Do Dogs in Commercials Encourage You To Shop?


Do dogs in commercials really help to sell product? If the products are dog related, chances are cute dogs or funny dogs will stick with you and the product will be remembered (and purchased). What if the product was a human type and a dog was advertising it? Would you be more inclined to purchase that product?

Case in point: Old Spice now features Mr. Wolfdog in their commercials.  According to P&G, Mr. Wolfdog “speaks” through the assistance of a “patent-pending electronic voice collar” that translates Wolfdog to English. Huh?

According to a report filed on Mashable, “Mr. Wolfdog will be releasing a series of “how to succeed at life” videos this week, and blogging day-to day on his personal Tumblr.”

There are many dog-oriented commercials that have stuck with me over the years, but I cannot honestly say I am drawn to this one. Here’s the video below. What do you think? A Fidose of Reality Check is needed for this one, as I find it silly not memorable. To each their own.



  1. I sat through it and it turned me completely off. If I see it on my TV I will either fast forward or change the channel.

    I don’t mind animals in commercials at all, some of my favorite commercials have animals in them! (I love the little Geico pig) but to me the pig is funny. I didn’t think this was funny at all.

  2. It does work with me; I love dogs and it makes me feel like the company loves dogs too. But I’ve stopped being so fast about pulling out my wallet when I reached out to Subaru about buying a new car and they weren’t interested in talking to me or helping me. That was when I was reminded that the commercials are there to pull us in; they don’t really mean anything about dogs or dog lovers. 🙁

    Needless to say, my next car will probably be a Toyota and not a Subaru.

    • Interesting perspective, Kimberly. I have had great success dealing with Subaru and considering them for my next car, the pet friendliness and all. However, this commercial for Old Spice did nothing for me. Yet dogs driving cars makes me laugh. Go figure LOL – thanks for weighing in!

  3. Hmnn. I don’t think the message I got was the intended one. The message to me was, “big biz is voracious and ruthless” and that “consumers are stoopid.”
    There’s also a disconnect between how wolves and dogs behave, this promoting the idea that wolves care less about people (probably true) but is that how a brand wants to be identified?
    I get the idea that a bunch of college kids sat around in their football jerseys chugging brewskis and started out with, “Hey Link, wouldn’t it be funny if…” answered by, “Yeah, doood, and then the wolfdog sez…”
    But ya know if it gets folks (like us) talking about it, there was a positive impact I suppose.

    • I am with you, Amy. It irks me to no end that some companies think that just because they put a dog in a commercial it guarantees sales. Blimey!

  4. I am getting a kick out of all the companies rushing to put pets in their commercials! Paws up to our side. But, unfortunately, there are just some companies who just don’t get it, and put up something negative or stupid. I love the little car-driver pig – now that’s a hit!

  5. That was hilarious! It doesn’t make me want to buy Old Spice… at the moment. However, that commercial might stick in my head and if I ever get stumped on a gift idea, I might think of Old Spice. 🙂

  6. Of course advertising by cute animals works. If it did’nt the product manufacturers would’nt pay all that money to use them.
    I must admit though, I believe that animals should not be in ads that can actually do harm to them – i.e. Dog promoting Old Spice. The personal health, hygiene and beauty industries use dogs to test their products on. I’m not sure if Old Spice do, but certainly perfume companies are guilty of this.
    So moderation is required when animals are expected to perform for ads.

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