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Why Some Dog Beds are Ballistic


Some dog beds outlast others: Make no bones about it. As a dog lover of the highest order, I am forever on the lookout for beds that are comfortable, durable, clean well, and serve as more than a place on which to pile my laundry—upon which my dog takes to resting. Well, there are some dog beds that are ballistic….here’s why.

It is a rare product that crosses our offices here at Fidose of Reality that makes us sit up, tilt our heads, and wag our tails, but that’s exactly what happened when our pals at PupYo! came calling.

The owners of the company, Ryan & Brittany, are both dog lovers. Due to being frustrated by the lack of quality beds on the market, these two fine folks decided to form their own company. Simply stated, they grew sick and tired of seeing overpriced dog beds that lacked in quality.

Personally, they had me at dog lovers, but their back story drew us in. So with their research, the couple partnered with a few companies who shared in their philosophy of great pricing, quality, and comfort for dogs. These are the beds we discovered on PupYo!

As part of our continuing effort to find products that are off the beaten path yet ones that would benefit the lives of dogs everywhere, we did a little scouring of the PupYo! website. Feeling like a dog mom in a doggie candy store, the sheer selection of comfortable dog beds is what impressed us most, backed up by expedient shipping, great customer service, and a wide selection depending on dog size, age, and even his or her overall health.

How many of you have a small dog who thinks he is a Great Dane? We are raising a paw in conjunction with you because our Cocker Spaniel mascot sleeps like he is a Grizzly Bear. When not reclining comfortably on our human bed, he loves to sprawl out, tummy in the air, and snore.

Dex chillin’ in his bed from PupYo!

If you have followed this blog long enough, you know that our dog had leg surgery last year, so ensuring he is comfortable when sleeping and has joint support is important to us, his human family. Enter the K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolstered Bed.


  • Available in Small (up to 30 pounds) all the way up to XXLarge (up to 150 pounds+)
  • Contains 5 inches of real orthopedic memory foam – not egg crate foam, but REAL memory foam
  • Two layers of foam: the bottom 3.5″ is a high-quality support foam that ensures your dog doesn’t bottom out, which would negate the entire point of an orthopedic bed. The top 1.5″ is medical grade for ultimate support.


Bonus Points

  • Perfect for smaller dogs who need support and ideal for larger breeds that have joint issues
  • Water resistant nylon mattress liner
  • Soft and durable microfiber faux fur cover that is removable and washable
  • Available in four color patterns/selections
  • Pricing ranges from $102 for the small up to $326 for the XXLarge.

We received the Large size bed, which for a medium-sized Male Cocker Spaniel is more than enough room – in fact, a few dogs could fit in this K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolstered Bed.


This is the type of bed that you invest in and that serves you well because you get your money’s worth.


Fidose of Reality is of the belief that our dogs are kids, and this is a gift you give your dog for a peaceful, restful, and comfortable night’s sleep. We also have taken to keeping it in the living room during television time, and Dexter likes to eat his treats in it and snooze while we have family time.

If this bed isn’t up your dog’s alley, then feel free to browse the PupYo! selection.

Our “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” photo contest to win a dog bed from PupYo! is winding down, but if you hurry, there are still a few days left.

Note: We were not compensated for this review. We did receive the LUX bed and Fidose of Reality only shares products we have tried and have had success with ourselves.

Have a peek at the PupYo! website and happy shopping!

Now, where’s our blankie? It’s time for a nap as we cruise into a Wordless Wednesday blog hop from our friends at BlogPaws. Here are a few of our pet-loving friends who would love a new dog (or pet) bed, “fur” sure:


  1. Pawesome Cats says

    I’ve had the same issues finding comfortable, quality and stylish cat beds, so last year I resorted to making my own. I know they love them, because some mornings my cats just don’t want to get out of bed.

  2. Piranha Banana says

    You had me at ‘DOG BED.’ You see, I am dog bed obsessed. L-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y. I must have at least 15 beds and pads just for me around the house. I use two for the car, some for the carriers, some for bedrooms, one in the living room, one in the den maybe 3-4 in my Momma’s office and one in the basement. The 3-4 in the office are because 2 are for me in there and the other two are for therapy visits at the library (can’t lie on the cold floor you know). And when they go in the wash, I literally push them down with my paws because I have to be the first one to lie on them. This also happens when Momma buys new beds for me or any of my siblings, I must be the first one on them. In the store, I literally lie myself down on any bed I come in contact with. It is an obsession I tell you. Like an Obsessive Compulsive disorder – I can’t stop myself. My siblings each have maybe 2-3 beds each (backups for when they are in the wash and for different parts of the house). But still, I have the most. So seeing this wonderful post about a bed, and comfort , I just wanted to Zzzzzzzzz

    • Carol Bryant says

      We are BOL, Piranha! I would be laughing so hard seeing you have to lay on all the new beds you see – what a riot.

  3. Flea says

    That’s a pawsome looking pup bed! I’m so glad you found a bed that works for Dexter. LOVE the addition of real memory foam!

  4. Kimberly Gauthier says

    My biggest concern when it comes to dog beds is the foam – I know that foam is expensive so lots of companies go cheap and it bottoms out right away. This looks perfect. We have two dogs with arthritis and I’m very careful about the beds we bring home. And the water proof (not water resistant) is such a great feature – we’re finally past the stage when Zoey would pee on everything, but they always want to get on their beds after bath time or when they come in from a rainy day. That liner will help them last longer and not get smelly.

    • Carol Bryant says

      I love the foam part so much and the ortho factor on this gives me great comfort – of mind and body 😉

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