Dog Food Company Saving Lives: Pawer Woman Style

bogo bowl

Pet pantries are emerging in parts of the country to help feed family pets in need. Sara Henderson and Susan Holler applied a similar concept to shelters.  Sara knew she wanted to make the world a better place for animals -– she put that phrase on a “vision board” in 2008 –- and she started the process in 2009 when she founded the Pet Project Midwest. Her concept: Buy a bag of dog food, and her group will give a bag to a shelter pet in the same area where the food was bought.

The two founded BOGO Bowl, which launched in June of 2012. For every bag of BOGO Bowl dog food  purchased, they ship the equivalent of the same food to a nonprofit shelter of the buyer’s choice. BOGO Bowl received a 4-star rating from Pet Food Advisor. Bonus points because protein is the first ingredient and their formulas include fruits and vegetables. They don’t use byproducts and there are no artificial colors or flavors. Triple bonus: shipping is included on all orders and Dog Food Advisor awarded BOGO Bowl a 4-star “highly recommended” rating recently. No artificial flavors or by-products and all natural ingredients.

Sara Henderson is our final Pawer Woman of 2012 here on Fidose of Reality.BOGO Bowl buy one give one

For every bag of high quality premium BOGO Bowl customers purchase, the exact same bag, pound for pound, is donated to a local shelter or rescue 501(c)3 in your area. Shipping is included on all orders and Dog

If you aren’t convinced yet and think fairy tales can’t come true, dogs across America are being helped by being fed BOGO Bowl dog food, and their chances of getting adopted are increased. BOGO Bowl was featured on The Today Show recently, and here’s their clip:


BOGO Bowl will never be sold in retail; you can purchase the food from the company or from a BOGO Bowl buddy in your area.

Some companies really do care about dogs and making the world a better place. For paying it forward, Sara and Susan, you are an inspiration. Learn more at

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  1. Awesome concept! You also can do “grass roots” in your community–our church supports the local Soup Kitchen (for humans of course). But the clients also have pets. So at a pet talk event a couple year’s ago I asked folks to bring pet food (in lieu of admission) to be delivered to the soup kitchen clients and now we have an ongoing donation program at the church. I mentioned it in a column and heard back that some of the other churches in the area also have begun this. Easy easy easy to do–doesn’t have to be a church, it could be any club group. Thanksgiving is a great time to do something like this. (hope it’s okay to post a mention of this here…)

    • Absolutely – mention away. I love companies who give back – and the local soup kitchen idea sounds terrific, Amy.

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