Dog Lovers Pledge and Win $1,000 in Pets Add Life Contest

Pets Add Life. How many of you can relate to that? My life certainly would have taken a completely different course had dogs not entered the picture. I knew I had to have a career by, for, and about dogs coupled with my second love, writing.

As a child, I recall reading a book called “The Big Book of Dogs” and being smitten. Books and dogs were a part of the fiber that was my childhood, and they are the DNA of my life and career as an beach

Write a Poem

Recently, Fidose of Reality discovered that Pets Add Life is hosting their 5th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest. Kids in the third through eighth grades are invited to enter, so if you are a teacher or a parent, kids can enter to win:

– A $1,000 scholarship for each winning student’s classroom
– A $250 gift certificate for pet products
– And, a “by-line” in a nationally circulated magazine!

Six students nationwide will win, and the deadline is January 31, 2013, so hurry. More details about the Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest here.

Take a Pledge

Fidose of Reality followers are also encouraged to take the Pets Add Life pledge. It’s easy and shows you love pets as much as we do. FAVOR: Can you take a few moments to click over and check one of these boxes off? There’s something for everyone, we promise: Pets Add Life Pledge  

Dogs and writing are two loves in my life. If you know a child in grades 3 through 8, have them submit a poem by following the above link.

If you love dogs and can help make a totally non-financial pledge – like we did – visit the Pets Add Life Pledge  on Facebook.

fidose of realityHappy New Year to one and all! Our hearts beat dog®!

We were compensated to spread the word about this news but Fidose of Reality loves Pets Add Life and all they do in the name of animals, so we are happy to share this information.


  1. My son has his poem written about his guinea pig for the contest! all I have to do is submit it and share it! It was so fun to watch him write a poem about his very first pet!

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