10 Dog Lover Products To Make Life Easier

Are you a dog lover? Recently, we had the pleasure of attending a pet-welcoming conference geared at pet bloggers and social media influencers. The conference is BlogPaws and the location varies from year to year, much like a game of tennis ball with your pooch. This year, it was located in sunny and oh-so-gorgeous Chandler, Arizona, located near Phoenix. I, along with 500 other pet industry pros, brands, bloggers, and more discovered gobs and gobs of products for pets and their parents.

Products for dog lovers

In our never-ending effort to provide Fidose of Reality readers with the latest and greatest canine news, here are 10 products for dog lovers to make life easier, what they do, and why you should check them out:


 As a dog mom to a pooch who has twice injured his legs due to ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears, I so very much wish I knew about this the Gingerlead® when my dog, Dexter, was recovering. Liz and Barry Rubenstein invented the Gingerlead out of necessity. It is a premium dog sling harness ideal for aging or disabled dogs needing help with mobility or balance, degenerative myelopathy, or dogs with knee or hip injuries.  We love the soft, padded belly sling and the leash that extends from the handle and connect to the dog’s collar or chest harness with a snap. The straps are also adjustable.

Complete information can be found at GingerLead.com

GingerLead for dogs

Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips

If you have a dog with back or mobility issues, have a home with hardwood floors, or have a dog who is a bit older and could use some stability due to arthritis, slowing down, joint issues, or any other host of health issues, this is a must have product. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrip® s are not a fashion statement and it is not nail polish. Again, when my dog, Dexter, tore his two ACLs – yes, both legs and almost a year apart to the day – these toe grips would have been beneficial during his recovery. provide instant traction and confidence for dogs who struggle on hard-surface floors and stairs—such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, marble, etc.  Learn more about Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips here and why our friend Poppy the Cocker Spaniel uses them.

Complete information can be found at ToeGrips.com

Dr Buzbys toe grips
Poppy modeling her toe grips from Dr. Buzby.

Muffin’s Halo

“Muffin’s Halo® is a device for blind dogs,” founder and inventor Silvie Bordeaux told me at the BlogPaws Conference. “It helps them navigate so they don’t bump into the walls and objects.”

The “halo” prevents blind and visually impaired dogs from bumping into wall, furniture and other objects. Seeing is believing, as the product does not interfere with a dog’s daily activities plus it helps them regain or keep their confidence, see?

Further information is found at MuffinsHalo.com

Pawz Dog Boots

A common myth in among dog world is that a dog’s paws need no protection. While in Arizona, the temperatures reached close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I knew I could not allow my dog to walk on the pavement and sidewalks, as within 30 seconds he could suffer severe burns.  Never in a million years did I think I’d have a dog who wore “booties,” but I do. It took us 10 minutes to get Dexter used to wearing Pawz dog boots and we are not alone in using them.

Put your hand down on pavement for 10 seconds. Put your bare foot down. Does it feel good? Not burn? If it does, it will hurt your dog. The same holds true for winter time chemicals and irritants. Consider dog boots or an item like Pawz®, which are natural rubber disposable boots for dogs. These are rubber “boots” which are more like a pad cover for dogs. They are waterproof, and the manufacturer states that no other boot protects against liquid chloride and other liquid hazards.

Learn how to get your dog used to wearing Pawz dog boots here.

Get more details at PawzDogBoots.com


Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator

“As first timers to the BlogPaws Conference, we wanted to get the word out, “said Matson Magleby, co-founder of Rocco & Roxie Supply Company® . We received a bottle of their stain and odor remover to try, which Magleby tells me is a top seller on Amazon. Little did I realize I would soon need to test it out.

I inadvertently spilled a glass of home brewed iced tea on my mattress while doing some summer cleaning. Since the Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator is bio-enzymatic and safe around dog paws, I gave it a shot. In all honestly, it worked. I followed the instructions to blot, spray, wait, and blot. The huge brown iced tea stain was gone, the light aroma of the product dissipated within 10 minutes, and I am one happy dog mama.

Learn more at RoccoandRoxie.com

Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator


Speaking of scents, we love the trend we are seeing of companies who care about chemicals, the lack thereof, and keeping pets safe. At the Freshwave® booth, we discovered a natural, chemical- and fragrance-free line of products that are safe to use around kids and pets. Using no perfumes or harsh chemicals, the line of Freshwave products use simple, pure and natural ingredients — water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood — to get rid of organic and inorganic odors.

We received a few Freshwave products to try, which we have been doing so for three weeks now. The results have been amazing so far. The odor-removing gel is non-intrusive and the gel disappears as it evaporates. We use it in the bathroom. Our other must-have item is the Freshwave odor removing packs, which we toss in hampers, closets, and even the dirty laundry. After bathing the dog, I tossed the wet towels into a basket for an hour along with a Freshwave pack. It took care of the wet dog towel smell until I could do laundry.

Nix odors in your life by visiting FreshWaveWorks.com


The Mountain

I love wearing my love of dogs on a shirt. There is something so fun, whimsical, and conversational about an attractive shirt reflecting a passion for pets. How cool, then, to discover that The Mountain sponsored this year’s BlogPaws t-shirt! If you are a dog lover, this company has so many cool shirts.

