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Dog Apparel for Humans Makes a Mark

fashion models
Canine models and their human counterparts with Anthony Rubio.

Bark is the new black, and on Saturday night in New York, one canine couturier took his fashions to the next level, as dogs pranced across the catwalk. Dog apparel for humans is making its mark!

Designer dog clothes are here to stay. The growing focus from a marketing and media perspective on the human-animal bond also continues to attract niche sectors usually targeted at people. From dog booties to Swarovski crystal-laden collars and even canine handbags, we dote on our dogs, and designers are reaping the benefits.

Barking News

On Saturday, October 4th, 2014, New York native and pet couturier, Anthony Rubio, presented his new line of canine couture creations, a women’s wear collection that coordinates with those created for the canines as well as his men’s tie line he named Naughty Ties at Fashion Week Brooklyn at Industry City.

wigglebutts go hollywoof
L to R: Carol Bryant with Dexter, Anthony Rubio with Bogie and Kimba, and Christine Aiello with Coco Chanel Bella.

Coco Chanel Bella

Our very own Wigglebutt Warrior, Dexter, now adds “dating a supermodel” to his growing repertoire. Donning designer dog apparel courtesy Anthony Rubio, Cocker Spaniel, Coco Chanel Bella, proudly showcased the new women’s wear luxury collection to complement his pet couture.

“I can report that Miss Coco rocked the runway and made us all proud strutting alongside the model who she had just met for the first time,” Rubio says. “She was fearless and looked as if she had done this before. Christine Aiello and her mom were glowing with pride.”

designer dog apparel
Coco Chanel Bella on the catwalk with model, Maira Meyer.


Rubio Speaks

Anthony Rubio has a bond and affection for animals. For many years he has been involved in educating the world about the benefits of pet adoption, control of pet population, and pet rescue. Proceeds from the sales of his creations are donated to various animal rescue organizations to help keep these animals from being put down, he tells Fidose of Reality.

Rubio started his design career as a women’s wear designer with a formal education in fashion design. It wasn’t until he rescued a Chihuahua he named Bandit 12 years ago that he started making canine couture. He decided to give up designing for females to become the first Pet Couturier making one-of-a-kind creations for clients’ four-legged family members. Nearly 10 years have passed and he is now enjoying a full circle moment by creating fashion for dogs and, once again, for women.

Anthony Rubio
Anthony Rubio with his models donning custom creations.

Common Thread

Rubio designed the custom apparel for Dexter and Coco Chanel Bella for the sold-out Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof fundraiser, which took place on September 20, at the Olde Towne Pet Resort.

dog fashions

Straight From the Runway

Got a passion for fashion? Enjoy the fashions of Anthony Rubio, featuring dog and human models donning his divine couture:

Does your dog wear clothes? Would you love to wear some of these gorgeous creations?

All Photos by Norman Ding unless otherwise noted




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  1. Awesome Awesome article! Love it!!!! Great job as always! Coco is so excited to be called a supermodel and to be dating a Wigglebutt Warrior! 🙂

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  3. I have to say that it was a true pleasure to play a small roll to be part of such a wonderful event. The incredible amount of funds was raised with so much love and hard work and it will help to save so many. The event in itself was every bit as glamorous as advertised and all who attended did so with great pride and anticipation looking like true celebrities on a Hollywood red carpet. Carol you and your team did a wonderful job bringing the magic and I personally thank you and express my admiration for all that you do. Wiggle Butt Warriors are Champions and they Rock!!!!

  4. Its intriguing to note how highly successful designers have found time and energy along with creativity to design for the canines who communicate with human beings via their loyalty and love. I am convinced Designers are creative enough to understand the love and communique they receive from their canines. Having a look at several fashion blogs for canines I can see a sense of pride and attitude once these pooches are dressed for the occasion. Having company of two gun dogs myself I can vouch for the happiness one gets while dressing them up.

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