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Order Your 2019 Dog Calendars To Support Cocker Rescue

Every year, Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising arm of this blog, involves itself with different Cocker rescue efforts. This year, we are supporting Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas so they can help more Cocker Spaniels in need. Best of all, you get an epic calendar from our friends at DOGTV chockfull of adorable dogs, social media dog superstars, and special dog holidays to keep you on track all year long.

dog calendar

We want to completely blow the lid off calendar sales so that Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas will benefit. For every calendar sold, the rescue groups gets $10 dollars! Can you imagine how many Cockers we can help as a collective group? I am crying and squeeing in my seat just thinking about it.

Don’t wait to buy your calendar because once they sell out, they are gone for good. These make great gifts, too, and best of all: Rescue groups for each of the dogs in the calendar win with the $10 per calendar donation.

cocker spaniel calendar

Order Your 2019 DOGTV Calendar Stars Calendar

Dexter, our Cocker Spaniel, is featured for the month of December, and so you can fa la la all year long with Dexter and the other doggies. Plus you get 30 days FREE of DOGTV so your dog(s) can enjoy the in-home entertainment.

Be sure you choose Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas in the dropdown menu before you order.

Go here to order as many calendars as you want: === > DOGTV 2019 Calendar Stars

dog tv calendar

Why We Chose This Cocker Spaniel Rescue

A gal by the name of Sarah Renee is super kind. And we mean like epic kind. Sarah is associated with Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas. She does epic things like this:

Cocker spaniel rescue


And she reaches out to people who are having a bad day, lost their dog, or simply need a ray of sunshine in it and she makes magic happen. She is a graphic designer and also founded Sarah Renee Creative art, but we think she secretly has a super hero cape on. She is the epitome of what a Wigglebutt Warrior is!

Let’s make this rescue group a ton of money, shall we? Simply buy a DOGTV 2019 Calendar Stars calendar and $10 of the money will go to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas.

east texas cocker spaniel

Dedicated volunteers are the heart of Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas. Currently they have about 50 volunteers and 30 foster homes. They are an all volunteer organization (no paid employees) and do not operate a facility. They refer to the Cocker Inn® as a virtual home, representing their network of foster homes and boarding kennels. About 80% of the dogs are in foster homes. The remaining 20% are boarded at several kennels across the greater Houston area. They would love to have foster homes for all the dogs but being boarded in a kennel is better than being on death row. They extend our thanks to those of you who “volunteer” money. Your donations enable them to provide veterinary care and board dogs when foster homes can’t be found.

Happy Holidays to all and may you have a wonderful season of love and helping dogs in need. Our utmost gratitude.

In Case You Missed The Calendar

Go here to order as many calendars as you want: === > DOGTV 2019 Calendar Stars

A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant, when she appeared with her Cocker Spaniel on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. Carol created and owns the trademark, My Heart Beats Dog® and lives that mantra. A 30-year veteran of the dog world, she is President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and the 2020 DWAA winner for Best Dog Blog.


  1. Lindsay says

    Very nice! $10 per calendar is a nice amount that the rescue gets. I’m curious about your fundraising arm of your blog so I’m going to look more into that. I think that is a wonderful way to help through your blog!

  2. Beth says

    What a great gift for Cocker Spaniel lovers! Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas sounds like a great organization. So glad that Sarah arrived at BARC at just the right time and was able to rescue both dogs.

  3. M SUSAN GANO (Larry and Auggie and Honey) says

    Our hearts belong to Cockerkids for the gift of our 2 cockerkid alumini of October 2013 AUGGIE and HONEY…….we have been so blessed with their unconditional love and trust….COCKERKIDS OF EAST TEXAS is the best for caring groups for lost canine……our hearts soar for the love of your organiztion…….thank you and the greatest of holidays……..Susan, Larry and our 2 furry kids, Auggie and Honey

  4. Chirpy Cats says

    People like Sarah are amazing! There is so much hard work rescuing animals in need, it’s an ongoing struggle but heroes like her just keep on going. It reminds me of the Sharyn Spicer, the founder and hero behind TUFCATS which is the TNR group we are also supporting through our calendar too. She is the unstoppable voice for cats AND dogs in desperate situations. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Ruby and Kristin says

    Awe, I love the story about going to rescue one and leaving with two. Sounds like it was meant to be and she was definitely in the right place at the wrong time. We will definitely buy a calendar for my mother-in-law who as I told you is a big time cocker spaniel lover!

  6. Karly Edwards says

    It’s wonderful to hear about all the work you’re doing to help rescues. I’m sure the calendar is well worth the $14.99 and it would be so heartwarming to know that money is going to a great cause. Your Wigglebutt Warriors scheme sounds fantastic and I’m sure you’ll carry on doing more amazing things for dogs in need.

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