The folks at The Mountain® produce American-made apparel that embodies the spirit of animal lovers (and others). I am a Cocker Spaniel addict, to be blunt. I love to wear clothing that basically screams out “talk to me, I’m a dog mom.” In fact, when I wear my Dean Russo shirt from The Mountain and walk my dog at the same time, it takes me a good half hour to an hour to take a walk around the block.

Check the line of dog t-shirts out at TheMountain.com

Dexter with Mountain t shirt
Dexter models with the BlogPaws 2016 Conference t-shirt from The Mountain.

Surfin’ Jack™ Leave-in Conditioning Spray

My dog recently rolled in bear poop. There I said it. It was not pleasant and we shampooed him twice. I dug into the bag of swag from BlogPaws and found a yummy coconut scented spray from Lucy Pet Products® . After I bathed my dog, I put this spray on that contains blend of mild natural coconut oil cleansers with moisturizing sunflower seed oil plus rehydrating revitalizing coconut water. It worked! It smells beachy, is very light, and good for the coat. You can use it in between baths, and it contains no parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals and is 100 percent cruelty-free, made in the USA.

Learn more about Lucy Pet Products

Surfin’ Jack™ Leave-in Conditioning Spray
Me and Surfin Jack are oh so cool in our shades.

Merrick Lil Plates

Of course, at the core of a pet blogger conference is pet food and treats. For smaller breeds with smaller mouths, Merrick® showcased 3 dry formulas and 9 wet formulas from the new Lil’ Plates Line. The #1 ingredient is deboned meat, fish, or poultry. This little containers make a perfect travel sized companion, too. My dog snacks on them as a treat or when traveling now and then. Since I like to rotate proteins, the Merrick Lil’ Plates come in handy.

Check out the Merrick Pet Care line and Lil Plates

Merrick Lil Plates dog food

Vita Bone Dog Treats

A dancing dog bone caught my eye, so how could we not stop and give the Vita Bone® mascot a hug? Made in the USA with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, Vita Bone treats are formulated for easy digestion for dogs of all ages and breeds. Vita Bone® Biscuits are available in three varieties: Original, Flavors and Basted.

In addition to the biscuits, they also have a chewy treat and little trainers for smaller mouths or smaller bites.

Learn more about Vita Bone here.

Vita Bone Dog Treats

Note: I received no compensation to tell you any of this. Fidose of Reality believes in sharing products we use and enjoy. 

QUESTION: Which of these dog lover products would you be most excited to try?







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  1. What a fantastic list for dog lovers, these are products I would most certainly recommend too. I love doggies, they are just adorable. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Some of the things I’ve never even heard of, but with having a pet I should learn more about some of them. For a long time I thought it would be funny for the dogs to have shoes on their feet, then I move someplace it’s super hot and you really do need them.

  3. What a great list Carol. I can vouch for PAWZ. We use them every winter. I’ve also been looking at the toe grips.
    The Mountain makes fantastic stuff! Sharing on my page later today. 🙂

  4. We have a dog and these are great tips! Fresh wave is one of my favorite brands. They really make safe products that help you deal with smelly problems in your house.

  5. Muffin’s Halo is fantastic! My little Dachsie lost his vision in December (cataracts), and his Halo truly gave him back his confidence. He’s not afraid of moving around in his world any more. Every blind dog deserves a Muffin’s Halo.

  6. These are all great products for our little furry babies. I really loved the video and think she has an amazingly brilliant product for blind dogs.. The booties for the dogs is something I am going to look into for my baby. Thanks for sharing the products.

  7. Those dog boots are so cute! We tried them on my brother in laws dog once, and it was funny. They’re not use to them at all, but they work great. It’s nice for them when there is snow outside.

  8. My dog is getting older so Vita-Bone would be something I’d love to try. I’m going to have to look into where they’re sold here so I can pick up a few.

  9. These are great products for dogs with mobility issues. I need some of the spray in conditioner. I hate the way our three dogs smell after they have been outside.

  10. I used to work in a dog store and fresh wave sold out all the time. People swore by it and it smells so good!

  11. I’m just going to throw this out there but does anyone else feel like Pawz are literally just a balloon for the paw? I haven’t personally noticed any sort of thermal protection from the heat or cold with them 😉 . Has anyone heard of these new urban city dog boots called Saltsox? We recently ordered a pair for our dog and he absolutely LOVES them!! They were recommended to us by a friend and they target all our needs.

    1. I believe Pawz is a more affordable option for many and for folks who do not want to invest in more expensive dog boots. They have worked for me for years and I was just in Arizona in hot weather. Of course, if the pavement is too hot, then rubber can harm the pet, so use caution. I never heard of the brand you mentioned. Glad you found something to protect your dog’s paws.

  12. Sooooo many awesome products to discover at BlogPaws conferences! These are all really great, but my faves on this list are Vita Bone dog biscuits & chew sticks, Fresh Wave natural odor eliminating products, and The Mountain beautiful tee shirts! I love having the opportunity to try so many great products at BlogPaws conferences.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. rocco and roxie stain and odor remover is fabulous! We had two dogs at one point and this completely took the stains up out of the carpet and left the house smelling fresh. I 100% love this brand!

  14. I love the Rocco and Roxie odor and stain eliminator. This is an incredibly cool product. We have tried it over the years of having dogs and I can honestly say that it ROCKS! I love getting to read posts about all the different doggie products and really appreciate you taking the time to share with us some really neat products offered to the pet community.

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