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Dog Love Photo Contest Winners 2016

You really love your dogs. With close to 150 entries in the Fidose of Reality Dog Love Photo Contest, you’ve touched our hearts and made us “ooh” and “ahh” over the beautiful affection you share with your canine family members.

Our panel of judges had a tough time choosing just six winners in the Dog Love Photo Contest, but alas here are the six that just melted their dog-loving hearts, along with the prizes they have won. You can view all of the Entries in the Dog Love Photo Contest.

Thanks to all who paw-ticipated and please watch for more contests in March!

Here are the six winners with the prizes they won along with two honorable mentions:

First prize: A $25 Amazon gift card: Alisha Garcia-Hensley with Lucy and Macky

Dog love photo contest winners


Second Prize: Dog Kong Toy and Collar: Brittney Foster with Honey

 Snuggling with dog


Third Prize: Copy of Fur Covered Wisdom: by Gila Kurtz, Founder of Dog is Good: Nicole Foley with Sugar Dumplin’

 Baby kissing bulldog


Fourth Prize: Copy of the Dogs Who Were Rescued: by Teresa J. Rhyne: Marianne A Phillips with Oliver

Dog cuddling in bed


Fifth Prize: Set of 30 Breathe Right Lavender Strips to have a good night’s sleep next to Fido: Rachel Davis with Ellie

Dog kisses


Sixth Prize: A copy of Susie’s Hope DVD: Christy Graham with Zoey and Brydon

Kisses dogs



Bernard Lima-Chavez with Edison

Dog and owner kiss

Leticia Varela with Stud Muffin

Dog cuddles

Note: Amazon did not sponsor this gift card.


  1. They are all great photos. The one that really touched my heart was the older woman in bed with her dog. Actually brought tears to my eyes.

  2. All of the pictures are so beautiful. The dogs and their owners all look really happy. Congratulations to all of the winners!

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