when the nerves set in, and I got the shakes! I was on the verge of hyperventilation. My friend was calm, cool and collected and laughing hysterically at me! I went with Thurman’s paw first on my rib cage because I had heard that was one of the worse places to get a tattoo. Absolutely correct! I cried, I moaned, I whined, I held my son’s hand. Twenty minutes later, I had exactly what I wanted and asked for: A beautiful forever paw print of my sweet dog that I will be able to look at forever. Next was my thigh, which didn’t hurt as bad as my ribs, but hurt nonetheless. Again, when all was said and done, another forever paw print of my other sweet dog that I will be able to look at forever. It was so worth every amount of pain.
dog tattoo
My best friend’s went much more smoothly – she got a beautiful tribute on her wrist: a heart, with blue and pink paw prints connecting the heart (one boy and one girl dog), with her boyfriend’s initial in the middle. Very tasteful, very dainty, on her wrist. She didn’t cry, moan or whine. Show off!
dog tattoo
If you have ever thought about getting a tattoo of your dog, be it a paw print or a full on portrait, my friend and I will tell you that you won’t be sorry. Yes, there is the debate of “to ink or not to ink”. And yes, it is FOREVER. But you get a dog for “forever”, right? They give you joy “forever”, right? We say do it. You won’t be sorry.
dog tattoo
“Dogs leave a permanent mark on your heart.” We have our dogs paw prints permanently on our bodies. Forever. And proud.
Note: We were inked, too, and here is the Fidose of Reality dog tattoo story.
fidose of realityWould you get inked in the name of dog? Bark at me below in the comments.

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  1. i’ve been considering a paw print, so this feature article came at just the right time. love all three tattoos here. the artist did a great job. thurman looked like that would be painful on the rib, but i applaud you for withstanding the pain. the result is gorgeous!

    you gave me some great food for thought here. now i need to think about where i want my own paw print. thanks for sharing.

  2. My Domeek has quite a few tattoos, so we are definitely an “ink” family! 😀 Those are lovely pup tattoos that your reader and her friend got! Domeek is planning on getting a collection of small portraits of myself and all my brothers in a cameo style! Quite exciting! We believe that tattoos are very personal, that you should think about it before permanently changing your body, and that fur-babies are always a wonderful inspiration! 😀 Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I do not currently have any ink, but I do think that a Doberman tattoo is in my eventual future. I have in my head what I’d like; I just lack drawing skills (lucky I know some artists)!

  4. Very nice.
    In remembrance of my pets, past n present, i have a tat of a heart with a paw print inside of it on the top of my foot. For my bird, i had a tat of Tweety put on a crown (tooth). My pets are my “kids ” and love them all.

  5. I’m planning to get a tattoo for my 42nd birthday this May. I have a flower on my wrist, I’ll be adding a small paw print and our dogs names. It’s going to hurt, but it’ll be quick and pretty.

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