Does the Hurtta Dog Snowsuit Deliver as Promise?

dog snowsuit

My dog has long hair and I’d like to have a way to prevent snowballs from sticking to him and making him cold.  Have you ever seen those hunks of snow that stick to a dog’s fur when the temperature drops, snow is on the ground, and your dog needs a walk? Or maybe your dog wants to play in the snow. What about a dog snowsuit?

I also need something to keep my very white dog from becoming a very muddy dog during the fall and cooler spring nights when taking him for walks.

Thanks to the Hurtta Outdoor Dog Overall, all my dog outdoor element needs are met. I thought I’d give it a try since Pet360 has a great return policy and if it didn’t work, we’d send it back. No need: It not only works but it goes above and beyond (sort of like, well, dogs) – they go above and beyond for us.

Here are the details and then Dexter shows it in action, in the snow, on a recent cold January afternoon here in Pennsylvania:

  • Made of Houndtex® material
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Flexible and fairly noise free
  • Protects against mud and dirt while outdoors
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Visible 3M reflector prints
  • Adjustable waist

It went on easily and the Velcro straps on the legs made it easy to adjust. We had to slightly roll up the back legs because my Cocker Spaniel has stubs for legs and the back legs were a tiny bit long. The roll-up stayed in place, and Dexter had a grand time without sticky snowballs all over his coat. It is a bit on the pricey side, but it works and has laundered well.

Be sure to get accurate measurements on your dog before placing the order and follow the sizing chart below the video. You can learn more at’s Hurtta description and ordering information.

hurtta snowsuit

Note: We were not compensated for this review. We purchased this product and wanted to share our success with Fidose of Reality dog moms and dog dads. We do not guarantee results and invite you to try it for yourself.


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  1. ooooooh i love this jacket. my dog loves the outdoors and especially the winter snow. he has been suffering with snowballs every year. looks like this is one jacket that needs to be part of his wardrobe. going to order one now. love the video. it really, really shows how flexible and effective it is.

    1. Ellen, it is very flexible and that is what I like about it the most: It moves with the dog and keeps him dry!

  2. thank you carol. you have really helped me with some wonderful products. i love the fact that you promote the products that you personally use. not everyone does that, so i trust you when you say a product is good!

  3. He doesn’t mind wearing it? I’ve been thinking of getting coats for the dogs and we’re lucky that they don’t have long hair and issues with the snowballs, but as they’re getting older I worry about them being outside in the cold.

    He is awful cute in that suit!

    1. No, he is great with clothes. I will only test things I believe in and that are okay and safe for my pooch. I started trying clothes on him for warmth when he was a pup and he loves it. Even lifts his paw one at a time for getting dressed. I reward with treats/praise and he knows when the clothes come out, he can play. I love that he doesn’t cry from the ice balls on him anymore. 😉

  4. Now this would have been useful on our one day of snow! Kirby hated the ice balls from the wet snow and he’s so short they were on his entire bottom half. I would buy this if we had regular snow every year. Thank God we don’t!

    1. Yes, those are the ice balls that bothered Dexter. Once we got home from the park, I was sitting there with a hair dryer trying to get them all off as he moaned because he hated the ice! He loves snow, so I’ve got a win win! Thanks, Kirby!

  5. The jacket looks really nice and glad to hear its a form and function type of suit. Sometimes we head to really muddy areas and something like this would help a muddy beagle out!

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