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Dog Friendly Poppy Across America Diary

dog friendly trip

Traveling with your dog is one of the greatest and most memorable pleasures a pet parent can experience. I say this having logged 20+ years of traveling in a car with a dog, from the shores of Maine to the beaches of Oregon and back. What a joyride it is for us, Fidose of Reality, to have dog mom and road warrior, Kim Kiernan, giving us a week-by-week update from her cross country road trip. Here is Kim with “Dog Friendly Poppy Across America Diary” Installment Two:

My 5-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Poppy, and I have embarked on the journey of a lifetime. We began our trip to go from California to Connecticut across the country in order to attend the Wigglebutt Wedding, to help raise money for Life's Little Paws Cocker Rescue. Poppy will be a bridesmaid in the wedding wearing a couture gown in grape from Spoiled Pup Boutique and a special hat styled by The Mad Dog Hatter.

wigglebutt wedding

We embarked on this trip on June 12 and as of this writing, here are some travel diary excerpts. You can also follow us step by step on, too.

June 10, 2013:

“Am I suppose to jump in dat suitcase, Mama? Aren't you done packing yet?”

No suitcase travels for you, Poppy dear. You get to ride tomorrow in your carseat. I'm almost done packing. Sigh. A certain special little dog sure has a lot of stuff!

suitcase dog

June 13, 2013:

Wow! La Quinta by the Las Vegas airport is wonderful! Our room is huge! Got a king size bed so Poppy's crate would fit on the bed next to me. She is used to having her crate on a table next to my bed since it is easier on my back that way.

dog travel

June 14, 2013:

Crossing the northwest corner of Arizona. Way too windy and hot out here to get pic of Poppy, so the sign will have to do.


June 15, 2013:

So far the roads in Utah are very dog UNfriendly. Asked at three gas stations to use the facilities – no dogs allowed. I even asked at a Super 8 if they knew of a place since I had to stop anyway and check the tire pressure error message I was getting on my Optima. Tires are ok but still no bathroom place for Poppy's mama. Finally found a rest stop! No dogs on grass! No dogs in bathroom area. Huh? I ignored the sign. Utah I hear is very friendly, but so far not dog friendly – except Gail of course. 🙂 Still 2 hours to Colorado. Not sure if I have that in me today. We will see.


Later that day:

We made it to Colorado! A nice family arrived at the state sign at the same time we did, so we took each other's pictures. Poppy even got some lovings, seeing as she has been very deprived of that all day.


Check in late:

Checked into our La Quinta room in Fruita, CO, and took Poppy on a walk outside. Look who we met – 2 Pomeranians who drove 12 hours here today from LA. Poppy was so happy to meet some new friends.

Unfortunately we have no animal people to meet with in Colorado or Nebraska. We will get “social” again in Iowa, next Friday, June 21.

We will stay 2 nights tomorrow in Silverthorne, CO, in the heart of the Rockies. I planned 2 extra days just in case Poppy was stressed from the travel, but she's handling it like a champ.

Amazing dynamic sky tonight. One mosquito bite on my ankle, but the mosquito repellant app on my iPhone does seem to work.


June 16, 2013:

Checked out the local CO National Monument before we left Fruita for Vail. Sheer cliffs and red rock tunnels. The sheer size is amazing and pictures do not do it justice!

No Name Rest Stop is gorgeous!!! Poppy insisted we get out of the car and walk around. Good call Poppy! The Colorado river meanders below green hills and a meadow of wildflowers. Met a nice Canadian couple touring on their motorcycles. Poppy soaked in loving from a 10 year old girl out biking with her mom.

colorado national

We are in Vail, CO now, and i understand now why the rich and famous like to come here. It is such a beautiful town! There are so many flowers here!

Poppy is keeping me on the right track. We are stopping frequently so we can look around, take nature walks and smell the flowers.

flowers dog

June 17, 2013:

Poppy and I are zonked today. Maybe it's the altitude? For me I was up way too late getting caught up posting pics to Facebook, so I completely slept through breakfast at the hotel, but even Poppy doesn't seem to want to move today. Good thing that we are spending 2 nights here in Silverthorne, so we can both rest!

I love this bear outside the hotel. I didn't want the red rocks to hurt Poppy's feet so she's laying on my jacket.

bear dog

We are at the La Quinta in Silverthorne, CO. This is the view from our room! We are at over 9,000 feet in elevation now, so it's only in the 50s. It is quite cloudy now and may even rain! It's nice to feel a bit chilly for a change.


June 17, 2013 night:

Good night everyone! sweet dreams! Today Poppy (and I) did not want to get out of bed, so it was good we stayed 2 nights here. I think the altitude made her tired too. She's enjoying meeting people and dogs too! Poppy seems to make friends wherever she goes. I love that about her!

sleepy dog

June 18, 2013:

Rest stop on the way to Denver. These hills are home to the Georgetown herd of Big Horn Sheep, Colorado's state mammal. Poppy was very interested in the rather pungent scent marking in the area. Way too big and way too strong to be a dog. My guess it's mountain lion.

travel dog

Evening check in:

Stopped for the night at La Quinta in Henderson, CO. Guess what Poppy's favorite hotel activity is? Dinner time with the Omega Tricky Treat Ball. We just call it her orange moon. The Ziwi Peak air-dried raw seems to work very well in this toy. I wanted an activity that would be fun for her, give her some exercise and still be quiet since we are in a hotel. (editor note: MAJOR BONUS POINTS – WE LOVE CREATIVE BRAIN GAMES WHILE TRAVELING – WTG, KIM AND POPPY!!!)

dog ball

June 19, 2013:

It's very windy, dry and hot in the northeast corner of Colorado. Very nice rest stop in Sterling. There weren't any “no dogs” signs, either. Poppy's ears are flying in the wind! So funny how she'd face the wind so her ears would fly behind her. It was hard choosing one picture!

cocker spaniel

June 19, 2013 evening:

We have reached North Platte, NE, home of “Buffalo Bill”' Cody's Wild West Show, organized in 1876. Poppy started telling the buffalo off as soon as we pulled into the driveway. Took some might high value treats to get her this close to the buffalo! Maybe Poppy is commiserating with the buffalo, at the outrage his kind suffered at the hands of Bill Cody. Incidentally, Bill Cody was named “Buffalo Bill” because he killed 4,280 buffalo in only 8 months. Terribly travel

Keep up the great work, you two: We are counting the days until we meet you at Wigglebutt Wedding in Connecticut!!!! Poppy, you take care of your mom!



  1. emma says

    I can’t imagine a dog unfriendly gas station! We have never heard of such a thing…note to mom…never travel through that state! La Quinta is okay, but have you seen and Drury Inns? They are total pet friendly, plush as a Sheraton, good food and drink for free and pets are free, no matter the size or number (well there might be a limit) my sister and I were both in the room no problem. We will stay at a Drury whenever we can find one!

  2. Dawn says

    What a fun trip! We go from Kansas to Texas and back at least once a year and almost all the rest stops are very pet-unfriendly. Some had signs saying no pets allowed on grass, use designated areas. And every single bathroom had a sign saying no pets allowed. If one is traveling by themselves, what are they supposed to do, leave their dog in the car? Very bad idea, especially this time of year. I’d ignore those signs too.