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Dog Halloween Photo Contest Winners 2015 Edition

dog photo contest Halloween

The winners of the Fifth Annual Fidose of Reality Dog Halloween Photo Contest are in. This was one of our most popular contests to date, and you all outdid yourselves. From adorable chefs to monsters galore and from Ewoks to Minions, you all are super creative. One thing is for sure: Your dogs tolerated the costumes, so now go take them for a romp outside, treat them to a fun play session, or maybe a long tummy rub. They are great sports.

Please be sure to come back for our Big Holiday Photo Contest, Holiday Gift Card giveaway, and our November give away which kicks off on November 2!

Thanks to all who entered, and you all deserve a huge round of a-paws. As you get ready to see the winners, be sure to check out Do’s and Dont’s for Dogs this Halloween.

Here are the 13 winners of this year’s Halloween photo contest:

First Place: Receives a Safety Glo adjustable solar USB leash with a matching medium sized collar!

Max dressed as Snoopy the Flying Ace, submitted by Ashley Pardi

snoopy red baron costume


Second Place: Susie’s Hope DVD movie and CD soundtrack

Abraham Lincoln aka Wendell, submitted by Amy Devine

Dog dressed as Abraham Lincoln


Third Place: A copy of the best selling book, A Letter to My Dog, perfect for keeping or holiday gifting

Stix dressed as a Boston (terrier) Cream Pie, submitted by Katie Hebert

Dog dressed as Boston Cream Pie

The next five photos each win a prize pack consisting of SMARTCOOKEE treats for their dog and a special edition Wigglebutt Warriors tag for their dog from PetHub (retail value, $25)

Four of a Kind!  Dogs playing poker:Turbo-Stella-Pasquale-Angus, submitted by Terri Musmanno
Dogs playing poker
Ginger Grace Badger as The Littlest Mermaid, submitted by Laurel Badger
Dog as Little Mermaid
Heidi as Martina Navratilova vs Cherry Pie as Steffi Graf, submitted by Stella Rowlett
Dogs as tennis stars
Zee as Wonder Woman, submitted by Yvonne Tucker

Dog as Wonder Woman

Lola B. Boston as Minnie Mouse, submitted by Suzanne Frain

Minnie Mouse dog

These next five are runners-up  who each get a Fidose of Reality goodie pin:

Grizzly as Beetlejuice, submitted by Jessica McRee

Dog dressed as Beetlejuice

Lucy as an Angel, submitted by Sarah Stanek 

Dog dressed as angel

Echo, the Boston Terrier, dressed as a scuba diver, submitted by Kristin Kittle

Dog as scuba diver

Grizwold the ghost, submitted by Cheryl Baase

Dog costume ghost

Amber Rose and Jonah as “Jack in the Box”, submitted by Diane Thompson

Dogs as Jack in the Box


And finally here are our five honorable mentions as selected by our panel of judges:

Gibson as Yoda from Star Wars, submitted by Dawn Rotta

Dog dressed as Yoda


Daisy is dressed as Marty McFly and Lilo is dressed as Doc Brow, submitted by Shera Anderson

Dogs as Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Phoenix and Gryphon from Little Shop of Horrors, submitted by Bonnie and Beth Abelew

Golden Retrievers Little Shop of Horrors

Marley is Little Red Riding Hood and Sailor is the wolf (dressed as Granny, submitted by Shari Rinowski

Little Red Riding Hood dog


Dexter as DOGald Trump, submitted by Amanda Hill

Dog as Donald Trump


Want to view all the fantastic entries? Click here for the Dog Halloween Photo Contest Entries 2015.

cereal killer
Our cereal killer, Dexter!

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  1. Those are all awesome! I love snoopy and the ghost. I also loved the Back to the Future dogs and the Little Shop of Horrors dogs. I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into some of these pictures.

    Congrats to all of the winners! 🙂

  2. Congrats to all the winners! I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to select the winners in this contest. I didn’t win, but I’m happy for those that did. They were so creative and fun. I’ve seen a lot of Halloween contests on the internet, but this site had the best ones I’ve seen. Looking forward to your next contest.

    1. We have an independent panel of judges but I can say that first place was hands down the winner – we had so many amazing entries.

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