Dog Friendly Furniture and Flooring Options


Dog friendly furniture and flooring options need not give you a New Year’s headache. With recently ringing in the New Year, many people have resolved to start the year off fresh. Redecorating is an easy way to give your home a fresh look and feel, and it will give you that extra boost as you try to accomplish the other resolutions on your list. And while your dog may not be able to verbally express his resolutions, he surely would love to start the New Year off on the right paw, too. Your pet is equally appreciative of comfortable flooring and furniture, so why not do some redecorating with both of you in mind?

Utilize the following furniture and flooring trends to make your home beautiful, comfortable and dog-friendly:


Look for flooring options that are chic and resistant to wear and tear. Just because you’re a dog lover doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for functionality:

  • Find flooring with built-in odor reducing agents. This will keep pet odors at bay and make you at ease when entertaining guests.
  • Hardwood flooring is easy to clean, does not trap odors and does not attract dog hair as easily as carpet. The type of wood you choose can give a room a whole new furniture
  • If you have to have carpet, opt for low pile carpet which is more resistant to marks and footprints, easier to clean and lasts longer.
  • Invest in carpet with added stain-resistant technology. This is a special protectant that helps the carpet resist moisture and residue from spills and accidents.
  • Prevent the growth of germs, odors, mold, mildew and bacteria by purchasing carpets with antimicrobial treatments that are safe for pets.


As much as you try to keep your dog off the furniture, he’s king of the house in his mind. For those times when you just can’t resist giving your dog a spot on the couch, rest assured that your furniture will stand up to the test:

  • When picking out furniture fabrics, choose materials such as leather and ultrasuede. Leather is easy to clean and scratches will add to its aged look. Ultra suede is machine-washable, and its smooth texture will be comfortable for your pet.
  • For any furniture that you think your dog will take a liking to, cover it with washable fabrics that protect the material underneath.
  • Invest in quality pet pads to give them a spot that is their own. Look for pads that are made from moisture resistant materials. Also check to see that they have pet urine protection and is hypoallergenic. With a pet pad, your dog can watch TV on the couch with you.

Do you decorate your abode with your dog’s needs in mind?

This article was written by Larry Fisher of Empire Today. Empire Today specializes in carpeting, laminate and hardwood flooring, window treatments and more. Learn more about Empire Carpet and options for pet-friendly home decorating. 

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  1. About two years ago we purchased Pergo (laminate floors)…when we were redoing our living room. We were told at Home Depot that laminate floors are BETTER than hardwood and here is the reason why: if you spill water on the floor or the dog pees on the floor, hardwood will ABSORB the liquid whereas on laminate it will just sit on the top and not be absorbed into the floor. Our floors look great, they do not look cheap and they are perfect for us since we have a cat and a dog. Wish we had them throughout our entire condo!

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