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Dog Who Sees With His Heart

cocker spaniels

Never underestimate the spirit of a dog. Do you know a dog who sees with his heart? I sure do.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a CockerPalooza event. Say what? Indeed, a group of people and their cocker spaniels convene to chat, share wigglebutt stories and simply enjoy each other’s company of the human and canine variety.

One of the many stories that emerged on this sunshine-y day is that of my dog, Dexter, and a spirited 10-year-old cocker spaniel named Lucky. I’ve known Lucky for several years, and over the course of time, and he has always been a loving little boy, full of spunk and one of those cockers who eats, sleeps, and breathes “ball.” Spaniel owners nod along with me if you get that whole obsession with a squeaky ball.

Lucky suffered the misfortunate of being affected with keratoconjunctivitis sicca and even with treatment, he is slowly going blind. Does this stop Lucky? Does he consider it a handicap or slow him down?

As I filmed the video below this weekend, my hands were shaky as tears fell from my eyes. Lucky will spend as long as it takes to find a ball with via listening and sniffing. He took to my little guy, wherein Dexter acted as his ball guide dog. He stuck close to Dex and followed the path of the ball, traipsing along with the same spirit I have grown to love.

By the way, Lucky is the black and white cocker.

Thanks for inspiring me, once again, Lucky. You are a testament to the power of can do and diminishing can’t from your mindset. Check out the short video below and then let me know if you’ve had a dog in your life who has inspired you just through the power of their mighty heart and will.

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