dog halloween photo contest winners
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Dog Halloween Photo Contest Winners 2019

The winners of the Ninth Annual Fidose of Reality Dog Halloween Photo Contest have been selected.  Our judges had a lot of doggone amazing entries. Your dogs are such awesome sports that it’s time for them to have some fun and go for a walk. 

Please be sure to come back for our Huge Holiday Photo Contest which kicks off in mid November. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter so you don’t miss the news! 

dog halloween photo contest winners

Thanks to all who entered, and you all deserve a huge round of a-paws. As you get ready to see the winners, be sure to check out Do’s and Dont’s for Dogs this Halloween. You can view all entries in the Dog Halloween Photo Contest here.

Dog Halloween Photo Contest 2019 Winners

Here are the 10 winners of this year’s Halloween photo contest as selected by our independent panel of three judges:

 FIRST PLACE: A big box of goodness from Dr. Harvey’s: 1x of each Le Dogue Bites chicken and beef, 1x Coconut Smiles 8oz, 1x Herbal Shampoo, 1x, Veg-To-Bowl 1 lb and 1x Canine Health 20 oz, totaling $111.69 retail price!

Winner: Stretch dressed as Lola, a showgirl who works at the Copacabana. Submitted by Jyl Smith. 

dog halloween contest winner


SECOND PLACE: A $50 value custom pet illustration from graphic designer, Sarah Renee Creative.

Winner: Bonnie and Clyde dressed as Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Submitted by Charis Fowler.

Bulldogs in Halloween costumes

THIRD PLACE: Four 8-ounce packs of Einstein Pets natural organic low-calorie dog treats infused w/ Chia Seed. Real Ingredients, made in the USA.

The winner receives one bag each of PB’N Jelly Time, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Time, and Turkey Time. $50 value.

Winner: We have a backup winner this year for third place since our original third-place winner did not respond after several attempts to reach her.  The third place winner is: Robin Weil

lumberjacks halloween


FOURTH PLACE:  Cocker Spaniel 11-oz mug from the Fidose of Reality shop. $15 value.

Winner:  Beaker as a mailman. Submitted by Jim Moritz.

dog dressed as a mailman

FIFTH PLACE: Deck the halls with boughs of dog-loving sentiments! This heart-shaped ornament displays the ultimate dog lover expression, “My Heart Beats Dog(r).” Heart-shaped, shatterproof, satin-finished, and durable. $7 value.

Winner: Theo and Oreo as Pennywise and Georgie from the movie “It.” Submitted by Julia Olson.

dogs dressed up for contest

SIXTH, SEVENTH, EIGHTH, NINTH, AND TENTH PLACE: Fidose of Reality prize pack: My Heart Beats Dog(r) pin AND sticker!!


Winner: Maizy is RocketPug — a.k.a. Sir Elton John. Submitted by Janet Barrington.

pug dressed as Elton John



Winner: Mayhem and Mischief as Lobster and Octopus. 20,000 Screams Under the Sea. Submitted by Kimberly Uptain.

under the sea dogs


Winner: Sprocket and Ratchet dressed as Game of Bones. Sprocket as Daenerys Targaryen. Ratchet as Jon Snow. Submitted by Jenn Grenier

Game of bones dogs


Winner: Sammy & Eddie as Wayne and Garth From Wayne’s World. Submitted by Mikaela Buettner

Wayne's World dogs



Winner: Daisy as a Hippie Pup. Submitted by David Burrus

dog is a hippy photo


Winston is living his best life and painting happy trees as Mr. Bob Ross! Submitted by Amanda Saunders.

dog painting for halloween


Ninja Nate is Pug the Bounty Hunter. Submitted by Lizzy Castaneda.

Pug the bounty hunter costume


Gabby is Dorothy and her brothers, Graham and Gus, are her protective lions. Submitted by Kim Meckes.

Wizard of oz halloween costumes


Buddy the Pirate. Submitted by Amanda Slavik.

pirate dog halloween


Wren, Gracie and Gryphyn are three blind mice. Submitted by Holly Buczek.

three blind mice cocker spaniels


Diesel is an astronaut. Submitted by Alyssa Graffeo.

astronaut dog for halloween




 One of the sponsors provided the prizes with payment to be included in the contest. The others are donated. We only use and share products we love and believe in here at Fidose of Reality. 

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  1. Wow! Those are amazing and so creative! Bravo all! I could comment on each – they are all terrific!
    Congrats to all!


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