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Dog Gifts for Dogs Who Have Everything

dog gifts

Holiday gift guides are everywhere these days. With our new focus on all things health and wellness related for dog lovers of the highest order, we’re cutting right to the chase this year. We’ve got a selection of dog gifts for dogs who have everything. 

Fidose of Reality has selected 12 items we recommend (and use) for holiday gift giving: For dogs and/or for dog lovers. Some of these gifts are specifically to help keep dogs healthy; others are good for the dog lover’s soul. Internal and external health of both you and your dog are of utmost importance.

As a bonus, we are showcasing 5 favorite finds in the book department: Again some dog health and some dog lover fiction. Then at the end, the grand finale features two exciting dog lover items exclusive to Fidose of Reality fans. 

  • The criteria used to select these gifts is simple:
  • They must be practical and in the best interest of a dog or dog parent
  • No payment was given to Fidose of Reality to share these products
  • The products will not break the bank and are affordable

Simply check out the photo below and then click below the image for further details, shipping and cost information, and how to order.

dog gifts


(1) and (2): Musher’s Secret and PAWZ disposable, reusable dog boots:  These are two products we use for winter protection. If your dog won’t do doggie boots or you don’t need them, Musher’s Secret is a great option for a lot of paw issues and protection.

(3) Cover Me by Tui from Tulane’s Closet: A viable alternative to the “cone of shame” that is soft, durable, affordable, and has gotten us through two ACL leg surgeries without the use of an E-collar.

(4) K9 Kelp all-in-one moisturizer cream: For usage on any canine external dry spots or irritations, this product helped our dog through surgical razor burn and more.

(5) SMARTCOOKEE dog treats:  Infused with chia seeds, these are healthy, all natural, made in the USA dog treats with amazing packaging and produces beg-induced qualities in many dogs we know.

(6) Hand-Painted Ornaments from Ryan Jordan: Small bust paintings of your pet on the front, with an inscription on the back. This can be a name and the year, initials, memorial dates, etc. The ornament itself is about 3 inches across. Ryan also does custom paintings and is a gifted artist.

(7) Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Towel: We use this door-hanging towel from Luv and Emma’s Dry Pets  all year long: After bath, after walk, in the car to prevent muddy feet, and more. Handy and great stocking stuffer.

(8) First Aid Kit from Doodie Pack: For under $10 this is a paw-fect stocking stuffer of first aid essentials, which we carry in our dog’s Doodie Pack on walks.

(9) Kooky Cocker Carrot Cookies: Say that five times fast! We can’t do a holiday list without these nom noms: Available from our pals at Sweet Paws Bakery, these are perfect for dogs with allergies and made with carrots, rice flour, and safflower oil. Yes, they ship!

(10) Harper & Hound Jewelry: You will not find your stereotypical paw print or dog bone in Harper & Hound’s exclusive jewelry collection. The pendants are designed first for the human and then a coordinating pendant is crafted for the dogs. A must have for that everlasting bond you share with your pooch.

(11) CET Toothpaste: We are teeth brushers, and daily at that. This is the toothpaste we have used for years and years, on all our dogs. For those who aren’t into hand brushing or have a dog who is opposed, the TropiClean line of dental products offers safe, sensible ways to solve that problem.

(12) Heartfull Custom Pet Portraits: Each portrait is made completely by hand, without tracing or one-click Photoshop cheat. Mellie Test brings dogs to life through her artistic magic.


dog lover books

And for book lovers, here are 4 of our favorite books for dog lovers:

Fuzzy Logic by Susan Daffron: Fiction for the pet lovers. Librarian Jan and Black Lab, Rosa, are living peacefully until her life is flipped upside at her mother’s “latest” wedding. I read this book over the course of two nights. A fun and dog-loving read.

The Canine Thyroid Epidemic by Dr. Jean Dodds: Even if your dog does not have a thyroid issue, read this. This book educated me on a lot of preconceived dog “issues” – and Dr. Dodds is a pioneer and legend in the veterinary world. If you purchase or give one book on dog healthcare, let it be this one.

Iris the Architect: by Debra Lampert Rudman: Any dreamers or underdog lovers out there? Iris is both, and this is a book for kids and adults who channel their inner child. Oh, and Cocker lovers will sit up and beg.

Rescue Me, Maybe, by Jackie Bouchard: Having recently read this book, this piece of fiction for dog parents is a highly recommended read for the holiday break…or to kick off the new year.

dog photo contest

Some of the above are being given away as prizes in our Fourth Annual Fidose of Reality Dog Photo Holiday Fun: Enter your dog for a chance at up to $700 in bling.

wigglebutt warriors

And for the ultimate dog lover and Wigglebutt Warrior:

Handmade Wigglebutt Warrior Super Dog Capes from Stylish Canine:  Is your pet your personal super hero? Show the world in the custom cape your dog (or any pet) can wear year-round: Stylish Canine is partnering with us to bring pet parents this very special, customized superhero pet cape. Sized to order. 

dog cape

Dog Lover Items from the Fidose of Reality store: For anyone whose heart beats dog, this is the place to shop.

dog clock

Are you shopping for your dog this holiday? What’s he or she getting from Santa/for Hanukkah/Just Because? 

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  1. Mucho Barko for making us part of this special 2014 Dog Gift List!! We are very fortunate to have a wonderful & loyal Kelp Community… much love to all

  2. What a great list of useful items!Will probably be getting a couple of them for Beauregard.Thanks for the wonderful suggestions.

  3. Oh, what a thrill to have my book make the list! Thank you!!

    Rita will definitely be getting some Christmas presents, but I’m not sure what yet. She has things like steak and “anything bacon flavored” on her Wish List!

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